Bet to slave

Chapter 21

Kai watched as two of the guards who'd previously been beating the motionless teens stepped forwards, easily lifting them in their arms and headed for the door. Tyson and Kenny obediently following. Guilt rising in his chest Kai's eyes were fixed upon Max's arm that swung freely, blood stained the pale skin. How could he have done this to them? He knew getting close to them made them vulnerable, he'd sealed their fate, their suffering the moment he gave Boris or his Grandfather the hint he cared for them.

Suddenly Tyson stopped and spun around. His eyes burning with tears, "Whatever they ask you to do Kai, don't do it!"

Kai could see the determination in his friends face, the passion, the hatred and the fear. The boy's hands were balled into fists which he lifted into his usual fighting pose. Kai couldn't help but note that the fists shook, whether from adrenaline, hate or fear Kai couldn't tell.

"Don't let them use us as a weapon, we'll be okay. I promise! You taught us to be strong. Don't be their tool Kai, think of Dranzer, all the bitbeasts..."

"Enough!" Boris's hand's gripped Kai's body tighter, his voice echoed around the huge room. "Get that boy out of here!"

The guards nodded, muttering their apologise. Grabbing Tyson they began to drag him out the room.

"Oh, and teach him some manners will you."

The doors slammed behind them, leaving the Demolition Boys, Boris, Kai and a handful of guards alone in the dark room.

Boris sighed, his hands on Kai loosing, no longer angry at Tyson's outburst. Kai's gaze dropped to the floor in embarrassment as he felt the all too familiar hands stroke his arms. Boris' warm breathe danced against Kai's cheek as his old mentor bent down to his level. His lips inches from his ear.

"As much as I love touching you my little Phoenix, I'm afraid that practise must begin. Go stand with your new teammates."

Boris slowly dropped his hands, relief washed through Kai. Hesitantly he moved forward, upon no objection Kai quickly moved towards the Demolition Boys who were once again on their feet. Their backs straight as they stared straight ahead. Standing next to Tala, Kai took up the same position.

"All of you have grown weak. Allowing your pathetic emotions get in the way of the goal we, Biovault, have trained you all your lives to achieve. President Hiwatari is most displeased, your loss resulting in far worse circumstances for him and his company. Most of all resulting in Biovault's downfall. Now, it is at his command and his command only that the majority of you..." Boris's eyes flickered to Kai, "Are still alive. He has been extremely merciful and has chosen to give you all another chance, allowing you to redeem yourselves. Be grateful. For you'd have never received such an honour from me."

"Now, as you have all been punished. It is time to restart your training."

The lights above were switched on, lighting up the beydishes around the room. The guards began to move the gym equipment back to their original places in the centre. None of the Demolition Boys moved. One of the guards stepped towards Boris, a wooden box in his hand. Flicking open the clasp the guards gentle lifted the lid. Laid out on blue velvet lay 5 beyblades.

"These are your new blades, scientifically improved. Made to be unbeatable. Made so powerful only you five have the skill to control them."

Boris stepped towards Bryan, taking one of the blades out from the box as he did.

"Your bitbeast have also been given an upgrade, their strength increased, their defences solid. Hold out your hands," The left hand of each of the boy shot out. Dropping the blade into Bryan's hand Boris moved down the line, taking a chosen blade from the box and given it to the correct blader.

"Over the next few days you will train to master these blades, control them. Become one. You will push your bodies and minds further than we've ever pushed them before. And after each session you will return your blades back to this box. We will not make the mistakes of entrusting them in your care again."

Boris stopped in front of Kai, his thumb rubbing against the corner of the black attack ring protectively, his hand hiding most of the blade. Kai's gaze bore into the man's chest, unable to look the man in the face or see what they'd done to his precious Dranzer. Chewing the inside of his lip Kai struggled against the powerful aura the blade gave off, so familiar to that of his beautiful phoenix but he could feel the pull he knew too well that was black Dranzer. It scared him, never having felt them both coming from a single blade.

"Look at me Kai." Boris's voice was soft, his almost soothing. Slowly Kai lifted his gaze. "Do you accept this blade?"

Just below his vision Kai was aware that Boris was opening his hand, displaying the object. A flash from the bitchip broke Kai's resistance to look down. The black beyblade stared back at him. The power Kai felt form the object increased. Kai's heart ached as the chip flashed again, the reassuring red feathers now tainted with a mixture of black curled within the centre. What had they done to Dranzer? Instinctively Kai's hand shot out to the blade, his fingers tightly curled around. But Boris, just as quick, placed his other hand over the teenagers, trapping him.

"Now, now Kai. You never answered me. Do you accept this blade." Boris bent down, his face now level with Kai's. Unable to speak the word Kai nodded his head, his eyes still upon their hands. Boris smiled and slowly lifted his hand off Kai's. Pulling his arm back Kai rose the blade to his level. I'm so sorry Dranzer, I don't know what they've done to you but I will fix it. I promise. I'll do everything I can to get you away from them.

"Go choose a launcher, then a beydish. I want you to have control of your blade's basic movements when I return."

The boys quickly moved for the launchers another guards held out. As they moved from the centre another dish was raised up from the floor, giving them each a dish of their own. Wordless they took their places, Kai being dragged back to centre dish.

"Keep an eye on them, I want a progress report when I return." The guards nodded, and waited until Boris had left the gym before they took their positions. One beside each dish.

Boris rushed down the halls, his footsteps echoing around him in his haste. Maid's halted their work as he approached, bowing in respect and fear. Ignoring them Boris continued on his way. It wasn't until he was the other side of the mansion his slowed his pace. Reaching Voltaire's office he knocked.


Pushing open the door Boris took large steps into the room. Voltaire's office was just as large and glamorous as the rest of his house, showing off his wealth. The old man was currently sat behind his incredibly oversized desk, documents in several piles before him and pen in hand. Voltaire waited for the snap of the door shutting before placing the pen down and raising his head.


"Your grandson accepted the blade, along with the rest of the Demolition Boys. It appeared young Kai was unable to deny the power of the newly improved Dranzer."

"Is that so, I'm sure the threat on his friends lives added to the outcome also?" Voltaire brought his fingertips together, his eyebrow raised in questioning.

"There was that also, yes, young Kai did fight and deny before your punishment was explained and acted out before him." Boris frowned at the memory, "But that does not matter sir, as I said he has accepted the blade."

"He must care a great deal for that team of his, to still fight for them even after you'd given him that punishment. You did punish him in that way, am I correct?" Voltaire's voice was monotone, making it impossible for Boris to read the man.

"I...Yes I did sir, well I threatened it to a point. A beating and the odd advances appeared to break him."

"Obviously not! If he still had the courage and passion to fight for those brats!" Boris flinched as the old man's tone grew sharp. Voltaire rose from his seat, his hands cupped behind him he stood before the large window. "You are to punish the boy properly in future Boris, destroy the weakness that's grown within him. I will not have a weak link in my family."

"Yes sir."

"And what of the Bladebreakers?" Voltaire turned his head slightly.

"They were beaten as ordered, two are currently unconscious due to Kai's refusals. Though nothing too fatal, they'll be fine in a few hours. I sent them back to the basement whilst the Demolition Boys trained. As ordered sir."

"And what of their bitbeasts?"

"All tests have been run, all improvements made. They are all currently locked away."

Silence fell between the two men as minutes past. Voltaire moved to face Boris, his face expressionless.

"They are all exceptional bladers am I correct?"

"Well they are impressive to an extend sir."

"They were trained by my grandson and beat your team at the championship did they not? I'd say that'd make them pretty exceptional!"

"Yes sir."

"Test them. I want to see what they're made of. I want to see if one or two of them are better than those failures they managed to beat. My grandson is going to have the best team behind him, make him unstoppable."

"Of course sir, but what about the little genius? From what I've seen he isn't the best with a blade."

"Give him to the scientists. Make use of his brain."

"Brilliant sir!" Boris bowed and headed back for the door.

"Oh and Boris, send my grandson to me once his training session is finished." Voltaire retook his seat, picking up his pen he dismissed Boris with a flick of the wrist.

Kai held the launcher out before him. His hands trembled, causing the black blade to rattle. He was exhausted, his adrenaline from earlier fading. The sound of ripcords echoed around the room as the Demolition Boys launched their new blades. Only for them to miss the dish or their blades fly out and slam into the walls. Followed by a frustrated groan.

These blades must be more powerful than Kai could imagine, if the Demolition Boys were struggling to control them.

"Move it Hiwatari. You heard what Boris said, you have to be in control by the time he returns."

Launching his blade Kai watched as it collided with the side of the dish, smashing it into pieces. The blade lay motionless in the rubble. Reloading the blade Kai launched again, and again and again. The power behind the launch growing weaker each time. Loosing count of how many times his Blade missed the centre of the dish Kai became aware of both Tala and Bryan successfully launching their blades, even if they lost control moments later. Once again Kai's blade smashed into the side of the dish, his energy practically gone Kai dropped to his knees. Reaching out for the blade Kai frowned.

The gym had grown darker, signalling that the session was soon to come to an end. Tremors began to run through Kai's body. He had to get control of the blade, he had to. If Boris came back and he'd not done it, Kai knew he'd get the full extended of his punishment. Shutting his eyes to stop any tears at the thought Kai brought the blade up to his lips.

"Please, please just do it once. Dranzer if you're still in there, please help me."

Kai heard the door to the gym open. He didn't need to open his eyes to know that Boris has returned. He felt the guard behind him move away, no doubt to report back to Boris he'd failed. Pushing himself back to his feet Kai reattached his blade to the launcher. Come on Dranzer.

His eyes snapping opening Kai pulled the ripcord. "Let it rip!"

To his horror Kai's blade slammed into the centre of the dish causing a crater. Staring into the hole Kai couldn't believe it, he'd failed. Dranzer hadn't come through for him. Had he been wrong when he'd felt her aura? Kai was only just aware of his legs giving way as the realisation of what is fail meant crept into his mind. Arms quickly grabbed him, stopping him from hitting the floor.

"I've got you Kai," Tala whispered.

"I...I failed Tala. I didn't manage to do it, Dranzer didn't answer." Kai tried to turn in Tala's arms to support himself, his hands gripped at his friends top.

"She's still in there Kai, you've just got to find her. Bring her back." Tala pulled Kai tightly against himself, he could feel the small body trembling. They both knew what Kai's failure was going to bring. Kai buried his head into his friends chest, how long it had been since he'd seeked comfort from this boy. Kai could make out footsteps approaching them. Taking a deep breath Kai tried to calm himself down. He may not have been able to control his blade but he had to get control of his emotions. If not they were sure to break him before midnight.

"Would you mind releasing Kai? Tala!" Boris barked. Standing over the boys he glared at Tala, who glared defiantly back.

"It's okay Tala, do what he says. Don't get hurt again for me." Kai whispered. He couldn't handle the guilt of another person being hurt for him. Reluctantly Tala dropped his arms.

"I hear you didn't manage to control your blade little phoenix." Boris watched as Tala took a step back away from Kai who half turned his head to the man. "Your punishment however will have to wait. Your Grandfather has summoned for you."

Taking the top of Kai's arm Boris lead the poor boy towards the door he'd entered from. "See the two who also failed are punished, then put them all back in the basement with the others." Boris barked his last orders pulling Kai closer to him.

Out in the hall Boris waited until they'd turned a corner before stopping. Pushing Kai up against the wall he ignored the groan of pain and the signs of exhaustion the boy made. Pressing his body against the smaller frame Boris's lips met Kai's exposed neck. Hungrily Boris kissed the soft skin, his hands moving over the bruised body. He was well aware of how weak and vulnerable Kai was at that very moment, he was going to take advantage of it before the boy grew too weak and fainted.

Kai shut his eyes tight the moment he felt the slimy lips touch him. Although his arms where free he only just had enough energy to lift them and try to push the man away. It was pointless of course as Boris took no notice of him. Small whimpers left his lips as he felt hands move up his chest, touching bruises old and new. Fresh pain came to life over the dulling aches he'd felt throughout the training session.



Minutes passed and Boris began to trail kissed up towards Kai's mouth. His hands moved south down the body stopping once he captured Kai's bruised lips. The teenager became motionless against him. Chuckling Boris pulled away, taking his hands from Kai. He watched as Kai slid down the wall onto the floor. His eyes covered by his tangled bangs. The small frame trembled.

"One day you will learn to love your punishments young Phoenix. The same way that I do. Come along your grandfather is waiting."

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