Bet to slave

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kai was finding it hard to breathe, his head felt light and dizzy. What had just happened? What had he just done?

Shaking his head Kai glanced over in the direction of the Demolition boys who had retreated back to Boris’s side.

“Kai!” Tyson shouted, storming over to his captain, “Why the hell did you tackle him like that?”

Kai was aware or Ray and Max also stopping beside him. A quick glance at their faces Kai knew that they were equally as annoyed, even if they were trying to mask their faces.

“I could of blocked the shot before you went diving in...”

“I’m sorry” Kai lifted a hand to his face and rubbed his forehead, his frustration with himself growing.

The bladebreaker’s shared a look in shock, they couldn’t recall the last time Kai had apologised so openly to them. Dropping his hand Kai took a deep breathe and looked at his team.

“I made a bad call, not only with that tackle but with the whole bet...”

Oh god the bet! Kai tensed at the thought, what had he agreed to?

Tala stood beside Bryan, his eyes darting from Boris to the Bladebreaker’s when he was sure the elder wouldn’t see.

“Excellent job boys, I was almost certain you would fail me again,”

Boris slowly turned to the direction of the Bladebreakers, who currently were huddled around Kai. Looking over too ,Tala felt a twinge of guilt as he looked over the teenagers faces. Although he didn’t have a clue as to why Boris had brought them here, Tala knew that whatever the man had planned would not be an easy ride for the Bladebreakers. His eye’s finally stopping on Kai, Tala took in a sharp breathe. Why had Kai made that stupid suggestion of a bet? How could he not see that he’d played straight into Boris’s hands.

“Don’t worry about it Kai, it was just one of those things. I’m happy you had so much faith in us being able to win!” Ray shot a smile at Kai, “Besides what’s the worst that they could say they want for winning the bet?”

If he’d hoped to make his captain feel better, Ray had failed tremendously. He caught Kai’s body tense up at the mention of the bet, seen the colour of his skin pale.

“Hard luck Bladebreakers,” Boris’s slimy voice spoke from behind them. All four teens whipped the heads round and the approaching group.

“I guess you’re not quite as good as you thought? Pity. Oh well,” Boris clapped his hands together, a wide smirk on his lips. He allowed a single quick glance at the other members of the team before giving his full attention to the eldest, the sun appeared to agree with Kai. His normally pale skin had warmed to a light tan and glistened in the sun from the sweat that lay upon it.

“Now i’m sure you’re, dying, toknow our terms of the bet? Hmmm Kai?”

Glaring up at his old mentor, Kai felt like something was crawling all over his skin as Boris’s eye’s looked him over. It took all his determination to look away or step back, he couldn’t show the man how much he effected him, still.

“I thought my team,” A quick gesture to the teens that stood like soldier around him, “could do with some fun. So how about the world beyblading champion team...becomes our slaves”


“No way!”

Whilst his teammates voiced their disapprovals around him, Kai continued to lock eye with Boris. He knew Boris was egging him on to disagree too, back out of his word. As much as Boris disgusted him, as much as he made his skin crawl from the memories of his past Kai’s stubbornness and pride of honour kept his jaw locked shut.

Boris slowly lifted an eyebrow questioning the captain, never once paying attention to the other teenagers around him.

“For how long?” Kai spoke quietly but firm enough that his team’s protests stopped immediately.

“Kai you can’t be ser...”

“How long?” Kai flashed Tyson with one of his famous death glares, causing him to scowl back although he did close his mouth.

Boris broke out into a toothy grin, pleased that he was able to use Kai’s stubbornness against him.
“hmmmmm, how long indeed?” Boris made a big show of tapping his chin in mock thought, although his eyes never left Kai. “A week.”

It wasn’t a question, Kai knew that there was no haggling the time frame. His heart was racing, his chest tightening at the thought of having to spend a week around the man before him. Kai knew he’d been played by Boris, knew that the man always had had a plan that involved him and his team. Knew that this week was going to just be them being toyed like a cat with a mouse before the end when he was going to strike. He should tell him team to run and get in contact with Mr Dickinson, tell him Boris was here and once again up to something. But he couldn’t stop the words that left his mouth.


Tala couldn’t believe the word he just heard leave Kai’s lips. Had the boy suffered some form of head injury in the last few weeks since the competition? Surely he wasn’t naïve enough to believe Boris wouldn’t try something with him, or that there wasn’t some other reason that they had appeared on the exact beach Kai and his team were currently resting?

“Excellent! And so you don’t go running off we’ll begin today.” Boris finally turned to the rest of the Bladebreakers who all were just staring in shock at their captain.

“As of tomorrow each of you shall serve a single member of my team, myself included, you will obey every request. Now let’s go get some food, boy’s make sure that none of them go running off.”

The Demolition Boys nodded in unison before stepping forward and grabbed a member of the opposing team. Tala made a beeline for Kai, aware Boris had also made a slight movement towards him. Grabbing Kai’s Bicep, Tala turned to his own leader. Boris’s eyes glared at Tala’s hand before snapping to his own face. The smirk that once spread across his lips had turned into a grimace. Spinning on his heels Boris motioned with his hand for them to follow him.

Tala released the breath he’d been holding, he’d half expected Boris to rip his hand off of Kai but was glad the public setting had been too much for such a spectacle.

The group set off across the beach, the other Demolition Boys walking closely beside the Bladebreakers. Tala realised that he still held onto Kai’s arm, quickly letting go he glanced at the teen. Damn, he’d slightly forgotten how gorgeous Kai was up close. Back at Biovault he’d not had the chance to be so close to him, not so close with the leisure to admire him that is. The sun and relaxation appeared to agree with Kai, the tanned skin warmed the colour of his eyes.

Kai must of felt him staring because he turned his head towards Tala. Although the colour was warmed his glare was still ice cold.

“What is it Ivanov?”

Blinking dumbly Tala opened and closed his mouth a few times. A few different thoughts rushed through his mind. So many things he wanted to talk to Kai about. Unable to hold the glare Tala looked to the sand below and took a deep breath before finally forming words.

“Look...I know...I know how this may look,” Quickly looking up Tala raised his eyebrows at Boris who was marching ahead, “But you know we had no choice but to go back. There weren’t any other understand don’t you?”

Silence was the reply so Tala looked towards Kai. Realising Kai had stopped walking Tala turned backed. Kai’s eyes flashed like fireballs, his frown deepened on his face.

“No. I don’t understand. How could you go back? Back to him! My team freed you and you just threw it in their faces.” Kai stared to walk again, slowing as he passed Tala, “I thought I knew you, I guess I was wrong.”

Tala rushed to keep pace, glancing at Kai now and then. He had multiple things he wanted to say to Kai, to try get him to understand why they had gone back. But each time he opened his mouth to speak he found himself unable to. Knowing that no matter what he said Kai just wouldn’t accept.

They continued to walk in silence until Boris turned off the path and stepped into a restaurant. A faded sign above the door read ‘Happy Dale’s Fish Shop’

“Kai!” Ray motioned for the stoic teen to sit beside him. Kai nodded and stepped away from Tala, settling himself between Ray and Max. With a sigh and a last glance at Kai Tala sat himself opposite between Bryan and Spencer.

Boris ordered the waiters to pull two tables together to fit the large group. Bladebreakers seated one side and Demolition Boys the other. Boris took a seat at the head of the table causing Ray to tense at being so close to the director.

Kai stared down at the table trying to ignore his teammates discomfort. But he could see Ray’s fist in his lap, his knuckles turning white. Biting the inside of his lip Kai sighed and leaned over.

“Swap with me.”

“What?” Ray’s eyes widened as he turned his head, “But...Kai?”

Kai raised an eyebrow questionably, he’d expected Ray to jump at the instruction.

“I’m not sure it’s the best idea...I mean...everything with you and Biovault last time...” Kai just managed to catch Ray’s whispering ramble. A small smile formed on his face before he replied.

“Nothing’s going to happen Ray. Especially not in a public restaurant.” Ray’s eyes stayed wide but small red patches had formed on his cheeks, “Look I’m not even going to speak to him. You’re clearly not comfortable, so swap with me now.”

Kai rose quickly from is seat, Ray following him. All eyes at the table turned to them, although Kai was aware of two pairs that hadn’t left him since he’d sat down at the table.

Taking their new seats Kai couldn’t stopped himself from looking across the table at the ice coloured eyes that bore into him. Tala was clearly grinding his teeth, something having upset him. Kai noted at the fist Tala had rested on the table, Bryan and Spencer had noted it too and shifted away from their captain.

Tala wasn’t sure what Kai had said to his longhaired teammate, nor did he understand why Kai willingly swapped seats to be closer to Boris, but he was suddenly filled with rage and fear. He didn’t quite understand why seeing Kai so close to the boy spark some form of jealousy in him but he knew that being with the Bladebreakers lowered Kai’s IQ, it was the only reason Kai would keep putting himself in harms way with Boris.

The table sat in an uncomfortable silence until a young waiter approached them. His smile becoming more forced as he felt the tension from them.

“What can I get you?”

“Fish and chips all round,” Boris spoke

“Sure! And to drink?”

“Water for me...Tala?” Boris raised an eyebrow at his captain who had clearly tuned himself out. Bryan gave Tala a shark kick to his shin under the table.

“Huh?” Snapping out of his thoughts Tala looked towards Boris.

“What would you like to drink sir?”

“Oh, er...” Tala glanced at his teammates, “Four waters,”

“Kai?” Boris continued to glare at Tala.

“A glass of water, three cokes and...milk?” Kai turned to Ray who nodded weakly.

“Gotcha, is that everything?” The waiters glanced up and down the table, but everyone appeared to either glare at the table before them or up at the head of the table.

“That’s all,” Boris nodded, his body language clearly telling the waiter to leave. Not waiting longer than he needed the waiter power walked away towards the kitchen.

Silence again fell upon the table as they waited. Unsurprisingly Tyson began to fidget in his seat, Kai could hear him huffing to himself.

Finally Tyson spoke, “How’s this slave thing going to work?”

Boris lazily looked down the table at the boy who spoke, how he despised him.

“Each of you will write your name on a napkin, fold it in half and we’ll each pick one. I guess we’ll just rotate around for each other days. Go on then.”

The Bladebreakers each took a coloured crayon from a cup that was in the centre of the table, on top of a stack of colouring pages. Designed for children to keep them entertained while waiting for their meals, then scribbled down their names and passed them along the table to Kai. Guilt crept into Kai’s chest as he held the names of his team in his hand. What had he got them into?

Boris held out a hand patiently. Kai purposely dropped the napkins on the table, never turning to Boris’s direction. The napkins scattered slightly causing Boris to react quickly to grab one before it slide off the side. Kai hoped that the napkins would get slightly shuffled about, ruining any particular plan Boris had.

With an annoyed sigh Boris picked up one of the napkins and unfolded it.

“Tyson...” Boris spat out the name.

Passing the napkins to Spencer Boris screwed up the other in his hand. Kai heard Tyson gulp at the action.

“Ray,” Spencer quickly passed the pile to Tala.


Tala looked across at Max who had paled and began to bite his bottom lip. Bryan reached over Tala and grabbed one of the napkins from the pile.


“So I” Ian pointed at Kenny. Kenny nodded his head quickly, his grip on Dizzy tightening.

“Great, and going clockwise you’ll move to a new master each day. So for example, Kai” Said teens eyes snapped to Boris as he spoke, “Tomorrow you will be Bryan’s slave, then Ian’s and day’ll be mine”

Kai quickly glanced away. His eyes finding Tala’s. He knew he was holding his breath, his entire body frozen. Memories flashed before him, different times that Boris had been able to have him alone. A small movement helped Kai to pull his mind back into the present, Tala was mouthing something. Forcing his eyes to focus Kai could caught as he mouthed the word again.


Shakily Kai finally released. Concern flashed in Tala’s eyes.

“Here we go guys!” The waiter chirped breaking their connection.

Not long after all the meals had been placed at the table, Kai looked down at the plate before him in anger. The portions where huge. Although he wasn’t as strict with his eating Kai couldn’t help but mentally begin to calculate the work out sessions he’d have to do to counter the salt from the meal.

A quick glance across the table he wasn’t surprised to see the same glares from the Demolition Boys.

Looking down the table at his own table, Kai wasn’t surprised that Ray and Max had begun to tuck in happily. Kenny also appeared to be slightly overwhelmed by the portion size. While Tyson...

“You pig!” Kai couldn’t stop the words leaving his mouth, Tyson had already demolished half of his plate and was currently forcing more than 6 chips into his open trap.

“Mhuat?” Food flew out of Tyson’s mouth, as he leaned forward to look up the table, landing on the table. Kai’s blood began to boil as he stood up, his chair scrapping along the floor.

“You’re such a pig! Was you raised on farm? Shovelling food into that black whole of a mouth and spitting it all over the table! You’re such a slob!”

Gulping down the food Tyson stood himself, ignoring the looks of the rest of the people in the restaurant.

“You’re one to talk! You’re a cold hearted bastard! Just because I actually enjoy eating real food and not those scraps you call meals!”

“Real food? You eat anything Tyson! Anything to fill that fat gut of yours! It’s all you think about!”

“And all you think about is yourself Kai! If it wasn’t for your stupid pride we wouldn’t have to spend the week being their slaves!”

Kai glared back at Tyson, he teeth grinding together.

“Excuse me sir’s, but you’re disturbing the other guests.” The waiter sheepishly looked between Kai and Tyson, both where breathing heavily and refusing to break eye contact.

“That’ll do boys.” Boris gracefully rose from his seat as Kenny grabbed onto Tyson’s arm and struggled to pull him back to his seat.

Boris laid a hand on Kai’s shoulder causing him to jump and jerk his shoulder away but Boris gripped him tightly. Aware his reflex had caused a few of his teams to raise an eyebrow Kai quickly retook his seat glaring down at the table.

Suddenly Kai felt a hand grip his knee, turning his eyes sharply to it’s owner Kai froze. Boris had leaned in closely and spoke so only Kai could hear him.

“I can’t wait for Day three Kai. You’ll be all mine. Just like the old days.”

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