Bet to slave

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Porridge

A bowl of brown porridge was placed in front of each of the boys. Two women in black dresses and a white lace apron that held a golden ‘H’ separated the spoons before returning to the food trolley and leaving without speaking a word. Six guards stood behind the eight boys, their guns secure in their hands.

Instinctively the Demolition Boys began spooning the lumpy porridge into their mouths.

‘Isn’t there any syrup or honey?’ Tyson turned to the guard stood behind him. “Surely you can’t expect us to eat this like it is! It’ll taste like cardboard.”

“No one cares what it taste like,” Spencer glared from across the table. They’d only been awake half an hour and the boy had complained the entire time.

“It’ll give us energy, that’s all that matters.”

With a sour face Tyson stared down at his spoon, slowly he placed the porridge into his mouth. He pulled another face gulping down the food.

Tala watched Tyson pull multiple faces, each one irritating him more than the last. Eventually a groan from the boy caused something inside Tala to snap.

Slamming his own spoon down onto the table, Tala quickly stood up. Knocking his chair to the ground. Instinctively the guards turned their guns to the wolf.

“Don’t eat the fucking porridge if it tastes so fucking disgusting!”

“I was only saying...” Tyson’s face grew red at the glare from the ice blue eyes.

“Well don’t! You seem to forget not everyone had the luxury you’ve had.”

“Well said Tala,” The group turned to see Boris stood at the entrance of the room, his eyebrow raised in amusement.

“Besides, I think some of you could do with loosing a couple of pounds,” Boris glanced at Tyson before adding, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Without replying the boys returned to their bowls. Tala continued to glare at the boy before him, how Kai had managed to survive with the idiot for as long as he had, Tala didn’t know.

Boris smiled at the silence. He began to walk around the table slowly. It hadn’t taken much to get his own team back into line – not that he’d expected anything less. Except, his eyes came to rest on the red head, he knew one would always push his limits so long as Kai was back in the picture.

Reaching the head of the table Boris took in his team, outwardly they appeared at the peak of their health. Minus of course the odd black eye and cut from their previous beatings. Still they were a sight to behold, intimidating to any outsider. However, he knew of their failures to control their new blades. Tala and Bryan had only just managed to launch them successfully. Their training would need to be increased.

Boris’s attention turned to the younger team. They were almost laughable. Physically they were average at best, only the Chinese blader appeared to show any promise back at the beach. But he had underestimated them once before, somehow they possessed brilliant blading skills. He wondered how much of that they unknowingly had Kai to thank for.

“Today, you shall all begin your training together. Voltaire wishes to make up a new team.” Boris paused, his amusement increased at the shocked faces of the Bladebreakers. His own team appearing now to react to his words.

“Your training over the next couple of weeks will determine who the lucky bladers are. I expect you all to put in your best efforts – abbey rules still apply here. Failures will be punished. Now follow me!”

Boris headed back towards the double doors not waiting for the boys to follow him. Demolition Boy and Bladebreaker rushed to their feet, their spoons laid forgotten beside their half eaten bowls. Once again they trailed behind Boris as he led them through the maze of corridors.

After a couple of minutes Boris brought them back to the training room they had been in the day before. He again ordered them to line up.

Kai sat on the edge of his bed, leant forward he stared blindly at the wall before him, his hands slowly rubbing together. His face was uncommonly bare, he’d been unable to find any face paint within his new possessions, combined with his black clothing his eyes appeared to glow against his tanned skin.

With no clock in his room Kai was unsure how long he’d been sat waiting for Tommen to return. The room was deafeningly silent. No noise from the guards outside his door made it’s way into the room, nor did any of the sounds of nature from his window. Kai was growing increasingly irritated, he wanted to know where his team was, why he was being left alone in his room!

Growling in frustration, Kai dropped back onto the bed. He’d already tried to leave – but the moment he’d opened the door one of the guards had thrown him back into the room and slammed the door shut. All his windows were locked preventing escape. He could do nothing but wait.

Kai tried to count the seconds and minutes in his head, but the silence was distracting and his mind would only drift to his team, his friends and Dranzer. Would he get to blade with her again? Had he lost her to Black Dranzer?

“Ready Master Kai?”

Kai jumped slightly as Tommen’s voice appeared to echo around the room. Bolting up Kai felt his stomach tighten, once again he’d not heard the man enter his room.

“You said you’d be back within the hour.”

Tommen smiled, amused at Kai’s statement. “It has only been an hour Young Master.”

Kai frowned as a reply, his stomach tightening more. Had it really only been an hour? How he was being to really hate that man’s smile.

“Shall we go?” Tommen opened the door and bowed waiting.

Ray stared down at the blade in his left hand, his blood running cold. What had they done to Driger? His blade was almost identical to before when he’d had it ripped from his hand. But the aura was different. There was something else trapped with Drigger in his bit chip.

“For your first exercise you will, again, try to successfully launch your blades. Go!”

Ray reached the closest beystadium to him, his hands shock slightly as he loaded his launcher. Glancing around the room, he realised he was sharing the stadium with Spencer who had already begun trying to launch. Out the corner of his eyes he was aware of the small group of scientist that stood beside their stadium, clipboards in hands, observing them closely.

Moments earlier a very scared Kenny had been dragged away by another group of scientists. Boris had told them they weren’t going to waste his knowledge of blading.

The room was filled with ripcords being pulled and blades smashing unsuccessfully into the ground and stadium. Tyson’s frustrated groans were growing loader with each launch.

Ray could feel his right hand beginning to cramp around the launcher, he’d lost count of how many times he’d been unable to launch his blade. And by the odd glance around the room he wasn’t the only one. From what he’d seen only Tala and Bryan had managed to launch their blades and keep them spinning, although that was only for a few moments before their blades lost control. There was a small crack in the stone wall from where Tala’s blade had smashed into it.

Suddenly the large doors opened, attracting everyones attention.

Tala picked up his blade and turned to the new comers. Kai entered the room behind Voltaire’s butler. Tala was relieved to see Kai looking healthier than the last time he’d laid eyes on him. He walked with the confidence the teen was known for.

Although Tala was shocked to see Kai with bare cheeks, his youth only tainted by the scowl on his face. Kai certainly did look different with his darker attire, the golden H gleamed on his chest, easily mistaken for the proud heir of the Hiwatari dynasty that he was supposed to be.

Tala’s heart fluttered taking him in. Kai truly was beautiful.

“You’re late Tommen,” Boris glared at the smiling man.

“Voltaire and I thought it best to allow his grandson more time to rest, it appeared to have agreed with his. Wouldn’t you agree?” Tommen stepped aside and pulled Kai forward. His hand secure around Kai’s wrist he prevented the teenager from pulling away.

Boris took in Kai’s appearance, his stomach did a small flip at the tight top. The boy certainly looked rested. “In future he is to be brought to his training on time.”

Without warning Boris took Kai’s other wrist and yanked the boy towards him.

Kai hissed at the sudden movement, his other wrist still trapped by Tommen.

The two men stood staring at each other, both their grips tightening. Everyone in the room continuing to watch. After a short period of time, Tommen’s smile grew as he flashed his teeth at Boris and then slowly stepped forward, moving his lips to Kai’s hand.

“Until this evening Master Kai.” With a quick kiss Tommen swiftly dropped Kai’s wrist and walked out the hall.

Kai’s embarrassment was short lived by the bone breaking grip Boris now held on his wrist. He tried to oppress the pain that shot down his arm and gave his arm a small tug. Boris appeared to ignore him, he glare on the doors Tommen had walked out of. All of a sudden he turned to the boys around him.

“Give back your blades you useless pieces of trash and line up!”

Finally Kai was released and Boris stepped away turning away from the boys that now lined up beside the phoenix.

Kai rubbed his wrists, when had he become some sort of toy to those men? The red hand marks slowly began to fade when he dropped his hands to his sides as Boris turned back around.

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