Bet to slave

Chapter 3

"Kai!" Ray motioned for the stoic teen to sit next to him. Nodding Kai separated from Tala and sat between Ray and Max. Sighing Tala sat opposite between Bryan and Spencer.

Boris had gotten the waiters to pull two tables together to fit all 10 of them. So it went;

Boris, Spencer, Tala, Bryan, Ian, Tyson, Kenny, Max, Kai and Ray.

Once sat down Kai kept his gaze on the table, his flaming eyes burning into the table, if it was possible.

Kai could feel how tense Ray was, he was sat with his back straight and his fists clinged to his trousers.

Biting his lip Kai sighed, "Ray you want to swap places?"

Wide golden orbs snapped to Kai wide. Raising his eyebrow Kai waited.



"I don't…think that's a good idea…special since last time…" Smirking Kai lent forward so only Ray could hear.

"Do you really think he would try anything with you here?" Ray's face stayed the same, but a few red patches formed on his cheeks. "Anyway, who says I'll even speak to him? I just thought you didn't seem very comfortable like that, so swap with me now,"

Leaning back Kai glanced over the table. Tala was glaring at Ray, his eyes full of hatred. Frowning Kai stood, shortly followed by Ray.

"Hey! What you guys up too?" Tyson questioned. Rolling his eyes Kai didn't reply.

"Yes the runt has a point, what are you doing?" Boris's voice was calm but Kai didn't miss the murderous glare he had sent Ray moments before they stood.

Swapping Ray and Kai stayed quiet. Taking his new seat Kai tried to stop his body tensing at the short gap between him and Boris.


Sitting down I looked at the seating plan, smirking (note: I never smile when Boris is in site) I was pleased at the distance between Boris and Kai. It wasn't much but there was no way he could touch him without suspicion being caused.

Suddenly Kai leant forward and began whispering Ray's ear. Ray started to blush, what was Kai saying?

They seemed to stay like that for an eternity. I must have looked murderous as I felt Bryan and Spencer edge away. Slowly, too slowly, Kai returned to sit properly, I noticed him glance at me.

A frown formed on his face, Ray also glanced around and seeing my face blushed more while raising an eyebrow.

Suddenly they both stood. Where were they going? Was it to do with what Kai had whispered? I didn't think Ray or Kai to be so cheap as to do it in a public toilet. Glancing at Boris he looked ready to stab Ray with his butter knife.

"Hey! What you guys up too?" Seemed I wasn't the only one who had noticed Ray and Kai's swapping of words.

Then Kai and Ray did the last thing on my mind. They swapped seats!

Frowning at myself I couldn't believe I had thought they were planning on swapping spit. But why had Ray blushed? That's when I noticed the new seating plan.

Kai next to Boris! Fighting down my emotions I bit my tongue from screaming.


"What would you like to order?"

"10 fish and chips,"

"Sure and to drink?"

"I'll have water, Tala?" Boris raised an eyebrow at his captain who seemed to have tuned out.

"Huh?" Snapping back Tala looked over frowning.

"What would you like to drink sir?"

"O," Tala glanced at his team-mates, "Can we have…3 cola's and a fanta,"


"A glass of water, three cokes and a glass of milk (guess who that's for 0.o)

"Gotcha, is that all?"

"Yes thank you."

Once the waiter left the table fell silent.

"So how we deciding who we are with?" Kai glared at the purpled haired man.

"My team will randomly pull out your team's names from a bag. And we'll do this five times each to decide the order."

From no where Boris pulled out a hat containing little pieces of paper.

Opening it Boris pulled out a name, "Tyson?"

Smirking Kai heard Tyson gulp. Boris didn't seem happy either.

Noting the two names down on a piece of paper (where he get paper and a pen?) Boris muttered to himself before handing the bag to Spencer.

"Ray," The names got noted down.

"Tala," Placing his hand inside, "Max,"

"Bryan" Placing hand inside, "Kai,"

"And Ian got Kenny,"

And it soon went;

Boris-day one: Tyson

Day two: Max

Day three: Kai (yes he gave an evil smirk)

Day four: Ray

Day five: Kenny

Spencer- Day one: Ray

Day two: Kai

Day three: Kenny

Day four: Max

Day five: Tyson

Tala- Day one: Max

Day two: Tyson

Day three: Ray

Day four: Kenny

Day five: Kai

Bryan- Day one: Kai

Day two: Kenny

Day three: Max

Day four: Tyson

Day five: Ray

Ian- Day one-Kenny

Day two: Ray

Day three: Tyson

Day four: Kai

Day five: Max

Not long after the meal arrived, Kai looked at the meal in anger. The fish was huge and there was enough chips to feed ten plates. There was no way he would eat all of that. He would have to work out for at least another 3 hours if he did.

Glancing at the demo's Kai wasn't surprised to see them also glaring, they too were thing about the work out hours.

Looking at his own team Ray just scratched his nose looking at the plate, Max's eyes where wide for a second before smiling, Kenny looked like he would faint at the amount on his plate while Tyson…

"You Pig!" Kai glared at his team-mate who was already tucking into only half of the fish and chips. Kai couldn't believe him.

"Mhuat?" Food flew out of Tyson's mouth landing on the table.

His blood boiling Kai stood up,

"You're a fucking pig! First couldn't you have waited for the rest of us? Secondly you do know it is rude to eat with your mouth full! You're such a slob! You think of nothing else but your stomach!"

Gulping down the food Tyson stood himself unaware of the attention from the other guests.

"You're one to talk! You're a fucking cold hearted bastard! It's not my fault I enjoy my food and that you lot where just staring at it! And all I think of is my stomach? Heh! All you think of is your self Kai! If it wasn't for you we wouldn't be slaves to them!"

Pointing at Tala Tyson stopped to breathe while Kai clenched his teeth.

"Excuse me sir's, but please you're disturbing the other guests," The waiter looked sheepishly at Kai and Tyson who both where breathing heavily and glaring daggers at each other.

Nodding Boris stood up as well, "Come boy's sit down,"

Kenny pulled Tyson down with effort as he struggled.

While Boris laid a hand on Kai's shoulder making him tense straight away. Earning a few raised eyebrows' Kai retook his seat glaring at the ground as everyone else tucked into their food.

Suddenly Kai felt a hand on his knee; eyes snapping up to the owner Kai froze.

Whispering so only Kai could hear Boris muttered, "Can't wait for day three Kai. You'll be all mine."

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