Bet to slave

Chapter 4

Moving his leg Kai looked away from Boris. Instead he concentrated on his meal. Picking up his fork Kai stabbed a chip.

God how much he hated these fatty thing. Living with the blade breakers did mean he was forced to either eat this greasy substance or starve. Luckily for him though Tyson ate almost everything leaving him with one slice of pizza and the odd chip.

But here he had to eat a whole entire plate! He was going to be sick. Popping the salty object in his mouth Kai chewed. Yes, it was delicious but 'Take the c off and what have you got?'

Sighing Kai gulped.

"Where are you boys staying?" Boris chewed on his fish.

All eyes turned to Kai. Tala gulped down his own chip his eyes never leaving Kai's lips where the teens tongue innocently licked the strayed salt.

"Why?" Kai's eyes never left his plate but Tala could see the evidence of his body tensing.

"Well either your 'team' joins us at our hotel…"

"No way! Mr Dickinson paid for our trip we shall not be wasting his money!" Kai glared shutting Tyson up.

'Idiot has a point' Kai growled at the thought, "We're not moving Boris!" The disgust and hatred was clear in his voice.

"As you wish, we shall simple have to move in with you."

All eyes snapped to Boris, everyone's mouth fell open minus the demo boys. Yes Kai Hiwatari was, at that moment, sat with his mouth hanging open at his old mentor.

"Close your mouth you'll catch flies," Boris ghostly caressed Kai's chin making him snap back to reality and drawing back.

"Y…you can't move in w…with us," Kai's voice was slightly higher than normal making Ray and the demo boys stare.

Tyson, Max and Kenny on the other hand where still sat there with their mouths hanging open like goldfish staring at Boris.

"Well, Kai, I do not trust your team not to do a runner. This would merely be a way for me to ensure that none of you run off,"

"But there's no where for you lot to sleep…unless…" Ray drawled off frowning


"Unless people share beds but that's not a very…"

"Excellent idea!" Boris clapped his hands together, "How many rooms?"

"Erm there's…"

"Hey! Hang on one second!" Everyone's eyes widened, for it wasn't Tyson the gob of the group who had shouted and was standing. Nope it was Mr Cool Kai.

"K…Kai?" Ray stuttered.

"Who? When Where! Did we agree to you sleeping in our room with us! I have no record of me or anyone off my team saying you could sleep with us!"

An evil smirk played across Boris's face as images flew into his mind of Kai's last words and he wasn't the only one. Tala too had to stop himself from showing any emotion.

"Fine then Kai…seeing how you're our slaves…you will allow us to sleep in your hotel room and will not argue with anyone of us about where we choose to sleep got that?"

Now back to the land of living Tyson, Max and Kenny all nodded along with Ray. Kai just stood there glaring down at his former mentor; suddenly he let out a low growl.

(Yes living with Ray meant he had picked up a few things like…how to cook…how to care for his hair better…how to make his glares even more intimidating by narrowing them to slits…how to do yoga…and last but not least how to growl)

Boris and the demo boys raised an eyebrow at Kai while Ray tried to hide a smile.

"Do you understand Kai!" Boris's voice held promised danger that made the Blade breakers worry.

Sighing Kai continued to glare but moved his head slightly in a small nod.

"Good now I see you've not touched your food much," Boris's eyes landed on Kai's plate that had only eaten a quarter of it.

"I'm not very hungry," Passing his plate to the hungry eyes of Tyson Kai smirked at the purple-haired man who, without anyone knowing, was scanning the bluenettes body. 'I really can not wait for three days Kai, you better had not disappoint me'


Back at the hotel in the Blade breakers room Boris stood in the centre, three bedrooms led off into bedrooms (Kai and Ray's…Max and Tyson's and Kenny got one all to himself)

Walking up to the door of Kenny's room Boris shouted, "I'm taking this one, I want each of those other rooms so that there is half blade breakers and half demo boys got it? Good you can choose who's with whom."

With that he stepped into the room slamming the door behind him. The demo boys smirked at the Blade breakers who all glared back.

Growling Kai walked up to the door that was originally just his and Ray's saying, "Seeing how this was our room we'll keep our rooms, Kenny you'll just have to either sleep on the couch or join Max and Tyson."

Shutting the door Kai left the others in silence. Ray turned to the demo's with a weak smile.

"Well which two would like to stay in mine and Kai's room?" The demo's looked at Tala who smirked.

"Seeing how Kai's the most…how shall I put this? The most full on me and Bryan will be sleeping with you and the young phoenix,"

Frowning at the nick-name for Kai Ray nodded and led them into the dark room.

Inside Ray flicked the switch to find Kai laying on his bed eyes closed and arms supporting his head. Ray didn't miss all his belongings had been moved from his own double bed to beside Kai's.

Smiling Ray turned to Bryan and Tala, the latter seemed to have noticed the sleeping arrangements and by the frown on his face he was either not happy with his sleeping partner or did not like the bed.

"Well seems me and Kai are sharing leaving you and Bryan. The drawers and wardrobe on the left side of the room are you two while the others are mine and Kai that ok?"

Tala raised an eyebrow 'Is that ok? IS THATOK! Bloody well no it wasn't ok! I want to be the one laying next to Kai, the sex-god of the century; I want to wake up next to him in the morning, I FUCKING WANT KAI!'

But Tala being Tala just nodded and dumped his stuff on the bed followed by Bryan.

"O great we're stuck with you guys," Kai's bored voice forced Tala to turn round.

"Heh…it'll be just like old times Kai. Me and you sharing a room…" Tala's eyes roamed over Kai who still had his eyes closed and his body exposed.

Stopping himself from pouncing Tala forced his eyes to turn to Ray who was sat at the end of his and Kai's bed an amused smile on his face.

"So…Kitty, do you always share a room with the phoenix?" Tala was amused as Ray's eyes widened in surprise but then narrowed in anger at the pet name 'But whom for you or the precious phoenix?'

Glancing at Kai Tala wasn't disappointed as Kai was sat propped up on his elbows glaring at Tala.

"Don't ever call me that! Not to me or to anyone else got it!" Tala nodded turning round to wink at Bryan who shook his head and began to unpack.

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