Bet to slave

Chapter 5

Kai glared up at the ceiling, he felt like a prisoner. He hadn't left his room since he returned.

He wasn't a fool enough to go into the living room while Boris was there, he had seen that perverts eyes and he was sure that Boris would give him commands he would defiantly be uncomfortable with.

Glancing at the clock beside him Kai growled, '3 fucking hours I've been stuck inside this room!'

Rolling onto his side Kai was pleased Tala, Bryan and Ray had left him alone. Frowning Kai just couldn't understand why the demo boy's had once again returned to Boris.

Sitting up Kai looked round his room. 'This must be what boredom is like' Walking over to the porch doors Kai lent upon them staring out at his beach view.

It was less crowded than before, but still it was a beautiful sight.

Tala stayed emotionless as his eyes wandered over the room. Bryan sat on the sofa reading; Ian sat next to him watching some shit on the TV accompanied by Spencer. Boris was sat on a single very comfy chair which was strangely close to the room in which Kai had yet to emerge.

Dotted around them was Tyson, Max and Kenny all holding trays which held food, drinks, sweets and other stuff the demo's ordered for.

Shaking his head Tala stood from his chair and walked into the kitchen. A wonderful aroma met Tala's nose making his mouth water automatically.

Glancing round the kitchen Tala spotted Ray who was darting round cooking, cleaning, preparing food, preparing drinks and much other stuff.

When the raven-haired spotted Tala he stopped immediately, "Can I help you Tala? Food? Drinks?"

Raising an eyebrow at the teen Tala shook his head before leaning against the counter.

Seeing Ray's confused look Tala spoke, "So…you're a good cook then?"

"Umm…so I've been told," Ray continued with his cooking eyeing Tala every now and then.

"Well they weren't wrong, can you even keep the little phoenix happy?"

Tala watched as Ray's body tensed over the stove, "I…I thought Kai told you not to use that nickname?"

Smirking Tala replied, "Well Kai doesn't know me as well as he used to does he? I never listen to Kai,"

Nodding Ray hid his smile, "well to answer your question yes my cooking can keep Kai happy…he even helps me sometimes,"

"Really!" Tala raised both eyebrows in shock…Kai cook! There was something he never thought he'd see in his life time.

"Is…he erm…any good?"



"Yeah he is," Flashing Tala a smile Ray excited the kitchen holding a bowl of pasta in his hands.

Kai sighed, he hated being bored. Spotting Ray's bag Kai glanced at the door before getting up and seating himself near it.

Rummaging through it Kai pulled out a silver book, frowning Kai opened the first page;

Today was the first day I met up with my new team. The Bladebreakers. First there's Tyson he's pretty goby and can eat for his country! But neither the less he's a great blader. Max's a hyper kid but very kind and funny. He's a great defence blader and great mates with Tyson. So's the Chief our own personal technician. I feel honoured.

But the best blader on our team (yes better than me) I think is Kai our captain. Who I won't deny is hot but he can be cold from what I can see he's not too happy about being on our team.

Kai's eyes widened, this was Ray's diary. Feeling guilty Kai placed it back into his friend's bag.

Standing up Kai glanced the room, suddenly something white caught Kai's eye. Frowning Kai walked over to Bryan's and Tala's bed crouching onto his knees Kai pulled out a white rucksack.

A smile forming onto his lips Kai recognised it as Tala's. Glancing at the door again Kai zipped it open.

It was full of clothes and blade parts. Sighing Kai leant back on his hands, he had hoped for something a bit more interesting.

Digging into the bag a bit deeper Kai's hand met cool glass. Now interested Kai pulled the object out.

His eyes widening at the photo in his hand (the photo's in a frame oki :P)

It was of Tala, Bryan, Ian and Spencer all in a group no older than 6 all smiling with their arms draped over each other. But in the middle with a big smile was Kai as a 5 year old.

Frowning at himself Kai quickly placed the picture back. 'Why does Tala have that?'

Feeling confused Kai stood up, the room suddenly felt small. Shuttering Kai walked out the room.

Everyone looked up at the sight of Kai. Freezing Kai's eyes widened at the sight in front of him. His team. The world blading champions where waiting on the demo boys!

"What are you doing?" Kai looked from each of his team mates.

None said anything just bowed their heads in shame and embarrassment.

"Not liking what you see young Kai?" Kai's eyes snapped to the man beside of him.

Clenching his teeth Kai turned back to look at his team. Sensing Boris stand Kai held his breathe as his body tensed.

Suddenly Boris gripped Kai's chin, "Well get used to it phoenix, this is your life for the next week,"

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