Bet to slave

Chapter 6

Kai yawned and opened his eyes. His room was still dark, glancing at the teen asleep next to him Kai's face remained unemotional. Turning to the clock beside him it flashed '04:58'.

Pulling the quilt off him Kai moved swiftly not to disturb Ray. Stretching Kai stood. Walking to the door Kai dared a look at the other bed. He stopped, seeing it empty.

Hesitantly he pulled open the door.

Tala glared at Bryan. How was it he pulled out Kai's name first? Why hadn't he? Bryan looked up from his seat sensing Tala.

"What?" Spencer and Ian both looked at the started conversation.

"Hn. You know,"

Bryan frowned at Tala's words. Suddenly the door to one of the bedrooms opened revealing Kai wearing a black tank top with black shorts that looked suspiciously like boxers.

Uninterested Bryan returned to question Tala, but said teen was practically drooling at the sight of Kai.

"Hey Bry you're Slaves up!" Spencer returned to the T.V

Kai glared at the blonde as he too remembered the horrid deal. Bryan smirked and noticed Tala return to his glare from earlier. 'So that was what up with him'

Standing Bryan walked over to Kai who was still standing the doorway. Eyeing the approaching teen Kai folded his arms.

Facing each other, Kai glaring and Bryan smirking, neither spoke.

'Too close Bryan! One more step and I swear…' Tala silently threatened.

"Well…Kai…or should I say…slave…"

Kai growled.

"You're first task is to go into the kitchen and make me and my team our breakfast. What do you lot fancy?"

"Pfft! Kai can't cook to save his life!" Ian shouted.

"For once I have to agree with the midget." Spencer shouted

"True best keep to the save side and stick with cereal." Bryan grinned, "Off you go slave,"

Not moving Kai remained silent.

His grin fading Bryan repeated, "Go into that kitchen and make us breakfast! That's an order Hiwatari!"

A glare was his reply.

"Hiwatari! I will not tell you again!"

Kai remained the same, the Ian and Spencer tried to hide a grin while Tala watched angrily not liking Bryan's tone.


"Go fuck yourself Bryan…"

Bryan eyes flashed red. There was a sudden slap sound as the back of Bryan's hand connected with Kai's cheek. The force of the slap was enough to send Kai to the floor.

Tala jumped to his feet as suddenly as another bedroom door opened and Ray appeared above Kai.

Kai could feel his cheek burning, he could feel the stares of the others and he could feel the tears of shame, embarrassment and pain forming in his eyes. Keeping his head down so his bangs covered his eyes Kai tried to compose himself.

"You will do as I say Kai, the first time and without your attitude! Now get up and go make that breakfast I ordered!"

"He isn't an animal!" Ray glared at Bryan, but Kai slowly pushed himself up off the ground silencing Ray.

His eyes still on the ground Kai headed towards the kitchen all eyes on him. When he was out of sight Ray glared round the room before running after his captain.

A clapping made the demo boys turn there stares. Boris stood outside his door smirking.

"Well done Bryan. Very well executed."

"Thank you sir," Bryan's face showed one of triumph.

"Maybe now our little phoenix will be finally tamed, along with his team,"

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