Bet to slave

Chapter 7

Ray entered the kitchen; his eyes fell on Kai who was lent upon the counter his eyes staring off into another world.

"Kai? Are you alright?" Stepping forward Ray stood next to his captain.

A moment of silence followed.

"I'm sorry Ray," Kai sighed

Frowning Ray replied, "what for?"

"For this! Making you all slaves,"

Sighing also Ray spoke, "I thought I told you not to worry, we should have won that match. It wasn't just you playing."

Kai glanced up a soft smile upon his lips, "thanks,"

"Don't worry, right shall we give those demo boys a breakfast to remember?" winking Ray opened the fridge.


Bryan returned to his seat, he could still feel Tala's eyes burning into him. Glancing at the wolf master Bryan paled at the murderous look he was receiving.

Glancing to his other team members Bryan wasn't surprised that neither bothered to check on them, they was too engrossed in the cartoon on TV.

Standing Bryan headed for his room, aware Tala following him in.

Leaving the door Bryan sat on his bed, hearing it slam shut he waited.

"How could you do that Bryan! How could you treat Kai like that! Have you forgot he was the one who allowed us to leave Boris before? I don't believe you did that just to entertain that sick pervert Boris!"

Tala had his fist clenched; it took all his willpower not to smack Bryan as he had done to his precious Kai.

Slowly Bryan stood and faced his friend.

"You forget Tala, you forget that it was Kai who lefts in the clutches of Boris in the first place! Instead of taking us with him he left us!"

Bryan watched Tala's eye's, he could see the inner fight between his emotions.

"I don't care if you believe that Kai set us free, and I don't care that you have a stupid crush on the phoenix! I just want to survive and if that means hurting Kai and angering you I don't care! Only the strong survive in this world,"

Pushing past the red-head Bryan added, "You should remember the abbey's lessons Tala,"

Tala heard Bryan leave, gritting his teeth Tala collapsed onto his bed.

He isn't right! Kai saved us, it wasn't his fault he left us! Kai wouldn't leave us, me, but he had no choice!

Pulling his bag towards him Tala pulled out the frame containing the picture of the younger days in the abbey.

Smiling Tala looked at all their naïve faces. Slowly he took it out of the frame. Turning it over Tala smiled at the scruffy writing.


You're my bestest frend efer. And we will stey frends till we grow old and are beyblade champs.

Youre bestest frend


Folding it up into his pocket Tala stood. Kai had said they would stay friends and no matter what Boris said or did that would stay true.


Picking up the bowels Ray grinned at his captain.

"Lets hope they enjoy," grinning back Kai's eyes shone with a hidden evil.

Walking out Kai and Ray each held two bowels, placing them on the table Ray informed the demo boys their breakfast was ready as Kai placed a bowel in front of each chair.

Jumping up Ian raced to the table hunger dancing in his eyes. Bryan and Spencer soon followed him.

"Where's Tala?" Spencer looked over at Bryan who lifted his spoon.

"In the bedroom, go get him Kai," He looked up threateningly at Kai, whom's cheek had turned red.

The pain still fresh Kai slowly and gracefully headed towards the bedroom door.

Knocking he turned the handle, stepping inside Kai immediately spotted Tala stood looking out of the window.

Coughing Kai spoke, "breakfast." Just because he was a slave didn't mean he had to be polite.

Looking up Tala followed Kai out the room.

Kai and ray stood either side of the table, they made sure not to look at each other as they wouldn't be able to stop their laughter.

Each demo boy placed a spoonful of porridge into his mouths. Biting his lip Kai waited.

Suddenly they all began to spit out the condense of their mouth back into their bowel, each holding a disgusting look.

Kai sent a wink at ray who smirked back.

Putting orange juice and pepper in the porridge would surly stop them being ordered to cook breakfast in future.

Bryan wiped his mouth, a disgust look upon his face.

" What the hell is this Kai? I told you to cook breakfast not bloody poison me and my team!" Standing and turning Bryan glared at the smug Kai.

Sneering Kai replied, "Well I can't cook remember, besides I thought you'd enjoy orange porridge,"

Growling Bryan advanced upon Kai. Ray suddenly regretting their actions stared worriedly at his captain, Ray was sure he had seen fear flash in Kai's crimsons eyes. But now they help no emotion.

"You tried to poison us didn't you!" Grabbing the front of Kai's top Bryan pinned the younger teen against the wall. Kai immediately began to struggle.

"Get off!" Suddenly Kai's fist swung and connected with Bryans face. Everyone froze.

Tala who was half way between standing and sitting, bit his lip, Kai was for it now.

Kai glared at Bryan who now held a murderous look. "You'll pay for that you…"

Bryan threw Kai across the room. Crashing to the floor Kai hissed in pain, as it was his head that broke his fall.

"Bryan no!" Tala grabbed hold of Bryan's left arm stopping the teen, whose eyes never left Kai's.

"Hey what's going on? What's all the noise…?" Tyson and Max appeared in their doorway.

"Kai?" Tyson looked between his captain and Bryan.

"The young phoenix just decided that it would be funny to try and poison my team," Boris, who had been sat watching this all, now stood looking down at Kai.

" I'm going to make you wish you hadn't disobeyed me phoenix! You'll learn!" Bryan tore his arm from Tala and headed over to Kai who was still on the floor.

Scrabbling to his feet Kai suddenly felt faint, quickly ray, Tyson and Max stood in front of their weakened captain.

"Move it!" Bryan raised his fist threateningly

"You'll not touch Kai!" Tyson glared up at the older teen

"You're forgetting he's my slave!" Bryan pushed past the 3 teens easily. Grabbing Kai Bryan dragged him to the kitchen, "this time you'll make breakfast and you'll do no surprises!"

Slamming the door behind him Bryan threw Kai against the counter, knocking the wind out of the teen. Gripping the side Kai tried to catch his breathe fear rising in his chest as he could hear Bryan approaching him.

"Did you really think that you would get away with that little stunt out there Hiwatari?" Bryan now stood behind the slate haired teen, who had now held his breath. Seconds passed and the teens stood in silence. Growling Bryan grabbed the younger teens arm and spun him round, their faces now inches away.

Biting the inside of his lip Kai forced himself to look at Bryan's eyes, which now were glazed by his anger.

"You will never disobey me again! Never!" Bryan's grip, on Kai's arm tighten, causing Kai to bite down harder on his lip to stop himself wincing in pain. Leaning closer to Kai Bryan whispered,

"I am your master now Kai, I command you and you will do as I say otherwise," His other hand griped the front of Kai's top, "There shall be consequences. Get it?"

Turning his head, Kai was unable to look at Bryan, "Yeah, I get it,"

A smirk of victory spread across Bryan's face as released Kai and headed to the door, "Now get my teams breakfast ready,"

Tala stared down at the plate placed down in front of him. Looking back up Tala was unable to make eye contact with Kai who had his eyes downcast. Glancing at Bryan, Tala frowned; Bryan had been watching Kai like a hawk ever since the teen had excited the kitchen.

However Bryan was not the only one watching the Hiwatari, his very own team had been watching him. Checking for any sign of injury or harm. Seeing none they continued to watch him and the demo boys almost expecting them to attack him at any second.

Placing down the last plate Kai glanced towards Bryan. "That will be all for now Kai, go do as you wish,"

Turning away Kai headed for his bedroom door but Bryans voice stopped him, "You're not to leave this hotel what so ever," Gritting his teeth Kai continued to his room.

Slamming the door Kai walked over to his bed collapsing upon it. Taking deep breathes Kai forced down his emotions, how could he show to Bryan that he was hurt, embarrassed and ashamed? He couldn't! And he wouldn't give him the pleasure.

Sitting up Kai glanced down at his arm, red marks were Bryan's fingers had gripped had begun to turn into purplish bruises. Clenching his fists Kai's nails dug into his palm as he once again forced down his emotions.

Why hadn't he stood up to him? Why hadn't he acted like a true Hiwatari?

His thoughts were interrupted as the door opened. Ray smiled gently at his captain as he shut the door behind him. Unable to make eye contact Kai turned his head away, still ashamed.

His smile fading slightly Ray walked up to Kai; suddenly his eyes fell onto the teens arm. "Did Bryan give you that?"

Shocked at the venom in the voice Kai glanced at Ray, shock filled him at the hate that now danced in the cat like eyes, and Ray's pupils had turned to slits.

"That fucking bastard! Treating you like…like shit!" Ray spun on his heels and almost ran to the door. Horror paralyzed Kai, what would Ray do? What would Bryan do to Ray's anger? Jumping up Kai raced after Ray.

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