Bet to slave

Chapter 8

Kai felt his entire body grow numb. His eyes wide he stared in horror as Ray pulled Bryan from his chair and slammed his small fist into the strong jaw. Kai knew that although Ray was trained in the martial arts and had a powerful punch, the Russian was used to much more jaw-breaking punches than the ones Ray could deal out.

"What do you think gives you the right to treat Kai how you are?" Ray's golden orbs glistened with his anger, and Kai was sure that if the boy hadn't had so much adrenaline in his body he would have noticed the warning signs of Bryan's teammates advancing.

Stroking his jaw Bryan began to laugh, which unnerved Ray. He'd been prepared for Bryan to attack him, just as he had done to Kai.

"Well well, looks like it isn't only the little birdie that needs taming," Bryan's smirk left his face as he glanced over at Kai. Without warning Bryan swung his fist, catching Ray in the stomach, "Appears that the little kitty needs declawing too."

Collapsing to his knees Ray tried to catch his breath. Now he knew why people didn't mess with Bryan, and why a simple slap from the Falcon had knocked Kai off his feet. A hiss left Ray's mouth as he felt strong fingers entwine themselves in his long hair, pulling his head back the face of his tormentor came into view.

"Get off him!" Tyson bravely stepped forward, Max followed standing shoulder to shoulder with the blader.

"You two wanting some of the same?" Spencer rose from his seat and turned to the boys, he like Bryan stood heads taller than the blade breakers. Being the smarter of the two Max took a stepped back, grabbing Tyson's arm to encourage him to do the same.

A cry from Ray attracted their attention once again, Bryan had tightened his grip on the raven hair and pulled Ray's head further back.

"Stop it! Kai get him off him!" Tyson directed his glare to his captain.

"Yes Kai, why don't you stop Bryan? That is after all your teammate," Boris's voice suddenly appeared directly behind Kai. Unable to prevent his body from tensing Kai slowly turned to face his old mentor.

"Tell him to get off Ray," Kai was surprised at how calm his voice came out, though he knew Boris could sense his fear.

"I'm afraid I agree with Bryan young Kai, I can't have you all so untamed. Going around punching my team and being so disrespectful." Boris's eyes glistened.

Turning back to look at his team Kai stared down at Ray, tears had begun to gather in the normally cheerful eyes of the tiger. Even though Ray had been trained to fight he wouldn't be used to the pain and torture Kai knew the demolition boys was able to hand out. Kai's eyes shifted to Tyson and Max. Max was such an innocent and friendly soul Kai doubted the blond had ever been in a fight, there was no way he could handle the punishments. And Tyson, his stubbornness and loudmouth was defiantly going to earn his a couple of punches. Kai's mind retracted to the time he himself had hit Tyson, the boy couldn't handle a weak hit from him, how would he survive one from Tala, Spencer or Ian? There was no way he could cope with Bryan! A whimper from Kenny caused Kai to close his eyes.

Taking a deep breath he turned back to Boris, his eyes opening slowly his mind made up. Boris raised an eyebrow down at the teen, displaying his curiosity.

"If my team behaves themselves I do not want any of them or you to touch them!"

"I cannot see your team being so cooperative, I feel that they will need to be taught a few lesson's before they know how to behave."

"NO!" Kai stepped forward, his fear for his teammates overpowering him. A smirk spread across Boris's lips.


"I'll...punish me," Kai begged.

"Kai no!" Ray shouted from his spot on the floor.

"Punish me," Kai continued ignoring Ray, "If they do anything to 'disrespect' anyone of you then as their captain I'll take their punishment. I do not want even a finger placed on them!"

Boris looked past Kai and to the teenagers the phoenix was protecting. Their eyes wide in horror at what their captain was going to do for them. How much fun this was going to be, surely the loud mouth Tyson couldn't help but misbehave.

Tala stared horrified at the back of Kai, what was he thinking? His team was one of the most rebellious and opinionated team he'd ever faced. Surely he wasn't stupid enough to put himself in undoubted danger for them. Tala felt his stomach tighten as he remembered his and Kai's time back at the abbey.


Tala tried to gasp for breath as his throat was released allowing him to slide down the wall. Boris turned to face the figure over his shoulder.

"It was me," The voice shook with fear. Knowing the voice all too well Tala snapped open his eyes, the small frame of a seven year old Kai. He was trembling as he glared up at their mentor.

"You?" Boris appeared amused, "It was you who snuck into the canteen after hours and stole food?"

Tala caught Kai's eyes, and began to frantically shake his head; he knew that Kai was trying to get him out of trouble. Tala also knew that Boris didn't believe Kai, but the pervert would do anything for a chance with Kai.

"Yes." Kai looked away from the blue eyes of his best friend.

"No! It was..." Tala scrambled to his feet only to be thrown back down after Boris back handed him.

"Quiet!" Boris signalled to the guards that stood in the shadows, "take him back to his room, and ensure it is locked. I'll deal with young Kai here."

-End of Flashback-

Biting his lip Tala knew that Kai was once again playing the hero.

"Alright Kai, my team and myself with not hurt your team."

"If I see any bruises or find out anything has..."

"You have my word Kai," Boris turned and headed back into his room leaving the teens alone together.

Spinning round Kai glared at Bryan, "You heard your master, let Ray go!"

Throwing Ray down to the ground Bryan growled, returning to his seat followed by Spencer. Dropping his glare Kai dropped down to kneel next to Ray, quickly they were surrounded by the rest of their team.

"You okay?" Kai softened his voice as he gentle reached for Ray's shoulder. Ray nodded his head hiding his face from his teammates. Glancing up to Tyson, Max and Kenny Kai shared worried looks. Standing up Kai bent over Ray and snaked his arms around his waist. Gently he lifted Ray to his feet, nodding to the direction of his room Kai guided Ray followed by his team.

The Demolition boys watched them leave; Tyson sent them his best glare before slamming the door closed behind them.

"Hanging around them has made Kai dumb." Spencer observed. All eyes turned to the blond who continued to stare at the door.

"How so?" Ian questioned.

"Only an idiot would demand to take the hits for their team when the one dishing out the punishment is Boris." Spencer finally turned his gaze to his own team, "Especially after we all know Boris's favourite punishment for Kai."

The entire demolition team began to fidget uncomfortably at the memories of Kai's pained cries.

Kai dropped Ray onto their bed. Tyson and Max taking residents beside the tiger.

"I'm so sorry Kai," Ray lifted his head; tears had fallen down his cheeks catching Kai off guard.

"What? Why have you got to be sorry?" Kai seated himself on the bed facing.

"If I hadn't gone for Bryan then you wouldn't have just offered yourself up as a punching bag."Ray again dropped his head.

"Yeah Kai that was pretty dumb! We can handle those idiots; I've taken a hit from you and survived." Tyson high-fived Max and laughter escaped their lips.

"You think that they'll be as soft as that one punch Tyson? You think that they've been taught to be merciful?"

Tyson frowned, "Their not that tough..."

"I think we should listen to Kai Tyson," Kenny pushed his glassed further up his nose. "We've all seen Ray fight before, and never has a single strike immobilised him so much. And I never thought I'd see anyone get one over on Kai."

Kai's hand lifted to the bruise left by Bryan on his arm, his teams eyes focused upon it.

"Chief's right, Kai always thinks highly of us so him putting himself in danger to protect us means that they must mean business." Max's eyes shifted to the bruise that was also forming on Kai's cheek. Kai was terrified for them; he'd seen the horror in his eyes.

Tyson turned to Ray, "Is one of Bryan's punches really that...bad?"

Ray nodded, "I've never felt anything like it before, even when I bladed him."

Gulping Tyson shared a look with Max before they both jumped up and hugged Kai.

"Thanks bud!"

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