Bet to slave

Chapter 9

Tala looked up as Boris returned into the room, a whistle around his neck and a clipboard in his hand. Suppressing a moan Tala knew he should have known that just because they were on 'Holiday' Boris wouldn't have stopped their training, especially as they had lost the world championships.

"I want you ready in 5 minutes!" Boris barked, "And ensure those Bladebreakers don't take too long getting ready also."

Tala raised an eyebrow at Boris's words; the Bladebreakers were going to train with them? Turning his head to look at Bryan he wasn't surprised to see the falcon wearing an amused smirk. Rising from their seats they headed to their new bedroom were their slaves had resided. A shiver ran down Tala's spine at the idea of getting to once again train with Kai.

Opening the bedroom door Tala froze his advances at the sight before him. That loud mouth Tyson and hyper blond Max were currently pinning Kai down on Tala's and Bryan's bed, it looked as though they had attempted to give him...a hug?

The red head could feel his heart pounding in his chest, how they dare be that intimate with Kai! The teens jumped up upon seeing Tala, their glares fading from the intensity of the one they received. Shifting his gaze Tala's glare disappeared immediately, needing to instead bite the inside of his lip in order to stop the lust clouding his mind.

Kai still lay sprawled over Tala's side of the bed, his hair slightly messed from his teammates bear hugs. Kai blinked his eyes, obviously still in shock at what had just happened to him. Tala had to grip the door handle to prevent him from pouncing the phoenix. Damn how could he be even more irresistible when in half shock? A cough from behind snapped Tala out of his musings, Bryan pushed past clearly not affected by the scene they had just witnessed.

"Go get ready; you're coming training with us. Five minutes!" Tala winced at Bryan's voice, it was scary how much the boy could sound and act like Boris when he wanted. Kai too seemed to snap out of his trance as he rose slowly from the bed, which only made Tala bit his lip harder, the phoenix's eyes past between the two new blader's, he stood protectively in front of his team.

"What sort of training?" Kai asked, remembering the training sessions from the abbey. Kai watched as Tala began to advance upon him. Holding his breath he demanded his body remain where it stood, rather than back up as it wished.

"Just an ordinary training session little phoenix," Tala smirked; as he stood before Kai he noted the small fear flicker in those orbs. Kai opened his mouth to snap at Tala about the nickname but stopped as the red head moved closer raising his hand slowly.

Tala stopped himself from chuckling as Kai's eyes grew wider as he grew even closer, reaching past the two toned hair teen Tala ensure his hand brushed the toned arm as he grabbed his blade from under the pillow. Winking at Kai as he turned and followed Bryan back out of the room.

Growling at the backs of his old teammates Kai spoke to the teens that stood behind him, "Go get ready, and be prepared for the training session of your life!"

Walking through the streets full of holiday makers Kai frowned as the beach came into view. Why did they come here? Boris never did a training session in view of spectators. Flicking one of his bangs from out of his eyes Kai inwardly smiled, the sun appeared to be stronger than the last few days he was glad he'd chosen to opt for shorts instead of his heavy cargo pants. His team had followed and decided to also wear their beach trunks and vest tops. Kai observed the team before him, Boris must have been planning on a brutal training session as they too had decided to wear the least amount of clothing they could also.

"Hey Kai?" Kai tilted his head to show Ray he'd heard him, "how bad is this training session going to be?"

"Well, imagine 20 of my Monday morning sessions all together."

"Wha!" Tyson appeared to Kai's left. "You're joking right Kai? How can Boris's top even one of your Monday morning sessions?"

"Easily, I've always told you guys I go easy on you." Kai couldn't help but laugh at the worried exchange of glances his teammates shared.

A familiar laughter reached Tala's ears, one he'd not heard for years. Turning Tala was even more shocked as the laughter freely fell from Kai's mouth, those eyes normally hard now sparkled with joy. Kai's laughter had caused smiles to break across the Bladebreakers faces; they all visibly began to relax. The rest of the Demolition boys turned their heads as they too were shocked at hearing the laughter from old memories.

His laughter just growing to smile on his face Kai turned his gaze from Tyson to the group in front of him. His smile quickly disappeared at their stares. Tala smiled at him, returning a glare Kai pushed past the group and descended down the stone steps onto the beach to where Boris's impatiently waited.

As the group of teenagers gathered in front of him Boris allowed his eyes the pleasure of lingering on the figure that was Kai Hiwatari. The white tank top that Kai wore obscured his view of the well toned chest he'd had the pleasure of seeing only the other day, smirking Boris promised himself he'd work Kai so hard that the teen would be forced to remove the piece of material either from the sweat or heat it would carry.

"This training session will be held at the same standards as is expected at the abbey, which means if you do not perform you shall be punished."

Kai curled his fists; Boris knew that his team wouldn't be up to the near impossible standard of Biovolt.

"You," Boris pointed to Kenny, causing the small boy to jump, "You shall sit with me whilst your team trains and I wish to see how much they improve under my orders. Now quickly stretch!"

Smiling at their friend hoping to comfort him the Bladebreakers watched as Kenny followed Boris back to the steps. Cowering he seated himself on the steps, opening his laptop to collect the required data.

Suddenly the Demolition boys sprang into action, stretching. Max, Tyson and Ray turned to their captain, who had followed the demolition boys lead and begun stretching. Pausing in his actions Kai frowned as his team cautiously tried to copy his movements. Sighing Kai shook his head.

"Just do the normal routine before your workout session on Wednesday." And thus Kai began to lead his team through their warm up.

Tala watched shocked at how depended and dumb the Bladebreakers were.

"Enough," Boris had returned, "See that flag post? I want you all to run there and back five times, the slowest will be punished for their weakness. Go!"

The group of teenagers sprinted off across the deserted beach. After a couple of laps Tyson and Max began to drop behind the large group, their breathing laboured.

"Man how can he expect us to run in this heat?" Tyson moaned.

"Come on Ty, we gotta try. You know it's Kai that'll be punished not us." Max smiled encouragingly. Nodding the pair summoned their strength to continue.

Ray, Spencer and Ian ran ahead of the two boys, knowing to keep a steady pace to enable them to complete the task. Ray smirked to himself, pleased that he was leading the trio. Kai's workout sessions came in handy, determined to prove himself Ray pushed his body further.

In lead sprinted Kai, Tala and Bryan. Kai was surprised at how much he was actually enjoying the sprint. Normally he could only do half a workout due to the need to supervise his teammates, now he was able to go full out. Upon finishing the five laps Kai stopped in front of Kenny, bending over he tried to catch his breath.

"Impressive young Kai, I expected you to trail just like the rest of your team." Boris glanced over the teen before returning his gaze to the approaching group. Kai turned a smile on his face as Ray reached him.

"That's your personal best Ray!" Kenny smiled over his laptop.

Moments later Max and Tyson dropped in front of their feet, both struggling to catch their breath.

"Man...That was...that was tough!" Tyson lay stretched out on his back, a triumphant smile on his face, "But we did it!"

"How pathetic," the Bladebreakers turned to face the voice. The demolition boys stood as though they hadn't just done the same exercise as the team in front of them, rather that they had just awoken. Disgust covered Boris's features as he looked down at Tyson. Honestly if that was too hard for the boy, he wouldn't survive this session.

An hour past with both teams following the orders barked at them by Boris, the demolition boys taking each task in their stride. Boris smirk grew as the Bladebreakers grew tired and the number of punishments they were to receive grew.

"99, 100" Kai lay back on the sand, his chest burnt from the overload of exercise. He'd just finished the 3rd load of sit ups Boris had demanded they do. He was aware that the demolition boys had finished them moment earlier, turning his head to his team he cringed.

"31..."Tyson puffed. The cap wearer lay on the sand, gathering his strength to lift himself. Sweat dripped down Max's face as he too pushed himself over his limit. Ray had long removed his top as it had soaked up his sweat, turning to stare up at the sky Kai knew his team couldn't last much longer, it was surprising how lenient he actually had been to them.

Pushing himself to his feet Kai winced as his muscles screamed at him to rest.

"That's enough, Ray, Max, and Tyson." Kai passed his team as they all collapsed onto their backs with a sigh of relief. Heading over to the steps were Kenny was furiously typing away on his laptop, Kai stopped before Boris.

"I want you to let my team rest." Kai kept his eyes closed, knowing if he looked the man I the face he'd lose his nerve.

"You know that isn't how the abbey's training sessions work." Boris smirked down at the boy before him. He'd grown weaker since leaving, Boris remembered a time when Kai's body could cope with this amount of workout, now he could see Kai's leg's shake from supporting him.

"I don't care about how they are supposed to work," Kai opened his eyes in fury, "They are not used to this! This is a high level workout"

"I assumed that with all their talk about being top class blader's and complaining about you're training that they'd be able to cope." Boris allowed his gaze to pass over the three boys laid out on the sand, listening intently to their captain's conversation. "But seeing how weak they are, I'll allow them to rest."

But? Kai waited for Boris to continue, the man never allowed anyone to relax. Not without a consequence.

"You will finish their workouts; instead of the fifty push ups that would be required you will now do 200. Understood?" Boris eyes flashed dangerously. Kai's mind screamed at him to protest, refuse the deal, his team could handle a little more. A quick glance at the exhausted states of his team told him otherwise.


Walking over to his team Kai quietened their protests with a glare.

"Rest, I won't have you kill yourselves out of pride."

Knowing better than to fight Kai, the three blader's rose slowly from where they sat and followed Kai's order by sitting themselves beside Kenny. Kai looked over at the demolition boys who had begun to do the required fifty push ups. Pulling off his top Kai took a deep breath before dropping down and began mentally counting the push-ups.

Boris couldn't tear his eyes away; a bead of sweat ran down Kai's back causing Boris's crouch to jump to life. The boys arm's shook at the weight of pushing his body back up from the sand. Kai's lips parted slightly as he tried to breath, getting the needed oxygen into his body. Boris knew he'd couldn't wait any longer; he'd have to have Kai tonight.

Tala watched half horrified and half turned on at the sight of Kai. His eyes travelled over the body he so desperately wanted to touch, he had to bite his lip to stop himself from moaning at pleasure of just the sight. But the sight was ruined at the pain on the phoenix's face. The heat from the sun, the lack of oxygen and water was catching up to Kai. Those arms normally strong and solid arms shook violently, threatening to give way at any moment.

Kai gritted his teeth, annoyed at his body. He knew he could complete the 200 push ups; he just needed to push himself. His arms felt like they were on fire, his muscles screaming at him to give up. Suddenly his arms collapsed under him, Kai fell into the sand.

"That'll do Kai." Boris hovered over him, shading him from the sun. Looking up at the man Kai felt his blood run cold, he'd seen that look in the man's eyes before, that look of wanting. Reaching down Boris grabbed Kai's arm, dragging him up to his feet. Swaying Kai fell into Boris's chest; he could feel his legs shaking violently. Cursing himself Kai made to push himself away as he felt Boris's arms snake around his waist, holding him there.

"Tala! Ian! Take the rest of the Bladebreakers back to the hotel and have them begin to prepare tonight's meal."

"Hey, what about Kai?" Tyson folded his arms in a very Kai like manner.

"Well Kai is to receive the punishments you all should have received for your poor displays today." Boris snapped back in reply. "Spencer, Bryan you are to come with me and the young phoenix."

Tala could only watch as Boris dragged Kai down the beach followed by his teammates. Soon they had disappeared out of sight. Sighing Tala headed back to the Hotel, his group in toe.

Kai was thrown to the floor of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, too weak to even lift himself Kai waited for the on slaughter of fists he knew would come. A click of fingers made Kai's body tense as it echoed around the room.

It felt like hours had passed when Boris ordered Spencer and Bryan to stop. Coughing and trying to catch his breath Kai winced from the pain that shot through him. His own blood covered his skin, bruises already forming. He was aware that Boris had ordered the two teens to leave the room and guard the doors, leaving Kai alone with the monster.

A hand gripped his chin and turned his face, Boris's face soon came into view. Fear began to grow in Kai's heart the danger of his current situation becoming clear.

"You're so beautiful Kai, even when covered in your own blood. Do you know how much I've missed the opportunity to be alone with you? Have some quality time?"

Tears formed in Kai's eyes, he knew what was going to happen. It always did. He didn't have the strength to push his body up from the floor what hope did he have in fighting Boris. The man allowed his thumb to caress Kai's cheek.

"It has been such torture watching you, being so close but unable to touch." Boris pulled Kai's face closer, "But you're all mine now."

Crushing his lips against Kai's Boris moved himself so he was on top of the boy, preventing him from moving if he suddenly had a burst of strength.

Bryan stared at his fist, covered in Kai's blood. Disgust ran through him. Allowing his arm to drop to his side he dared a look at Spencer. The blond stared back, his face too emotionless. They both knew why Boris had them leave. Knew why he wanted them to ensure he'd not be disturbed. An old familiar scream of pain echoed into the corridor. The teenagers broke their eye contact, the memory of Kai's torture resurfacing.

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