Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

The Painting

The same looking black car stopped in front of a mansion. Four of
them came out of the car and Mai was staring at the mansion in awe.

"Close your mouth before you catch flies Mai." Noll said that and started walking towards the mansion.

Mai murmured some insults for him and started following him. Lin was walking with Noll and Gene was walking with Mai. When they reached the front door, they were greeted with Mr. Senju from yesterday who was standing with a woman.

"Noll, I am so grateful to you and Gene came to help us." Woman said with a smile.

Noll nodded and said "No problem Aleesha."

"Who is she and how does she know Noll?" Mai asked Gene.

"She is our mother's friend and both of them are married." Gene replied.

"ohhh!" Mai said.

"Please come in we have everything ready that you asked for." Mr. Senju said. Noll nodded and all of them walked inside.

They entered a room which had many electrical outlets. Noll turned towards the couple and asked "When will they be arriving?"

"This afternoon." Aleesha said. Noll nodded. "Well we will leave now. If you need anything please ask." Mr. Senju said that and the couple left.

Noll turned towards the three of them and said "We will set up base here."

"Well, Noll you didn't told us any details about the case." Mai said.

"I know Mai. I was going to do that next." Noll said in emotionless voice.

Mai pouted and crossed her arms across her chest.

"As Mai knows that Mr. Senju asked us to take up this case yesterday. Aleesha has a sister Alena who with her son, who is 16 years old will be arriving here this afternoon. Aleesha said that when she bought this house, she called her sister Alena to stay here for some days. Everything was fine for some time. But when Alena went to check up on her son at midnight she found that Alex was not in his bed. He was missing. They searched for him till 3 in the morning and found him in the basement." Noll explained.

Mai gasped and said "3 in the morning? Isn't that supposed to be the peak time for spirits?"

"Yes Mai. When they found him and asked him what he was doing at this hour of time so he said that he was exploring the house." Noll said

"Exploring the house? Yeah sure!" Gene commented.

Noll glared at him and continued "Yeah. they shrugged his explanation off and took him back to his room. Next day Alex was acting normal but at night when they again entered the room they saw a woman's painting hanging on the wall in his room."

"A woman's panting?" Mai asked.

Noll took out his black notebook and continued his explanation "After the painting was discovered, strange things started to happen in the house."

"Like?" Mai asked.

Lin answered that question for Mai "Things like their family picture frames were thrown out of the window and there were scratched on the photos expect the picture that was-"

"Hanging in Alex's room." Mai completed that for Lin and Lin nodded.

"So we know that the picture is haunted" Gene said. "It can be a possibility" Noll said

"So you mean that there is something else in here which is haunting this mansion." Gene stated.

"All we know is that there is something haunting Alex." Noll said.

There was silence for sometime in the house.

"Mai and Gene, I want you two to go and set up cameras in the basement, in the hall and in Alex's room." Noll ordered.

Mai and Gene took the cameras and left the base.

They set up one camera in basement and one in hall. When both of them entered Alex's room and installed the camera there, Mai and Gene noticed that there was no Picture in the room.

"Noll, there is no picture here." Mai told him through the mike.

"No problem" Noll said.

Mai then turned and saw that Gene had a frown on his face,

"Hey gene! What's up?" Mai asked him.

"It's nothing. This room" Gene didn't completed his sentence.

"Is?" Mai asked and raised an eyebrow.

"It's just that this room wrong." Gene said.

"Wrong? What do you mean by that?" Mai asked.

"Nothing just..." Gene sighed and said "Let's go."

Before leaving Mai heard some kind of scratching sound. She turned on her heels but saw nothing.

Gene looked at her and asked "What?"

"Nothing" She said and they made their way to the base.

When they entered the base they saw a woman and a boy being interviewed by Noll and Lin was sitting and taking the notes.

'Must be Alex and Alena I guess.' She thought and made her way to the computers and started watching them. She saw that every camera was working perfectly. While she was looking at them, her eyes went wide.

"Noll!" She exclaimed.

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