Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Bloody hand

"Noll!" Mai exclaimed.

Noll rushed to her side and asked "Mai! What happened?" By that time everyone was standing by her and Noll's side.

"Look! The painting." She pointed towards the screen. Everyone gasped excluding Noll and Lin.

"Did anyone go to that room or saw anyone going?" Noll asked. Everyone shook their heads. Noll turned towards Lin and ordered "Lin rewind the video" Lin rotated the button.

""Noll, there is no picture here." Mai told him through the mike. "No problem" Noll said.""

Everyone gasped again, excluding Lin , Noll narrowed his eyes.

"You have got to be kidding me! When I and Mai went in that room, the painting was not there" Gene said ,clearly shocked.

Then there was the scratching sound and everyone saw Mai turned around as if she heard the noise.

Noll looked at her and asked "Mai did you hear the noise?" Mai nodded her head.

Noll sighed "Why didn't you say anything?" He again asked.

"Gene didn't hear anything so I thought I imagined it." She said.

Noll turned towards Alex "Alex you are not suppose to go anywhere where without your mother. Don't be alone. Understood." Noll said in his high authority voice.

Mai made a mental note # 1 'When Noll speaks like this, never ever disobey him.'

Alex nodded and left with his mother.

"So I think the spirit is reacting because of Alex's presence." Gene stated.

"Yes, I think that too." Noll replied.

"So what do we do now?" Mai asked.

"Right now, Gene I want you to go around the house and see if you can sense anything." Noll ordered Gene.

Gene pouted "Seriously Noll, this house is literally huge and it will take me a full day to take a round trying to sense anything."

Noll glared at him and said "Gene stop behaving like a small child and get to work."

"As if you are not acting like one." Mai said slowly and hid it with a cough. But unfortunately for her, Noll heard .

He turned towards her with extra sweet smile which send shivers down her spine.

"Why don't you accompany him, Mai?" Noll said with his sugar coated voice.

"Hey!" Mai protested.

Noll's smile turned into a glare and he shouted at both
of them "Out! Now! Both of you." And both of them ran out of the base to do their work.

"Stupid narcissist! Who does he think he is?" Mai
was fuming while walking in the hallway.

"He is the incredible intelligent idiot scientist, Oliver Davis." Gene said with a smirk.

Mai laughed at his statement.

"So sensing anything?" Mai asked him.

"No! Nothing! Nil!" he said.

"Cough""Useless""Cough" Mai said between coughs.

"Hey!" Gene exclaimed feeling insulted.

Both of them entered Alex's previous room in which the picture had appeared and saw Alex sitting on the couch with a suitcase in front of him.

"What is he doing here? He isn't supposed to be alone and not specially in this room." Gene said to Mai.

Mai walked towards Alex and placed her hand on Alex's shoulder. He looked at her and smiled.

"Alex, what are you doing here? You are not suppose to be alone." Mai said.

"Oh no! I was going in my room but then I saw this." Alex said and pointed towards the suitcase.

"What is that?" Mai asked. "These are my toys." Alex said happily.

Mai opened the suitcase and it seriously contained some toys but the toys were awkward.

"Why would a 16 year old boy play with the toys of a 10 year old boy?" Gene asked Mai.

Mai shrugged her shoulders and looked back at the suitcase.

Mai screamed and fell down. Gene got startled by her scream but Alex was unfazed. Gene knelt down beside her quickly.

"Mai! Mai, what's wrong?" Gene asked with concern in his voice.

'What the hell was that?' Mai thought.

She was scared. She just saw a bloody hand on the suitcase's handle. Mai was even more shocked when she saw Alex's smirking face.

"Mai!" Someone shouted her name.

Mai and Gene turned around to see a panting Noll at the entrance of the room. He looked at Gene's concerned face to Alex's unfazed face to Mai's scared face. He rushed to her side and knelt down by her and squeezed her hand as if he let her go she would break into pieces because she was shaking so much.

"Mai what's wrong? What happened?" Noll asked with worried voice.

"I just…..I just" She couldn't complete her sentence.

Noll rubbed her back to get this message to her that he was there and there was nothing to be afraid of. Mai got the message and looked at him. Mai passed him a weak smile and fell unconscious in his arms.

Mai opened her eyes and saw darkness all around her. Only her body was glowing.

'Where am I? What is this?' She thought.

She looked around but saw nothing.

"What is happening?" Mai asked herself. Then it hit her. "How is this possible? This is a different plane but I don't have the ability of clairvoyance." She said

Suddenly there was a bright white light in front of her. She closed her eyes because the light was too much for her eyes to bear. When she opened her eyes she saw a woman playing with a small boy in the gardens of the same mansion they were living in right now.

Mai gasped "This is the same woman from the painting." She said.

Then the vision disappeared and Mai was falling deeper in the darkness.

"Ahhh!" She screamed.

Mai sat up. She observed her surroundings and realized that she was sitting on the couch in base. She tried to stand up but fell down on the couch. Her head was throbbing with the pain. She shut her eyes tightly and clutched her head to ease the pain.

"Are you O.k?" She looked up and saw Noll looking at her.

She smiled and said "I am fine, Noll." She answered.

Noll sat beside her and held her hand and asked "What happened in there? I heard you scream when I was looking at the screens?"

Mai sighed "I saw a bloody hand on the handle of the suitcase." She said. Mai looked at Noll.

Noll put his fingers at his chin and started thinking "A bloody hand, huh?"

Mental note #2 'This posture is called Noll's thinking pose.'

She thought and giggled.

Noll looked at her and rose an elegant eyebrow "What?" he asked.

"Nothing." She replied.

Noll smirked and leaned towards her "Really? Now you are going to keep secrets from me." He said while closing the distance between them.

"N-no" she waved her hands in front of him. Noll got hold of her both wrists and kept leaning forward. Mai was starting to heat up.

She was blushing furiously because of their closeness. There was 15cm distance between their lips.






He was going to kiss her when they heard a cough.

"If you going to continue to do this, I suggest you go back to the rooms first." Lin commented.

Noll glared at his head and Lin could practically feel some one making hole in his head. Lin smirked.

Noll sighed and backed up. 'Calm down, Mai. Calm down.' Mai relaxed herself.

Then she remembered something and grabbed Noll's arm. He looked at her.

"I have to tell you something." Mai said with seriousness. Noll gestured her to continue.

"Well in the ro-"

"Noll!" Gene shouted. Three people in the room turned their heads in his direction.

"What is it, Gene?" Noll asked. He was alert.

"You gotta see this." He said and left the room with others following him.

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