Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Madoka Mori

"Noll!" Gene shouted. Three people in the room turned their heads in his direction.

"What is it, Gene?" Noll asked. He was alert now.

"You gotta see this." He said and left the room with others following him.

Gene led them to the 2nd floor hallway of the mansion. There was something written on the wall with scratches all over the wall.


"Is the spirit talking about Alex?" Mai asked.

"Yeah!" Gene said and turned towards Noll "What do we do now?" He asked him.

"I've called Madoka. She told me she had some information about the mansion." Noll replied to Gene's question.

Gene's face paled and then he looked at Mai with sympathy.

Mai raised one eyebrow "What?" She said.

"Nothing!" Gene said 'She is in trouble now!' He thought.

Noll looked at both of them and he knew very well what Gene was thinking.

"Get back to work, you two." Noll said and started walking towards the base. Soon Mai and Gene followed him.

When three of them entered the room, Mai looked at Lin. He was already typing the information on his laptop.

Mai sweat dropped 'Oh boy! Someone tell him that there is another world out of his laptop.' She thought.

"Mai!" Noll called her.

"Yeah?" Mai asked.

"I need tea." He ordered and returned his gaze on his book again.

Mai sighed "Fine~" she said lazily.

"What are we going to do about Alex?" Gene asked.

"Nothing." Noll replied.

"What about the writing on the wall?" Gene again asked.

"Until we don't know what the spirit wants, what can we do?" Noll said.

"Well I am going to take another round." He said and walked out of the room.

"Should he go alone?" Mai asked.

"The only one here who needs protection Mai, it's you." Noll said.

"Hey! I can protect myself very well." Mai protested.

"Yeah sure!" He sarcastically "Now go and make tea." He
ordered. Mai huffed in anger and stomped out of the room.

"You shouldn't rile her up so much." Lin said to Noll. "Huh!" Noll replied with a smirk.

Mai was fuming the whole way till the kitchen.

"Stupid, Idiot, Work-a-holic, Tea addict, Narcissist Scientist." Mai said with red face.

Mai placed the cattle on the stove with a bang and then sighed. "Well, it can't be helped" She said.

Suddenly she felt someone watching her. She turned around but there was no one there. "Weird" she shrugged it off.

After couple of minutes, Alex walked in the kitchen.

He looked at Mai, smiled and then said "Hello Mai."

Mai looked at his smiling face and remembered the smirk he had on his face when she saw that bloody hand. She put that thought at the back of her mind and replied him with a smile "Hello Alex."

"What are you doing here?" He asked. "Making tea for my boss." She replied with irritated tone.

"Oh!" Alex said "Well, you don't look happy with making tea." Alex followed.

"Who would look happy to make tea when they have a bloody damn case to solve." Mai replied.

Alex looked at her and chuckled which Mai soon followed. "You're funny Mai."

Alex said with a charming smile. "Thanks Alex." Mai said.

The cattle whistled and she poured the tea in the cup and waved Alex goodbye. When she started coming closer to base, she frowned.

'It's like no one is in the base.' She thought.

She entered the base with a cup of tea and was greeted with a
smirking Gene, not so interested Lin and an irritated Noll. Her eyes then landed on a girl with pink hair, grinning and sitting on the couch.

Mai entered the base and put the cup in front of Noll. She then turned towards the girl and said "Umm Hello?"

She looked at Mai and started grinning and hugged her tightly

"Mai! I really wanted to meet you." She said.

"Huh?" Mai was confused.

She didn't know the girl but the girl knew her.

"I am Madoka Mori." She introduced herself to Mai.

Mai made an 'o' shape mouth and said "Oh! so you're the one who was supposed to come with the information about the mansion."

Madoka nodded. "How do you know me?" Mai asked.

"Well Noll talks a lot about you." Madoka said. Mai blushed and Noll gave Madoka one of his scariest glare. "I don't" He said.

"Listen young man, you need to show some kind of love to your girlfriend." Madoka said in her teaching tone.

"Madoka, did you bring the file?" surprisingly Lin asked.

Mai raised an eyebrow at him. 'He talks!' Mai asked herself.

"Of course I did, sweetie." Madoka said sweetly.

Lin sighed and Mai chocked on her own saliva.

"Sweetie?" She practically screamed. Madoka looked at Mai, smirked and made her way towards Lin.

Mai looked at Noll for answers but he was too busy with his book. Then she averted her gaze towards Gene who looked at her and mouthed 'They-Are-Going-To-Get-Married' Mai mouth stayed open with shock.

'Lin is going to get married? Wow! The world is going to end.' She thought.

Noll snapped his book close to gain everyone's attention. "Now, as everyone is here, we should discuss the information we have." He said. Everyone nodded.

He started explaining "This Mansion was built in 1997. The mansion was owned by the Aldus family. They built this mansion so that the three siblings could live together. The name of the eldest son was Lukas Aldus and he was the head of the family. He had one little sister and one little brother. Name of the sister was Alexy and the little brother's name was Warren. The eldest brother used to stay outside the country for most of the time for business purposes. So Alexy and Warren became close as they didn't have anyone else to relay on."

"These two became extremely close. Even when Lukas would return, he would notice that his brother and sister were getting along without him, so he didn't paid attention or he didn't had time to pay attention. But one day the little brother Warren fell ill and died. Lukas tried to convince Alexy to come to England with him but he could never convince her. She was so attached with Warren that she didn't leave." Madoka said.

"Then one day Lukas got the news that his sister had committed suicide in the basement." Gene said.

Mai gasped "Oh no." Gene continued "Lukas is also dead. He died of some kind of illness. Since Lukas death, this mansion was not sold to anyone till now."

"What about the painting?" Mai asked.

"It was also written that Warren was a talented painter, so we guess that Warren made it for Alexy." Noll answered.

"Now the Senju family owns it." Noll said.

"Do you think that Alexy is the spirit hunting the mansion?"
Mai asked.

"It looks like that." Noll said.

"But why is she after Alex?" Mai asked.

"Warren died at the age of 16. And Alex is 16 year old. So I think Alexy is mistaking him for Warren as she don't want to
accept that Warren is dead." Lin replied to Mai.

"So what do we do now?" Mai asked Noll.

"We will exorcise the spirit tomorrow." Noll said.

"Is that really necessary Noll? I mean, can't we just talk it out
of her." Mai asked.

"I don't think that will work Mai. The spirit is already attached to Alex and she won't leave so easily." Gene said. Mai sighed.

"I think I need some rest." Mai said. Noll looked at her and said "Go sleep then, we will wake you if something happens."

Mai left for her room. She entered her room and lay on her bed and covered herself up.

'Poor Alexy. She just wants to be with her brother.' Mai thought while drifting to sleep.

Mai opened her eyes and again found her in the dream plane.

"Iam here, again? Why is this happening?" Mai asked herself. Again there was a bright light in front of her and she saw the same vision like before. The woman and the boy playing.

'Could it be Alexy and Warren?' Mai thought.

Soon the scene changed. There was a boy lying lifeless on the bed covered with white sheet and a woman crying over his body.

She was screaming "Don't leave me! No"

Soon Mai found herself in the basement of the Mansion. There she saw the woman hanging herself with a rope.

"NO! STOP" Mai shouted but the woman hung herself.

Mai fell to her knees and hugged herself. The temperature in the dream plane was falling.

"What is happening?" Mai said. She was shivering.

Mai opened her eyes and what she saw made her scream but no voice came out of her mouth. She saw Alexy sitting over her, disheveled, bloody eyes and instead of tears blood was coming out of her eyes. But her appearance wasn't what scared her. Alexy's one hand was gripping Mai's neck and other was pushing the knife in her mouth. Tears came streaming down her eyes.

She thought 'Someone, Save me!'

When the knife went through Mai' mouth, she sat up choking. She looked around; there was no one in the room with her. She ran to the bathroom and looked at her reflection, there was no blood. Everything was fine.

'A dream?' She thought. She blinked twice and found herself standing in the basement.

"What the hell?" She said "Someone! Noll! Gene! Save me!" she shouted for help but it was futile.

Then the temperature dropped in the basement.

"Oh no" she said.

Then when she turned around, she saw Alexy standing behind her with the same knife. Alexy attacked her with the knife but Mai dogged. Mai started running towards the door. She opened the door and ran outside the door in the hallway. The base was on the second floor.

"C'mon Mai. You can do it." Mai encouraged herself.

Mai opened one door and Alexy came out of the door and attacked her. This time she cut her on the arm.

"Argh" Blood started flowing through the cut.

Mai stood up and ran towards the staircase. Alexy attacked her many times and every time Mai couldn't doge her.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" Mai shouted.

No answer, only screaming was heard. Mai saw the door of the base. When she reached out for the knob, the door opened and she fell back. She covered her face with her hands.

She started shouting "NO DON'T KILL ME! PLEASE"

She was shaking pretty badly. She had a wound above her left eye on her forehead. Her arm was bleeding and there were bruises on her legs. She was crying.

"Mai" A voice called her.

She knew this voice. She looked up and saw Noll. She started crying her eyes out. She was scared to death. She jumped on
her feet and hugged Noll, who, because of the impact, fell down with Maiin her arms.

He was shocked for sometime but wrapped his arms around his girlfriend's shaking form.

"Shh! Mai it's alright." He patted and kissed her head.

Everyone came out of the base and comforted her but she preferred staying in Noll's arms who held her tightly.

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