Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


"Shh! Mai it's alright." Noll patted and kissed her head. Everyone
came out of the base and comforted her but she preferred staying in Noll's arms that held her tightly.

Noll picked her up and put her on the couch in the base and knelt in front of her. He inspected her injuries. He then touched her wound on her forehead. She winced at his touch. Everyone was looking at her with worried faces.

Noll turned towards Madoka and said "Get a first aid kit, Madoka." Madoka nodded and said "Sure thing, Noll." She left the base to get the kit.

Noll turned towards Mai to ask her what happened but thought against it. She was in no condition to answer his question.

Mai looked at him. She knew he was eager to ask questions, so she smiled weakly at him and said "Noll, you can ask questions if you want."

Noll looked at her and shook his head "No Mai. Look at yourself, you just escaped death. Rest a little." Mai sighed and put her head on Noll's shoulder. Noll just patted her head.

Gene looked at both of them and then turned his head towards the computers. But this action did not go unnoticed by Lin. 'Don't tell me that he-' Lin stopped his thoughts when Madoka walked in the base with the first aid kit.

"Here, let me bandage her wounds Noll." Madoka said while kneeling down in front of Mai.

When she finished bandaging her wounds, Noll sat beside
Mai on the couch. Even Lin was standing in front of Mai.

"Mai, what happened? We saw the temperature in the basement falling and you were standing there. What were you doing there?" Gene asked her.

"I don't know what I was doing there. I was just sleeping in the bed…." She explained everything that happened with her. Everyone was listening very closely to her.

"I don't get it." Everyone looked at Gene. "What do you mean?" Madoka asked him. Gene turned towards Madoka "Mai was the only one who saw the bloody hand." Gene said.

"Bloody hand?" Madoka asked. "Never mind." Gene said.

"Well you do have a point. Mai was the only one who got attacked by the spirit." Lin stated.

"Why is she after Mai?" Noll said while going to his thinking pose.

"I…" Mai trailed off.

"What is it, Mai?" Noll asked.

"I….I've been having dreams. Well not dreams. Some kind of visions." Mai said. "What kind of visions?" Noll asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Well you see, there is one boy and a woman, who I think are Alexy and Warren playing in the garden, then Warrens dead body and then Alexy committing suicide." Mai explained.

"And you never told us anything about these dreams of yours." Noll said while glaring at her.

"I thought these are some simple dreams. I never thought that they held meaning." Mai said while shrinking under his glare.

"Since when have you been having these dreams, Mai?" Lin asked. "Since the starting of the case." Mai said while looking down.

Gene sighed and asked in lazy tone "So, what do we do now?"

Noll looked thoughtful for some time, then he spoke "I have a plan. But right now, we all need some rest."

Lin looked like he wanted to protest but Noll beat him to it "You too, Lin." Lin sighed and nodded.

"Mai and I will stay at the base." Noll looked at her "I don't think she will be safe in the room." He followed.

Everyone went to their respective rooms, leaving Mai and Noll alone with each other in the base.

Noll looked at Mai and said "You can cry all you want." There was a hint of concern in his voice. Mai looked at him and tears started coming out of her eyes.

She hugged Noll as if he was her lifeline. "I was so scared. I thought…I thought I was going to die." She said between her

Noll hugged her and rubbed her back "Shh! Mai it's alright. You're fine. I will never let anything happen to you."

He made her face him and he gave her a small peck on her lips and then kissed her forehead. Mai was drifting back to sleep. Noll made her lay on the couch and then covered her shaking form with a blanket.

Then Noll reached for his black book and sat on a chair in front on her. After couple of minutes, he looked over his book to check on Mai, she was still shaking. Noll sighed and stood up. He walked towards the couch and kept Mai's head on his lap and stroked her hair. For some unusual reason, Mai stopped shaking.

By one hand Noll kept stroking her hair and in other hand he was reading his book.

The morning arrived. Everyone was already standing at the base.

"So what's the plan, Little brother?" Gene said. Noll glared at him for calling him little brother and said "We'll use Alex as bait." He said.

"What?" Mai, Madoka and Gene said in unison. "Yes." Noll said.

"But Noll, if we do that, Alex's life will be in danger." Mai said.

"You're forgetting one thing, Mai. Alexy takes Alex as her little brother. She will never hurt him." Noll explained.

"But-" Mai tried to protest but Noll said "No buts Mai. Believe me nothing will happen to Alex."

"I'll do it." Someone said from behind. All the heads turned towards the direction of the voice. It was Alex.

"Alex, what are you doing here?" Mai asked.

Alex walked towards her and looked at Mai's injuries. He had a guilty look on his face. "I am sorry for what happened with you." He said. "It wasn't your fault, Alex." Mai said.

"As everyone one is here, I will explain the plan." Noll said.

All of them were standing in the basement. Even the Father who had to perform an exorcism was here.

'Noll said that we will use Alex as bait to draw Alexy out. Noll said that Alex will try to talk to her and if she doesn't understand, she will have to get exorcised.' Mai thought.

"Alexy! Please come out." Alex shouted. As expected, the temperature in the basement dropped and a faint spirit materialize in front of Alex.

Alex gasped for a second but he composed himself. He said "Alexy, you need to pass this world. I am not your brother. Try to understand." Alex said softly.

Alexy said "No, I know you are my brother."

Alexy's eyes landed on Mai and her face twisted with anger.

"Gene, take care of Mai." Noll said while pushing Mai behind him. Gene nodded and grabbed her shoulders.

"YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME" Alexy shouted while pointing her finger towards Mai.

"No!" Alex shouted.

Everything in the basement started vibrating. "Father! Start now" Noll shouted.

"Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name, thy-"

Alexy shouted screaming in pain. She pushed the father with the wall.

"Father!" Mai shouted.

"YOU! IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU ALEX DOESN'T THINKS ME AS A SISTER. HE THINKS YOU AS HIS SISTER." Alexy shouted and pushed Gene back. Then she grabbed Mai's throat and lifted her in the air. Mai struggled against her grip but couldn't set herself free.

"Mai!" Gene and Noll shouted.

Then Lin whistled and his shiki separated Mai from Alexy. Alexy groaned in pain. Noll rushed to Mai's side and helped her to stand up.

"You don't understand Alexy. Alex is not your brother. Your brother is dead, both of them are." Mai shouted at her.

"No you're lying." Alexy said.

"No I am not. You saw Warren's body, Alexy. He's dead and he is probably waiting for you on the other side." Mai said in a soft voice.

"No! No! That can't be true." Alexy said.

"She's right Alexy. You are dead. Your brothers are dead. You need to pass on. You need to be with your brothers." Alex said.
Alexy turned towards her with tears in her eyes.

"Are you telling......the truth?" She asked.

All of them nodded.

"Then I guess it's time for me to move on" Alexy said and looked at Mai "I am sorry for what I did to you." Mai looked at her and shook her head "No problem."

Then there was a bright light in the basement and the spirit vanished. The temperature of the basement returned to normal.

Gene looked around and informed the others "She is gone. She passed on."

After some time, everything was packed in the car. Noll and Gene were talking with the clients.

"Thanks for helping us boys." Aleesha said with a smile. "How are Alex and Alena?" Gene asked.

"They are fine now, thanks to you both and they send their thanks too." Mr. Senju said.

"Say Hi to Luella and Martin for me." Aleesha said. Gene and Noll nodded and left.

As usual, Lin was driving, Gene was sitting in the front seat and Mai was stuck with her stuck up boyfriend at the back seat.

I wish he would just look at me than his oh so lovely goddamn book.

Mai looked out of the window. She heard the snapping of the book. When she turned around she saw Noll looking at her.

"What?" She asked.

"You just said 'I wish he would just look at me than his oh so lovely goddamn book.' So I am looking at you." Noll said.

"I said that out loud, Aw man!" Mai whined.

"You literally are losing your mind Mai." Noll mocked her.

Mai glared at him "Hey! How many ti-" she couldn't complete her sentence as Noll kissed her on her lips. When he pulled back he saw a very blushing Mai sitting in front of him.

Noll smirked and said "How about you sleep till we get back." Mai looked at him and nodded. She put her head on his shoulder and slept. Noll removed a strand of hair from her face and gave her sleeping form a sweet smile.

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