Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Come with me

Mai, Melly and Luke were sitting in the cafeteria. The trio had been busy with the examinations.

"I can't believe that we are going to graduate." Luke said with a sigh. "Yeah you are right." Mai said.

"I don't know when we will get to see each other again after the
graduation." Melly said.

"Eh? I really don't wanna separate from you guys." Mai said.

"Really, me too." Luke said, standing up from his seat to hug Mai.

"Ew, Luke, gross." Mai said while dogging Luke's bone crushing hug. "Not very polite, Mai." Luke said while pouting.

"You two never grow up." Melly said which was followed with a sigh.

Mai and Luke exchanged looks and then hugged Melly. "Ew, gross, guys." Melly said. All three of them started laughing.

Three of them (as usual) were sitting in the class of Parapsychology. Mai was lost in her own thoughts.

'We are going on our own ways now.' She looked at Oliver 'Will we be able to maintain our relation?' she asked herself.

"It's the last class, students. Do something that will have a meaning to your lives." Oliver said in his emotionless voice.

"He is emotionless as always." Luke whispered to Mai. "Yeah." Mai whispered back.

She again looked over to Oliver. her eyes softened 'He surely will not forget about me.' She giggled.

"Stop giggling Mai." Melly said to Mai in low voice. "Oh! Sorry." Mai said while laughing awkwardly.

"The class is over." Came Oliver's voice.

Everyone started leaving the class.

"See you later Mai." Luke said and took Melly with him.

"And those two think I don't know a thing about them." Mai whispered to herself while looking at her two best friends leaving hand in hand. Mai sighed.

She didn't even notice Oliver coming and standing behind
her. He leaned down and kissed the shell of her ear. The kiss got Mai by surprise. She shrieked and turned to see who it was.

"Noll, What are you doing?" She exclaimed.

"Nothing." he said and started walking towards his desk.

Mai got her things and followed him. "That was not nothing. You scared me." She again said.

"Then you should be more cautious of your surroundings." He said calmly.

Mai huffed and said "Whatever."

Noll smirked and turned towards her "What? Your little brain
can't think of a good comeback." he said.

"Why you little-" He cut her of by grabbing her wrist and leaving the class.

He reached her house. Surprisingly, this time Lin was not here with them. 'That is strange. Where is Lin?' Mai thought.

"Are you going to go or not?" Noll said.

That brought Mai out of her musings. She looked at him and said "I am going." and came out of the car.

Before she could close the window of the car, she heard Noll
calling her.

"Mai." He said and came out of the car.

"What is it?" Mai asked.

Noll sighed "I need to talk to you." He said.

Mai raised an eyebrow and said "Come on in, then." Both of them went inside her apartment.

Noll noticed that her apartment was small but it was welcoming, unlike his. Mai told him to sit on the couch and went to kitchen to make his tea. She set the cup in front of him.

Noll raised an eyebrow and asked "Only one cup? What about you?"

Mai looked at him and answered "I don't drink tea, Noll. I like coffee."

Noll nodded and took the sip. 'Her tea is the best even though she doesn't drink tea.' He thought and gave a faint smile.

"Noll, what did you want to talk about?" Mai asked him.

Noll placed the cup on the table and looked at her. "Mai, I want you to come to England with me after the graduation." He said, more like stated.




"WHAAAAT?" She shouted while jumping on her feet. "Wh-what a-are you ta-talking a-about?" She stuttered.

"Exactly what I said Mai." Noll answered.

"But I can't come to England." She said.

Noll looked at her and said "Why not?"

Mai looked for a good reason and said "Well I mean I don't know who lives with you. I can't come."

Noll looked at her with 'are-you-serious' look. "Mai you know everyone expect my Father." He said.

"B-B-But" she tried to speak.

"What's the reason that you don't want to come and live with me?" He asked her.

Mai sat back on her place. Noll couldn't see what she was thinking. Usually, every emotion she would feel would be clear in her eyes. But her hair was hiding her eyes.

"I...I just...I just don't want to be a burden on anyone." She bit her lower lip.

Noll stood up and stalked towards her around the table and sat beside her. Mai looked the other side.

"Mai, look at me." He ordered. She still didn't turn. "Mai." He again said.

She looked at him but still not meeting his eyes. Noll cupped her face with both of his hands and looked straight in her eyes.

"Look Mai, You are not an burden to anyone. I am telling you to come with me because I know I won't be able to live without you. That's why I am telling you to come with me. It's my own...selfish request. And beside I know Mother and Father will be happy to see you." Noll said.

Mai's eyes had widened during his little speech.

"So, will you come with me?" He again asked.

She looked at him and nodded and Noll gave her one of his rarest smile. He leaned down and gave a small kiss on her lips.

He stood up and walked towards the door to leave. "See you later." He said and left.

Mai smiled "See you later."

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