Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Graduation and......Job?

Graduation Day

"I can't believe that we are graduating." Mai exclaimed proudly.

"Yeah! Yeah! Silly girl, we know it." Melly said while shaking her head.

"C'mon Mells, I know you too are excited for the graduation." Luke said. "Shut up." She snapped at him.

"You know guys, you should probably tell me, if you guys are dating." Mai said making two of them stopping dead in their tracks.

They turned towards her and saw her smirking.

"W-what are y-you talking about?" Melly said. First time in her life, Mai saw Melly blushing.

"Exactly what I said." Mai said with a smirk. She was becoming more like Noll day by day. Both of them sighed.

"Yes we are a couple." Luke said.

"I am angry with you guys for not telling me but I guess I'll forgive because getting both of you together was like a goal of my life." Mai said with a smile.

The trio hugged. "Let's go before we get late for our own graduation." Melly said.

Three of them started walking towards the hall where the graduation ceremony was going to be held.

At the ceremony, "Mayra Thomes" Mai's name was announced on the stage. Mai stood up from her seat and climbed the stairs, took her degree and went back to her seat.

"Congratulations, Mai." Melly said and gave her a side hug. Then there was Luke's name and Melly's name.

"It's so cool that everyone graduated." Melly said.

"Yeah." Mai said.

The ceremony was over. There were laughing and hooting sound everywhere. The trio was standing out in the gardens of the college, looking at the buildings. The sky was illuminated by the stars.

"The night is so beautiful." Mai said while looking at the night sky. "Yeah." Luke said with a smile.

The trio interlocked their hands and tears ran down Mai's face. Luke looked at Mai and hugged her.

"It's O.K Mai. We are going to stay in touch, you know." Luke said while engulfing her in a hug.

"I know, but still...I'll miss you guys." Mai said while crying.

Soon Melly joined the hug.

"I love you, guys. And I am never going to forget about you." Mai said between her cries.

"For the second part, we are going to be in contact Mai and for
the for the first part, I think you love Prof. Davis more than us."
Melly said with a smirk.

"Hey." Mai protested while blushing.

Luke chuckled and said "Call when you reach England." Mai nodded.

The three friends left on their own ways. Mai was walking towards the car in which Noll was waiting for her. Before she could reach the car someone called her from behind.

"Miss. Thomes." A man said. Mai turned around to see a man in his early thirties.

"Hello?" Mai said.

"I am Joseph McCartney." He said.

"Yes? How may I help you, Mr. McCartney?" Mai asked politely.

The said man chuckled "Please call me Joseph and if I am correct you graduated today and you already have been on a case with Oliver and Eugene Davis." He said.

Mai's eyes narrowed. She thought 'What does this guy want from them?'

Mai was getting suspicious of him. She looked at him and asked "I don't want to sound harsh but what business do you have with them?"

Joseph looked at her and said with a smile "Oh no! You are getting me wrong. I am here for you." Mai raised an eyebrow "For me?" She asked.

"Well I heard that you are one of the best Parapsychology student in this college, So I have a job offer for you." He said with a smile.

Mai's both eyebrows rose with the surprise. "Really? A job?" She asked.

"Yes." Joseph replied.

"What kind of job?" Mai asked suddenly curious.

"Well you see, I am opening a paranormal research company in America. So I was thinking if you could take up the job as it's Manager." He informed.

Mai was shocked. She just graduated from college and this man was giving her the position as a manager in the company.

"What? But I just graduated from the college." Mai said.

"It doesn't really matter you know. All I am looking for now is a responsible and a talented manager." He said.

"But I-I" Mai said.

"Please take up this offer." He said.

"I don't know." Mai said while sighing.

"Well you don't have to answer me right away" He said while pulling out a card from his pocket and handing it over to Mai

"Please, this is my card. Call me when you decide what to do." He followed.

Mai took the card and said with a smile "Thank you and Please call me Mai." Joseph nodded.

Then someone called Mai from behind.

"Mai" When she turned around, she saw Noll staring at the man.

"Noll, Meet Joseph" Mai introduced him to Joseph.

"Hello. It's nice to meet you. Now will you excuse us, we have a flight to catch." Noll said and grabbed Mai's hand and started walking towards the car.

Mai looked at Joseph and mouthed an apology which he in return accepted with a smile.

Mai climbed at the front seat where as Noll at the driving seat. Noll started the engine and drove. Mai faced towards Noll and said "That was extremely rude Noll."

"Whatever. Who was he anyway?" Noll inquired not very happy of seeing a man smiling with his Mai.

"Joseph. He offered me a job at America" Mai informed.

"You're not going." Noll bluntly said.

"Well I wasn't planning to go. But it was a tempting offer." Mai pouted.

"You're still not going." He again said.

Mai sighed and looked at the road. Her new life was going to start. But what did she know that this new life was going to bring so many problems. Hearts were going to break now. Unbearable pain was coming. Mai as going to suffer a lot in this new life of hers.

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