Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

England, 1st case.....

Next day Mai and Noll were standing in front of a huge house a.k.a Mansion. Davis Mansion. The mansion had a huge backyard with a pool and there was a huge garden on the entrance of the mansion. Mai's mouth had dropped open at the first glance of the mansion only.

"Mai, close your mouth." Noll said.

"But your house is HUGE." Mai exclaimed.

Noll sighed and said while walking towards the door "C'mon." Mai followed him.

As both of them reached the door, the door opened and Madoka
came out. Madoka looked at Mai and engulfed her in a one bone-crushing hug.

"It is so good to see you, Mai." Madoka chirped happily.

"Madoka….can't…..breath" Mai choked out.

Then Noll pulled Mai out of Madoka's hug and sighed.

"Oh! I am sorry. I was just so happy to meet you again." Madoka grinned, "It's good to see you too." Mai smiled.

"Luella!" Madoka shouted, "Mai and Noll are here." Then all of the three people could here someone running towards the door. Luella looked at the couple and smile and again Mai was brought under a bone-crushing hug.

"Mai darling, I am so happy to see you again." Luella said.

Noll sighed again. He pulled Mai back to himself and said

"Please ladies restrain yourselves from killing her."

Madoka and Luella looked at each other and burst out laughing,

"Oh! You love her so much. Mai is the perfect girl for you." Luella said.

Mai started blushing and Noll sighed the third time that day.

Four of them moved inside the house. Noll looked around and asked his mother "Mother, where is father?"

Luella looked at her son and said "Martin went out for a walk. He should be returning soon." Noll nodded.

"Um, where are Gene and Lin? I thought they arrived here before us." Mai said.

"Both of them went to office to take care of something." Madoka

"Oh, I see you're back." A male voice said from behind.

Mai and Noll turned around to look at the source of the voice. Mai could see a smirk on Noll's face. Noll started walking towards the man.

"Father." He said.

Mai looked at the man and thought 'This is Martin Davis.' Noll gestured Mai to come along and Mai obliged.

Martin looked at Mai and smiled "So you are the one who has gotten famous around here." Mai blushed with embarrassment.

Mai bowed to him and said "Sorry for intruding your house like this." All the people present in the house smiled at her excluding Noll.

"Don't worry. This is your house too you now. Don't feel embarrassed darling." Martin said with a smile.

He looked at Noll and whispered to him "Good job son. She is very beautiful." Noll looked at his father and gave a faint smile.

"Why don't you two go to your rooms and fresh up? I'll get the breakfast ready." Luella said and then looked at Mai "Is there something else you would like to eat Mai." Luella asked.

Mai shook her heard in no and said "Anything is fine, Luella."

Noll and Mai went to Noll's room. Noll entered the washroom first, leaving Mai to wonder around in his room.

"Huh." Mai sighed. She looked around the room and spotted a photo frame. She walked towards it and picked it up in her hands.

"Is the Noll and Gene?" Mai asked herself. Noll was having his own stoic face where as Gene was grinning.

'Typical Noll' Mai thought and sweat dropped.

Mai was so engrossed with the picture that she did not even notice the door of washroom opening. She was still looking at the picture when two strong arms slipped around her waist. Mai shrieked at little because of the surprise. She wanted to turn around but the arms held her in same position.

"You should be more careful of your surroundings Mai." Noll said while burying his face in her hair.

Mai sighed and said, "Whatever you say."

He nuzzled his nose in her neck.

Mai said, "Get away Noll. You just took a bath and I am still dirty." Noll smirked against her skin and said, "Whatever you say."

"Hey!" Mai protested.

He placed a small kiss on her neck and made her to face him. He saw that her cheeks were tainted pink.

He placed his forehead against her and said, "I am really glad that you came with me." He kissed the tip of her nose and then claimed her lips.

Mai slipped her hand in his dark blue hair and kissed him back. Noll's hold on her waist tightened. Noll brought one of his hands and cupped her cheek. The other hand stayed on her waist. Suddenly there was a flash, which made them to break apart. Noll and Mai saw a grinning Luella and Madoka at the door with a camera.

"I am gonna put that in an album and gift it to you both on your marriage." Luella exclaimed happily.

Mai blushed, took her clothes, and ran towards the washroom. On the other hand, Noll sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Let's go." Luella said and left with Madoka.

All of the members of the house were sitting on the dining table eating breakfast. Even Lin and Gene were back from the office.

Suddenly Martin spoke "Noll and Gene." Both of them looked at their father. Noll and Gene said "Yes Father/Dad?"

"I have a case for both of you." Martin informed.

Noll was as stoic as always, Gene was excited, Luella was smiling, Madoka was grinning and Lin, well, Lin was eating his breakfast.

Mai sighed 'First case in England. Well this is gotta be fun.' She thought.

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