Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

The Inn

Every member of the house went to Martin's room. There was a small round table in his room with three chairs, one chair with Martin himself and other two by his sons occupied the chairs. Luella was standing beside Martin, Mai was standing between the chairs of Noll and Gene and Madoka and Lin were standing beside Noll.

"So what's the case, Dad?" Gene asked.

Martin sighed and said "First of all sons, I am really sorry for giving you this case when you just arrived. But my dear friend requested your help."

"We will be really happy to take the case father." Noll said and looked at Lin. Lin nodded and started taking notes.

'Whoa! Talk about silent conversation.' Mai commented mentally.

"Well my friend Abel and Adriana Alastair own an Inn at the outskirts of England. That part of England has a good sightseeing so most people go and stay at their inn. But lately, there have been some missing complaints." Martin explained.

"Missing complaints?" Mai asked.

Martin nodded and continued, "Three girls have disappeared in three weeks."

Mai gasped and Martin continued, "Yes, I know it's shocking. The Inn had only opened a week before the incidents started to happen."

"Why do they think that it's a haunting? I mean it could be a human also kidnapping the girls." Gene asked.

"I told him the same thing but girls going missing is not the only thing that's happening at the Inn." Martin said.

Noll narrowed his eyes and asked "'Things' Like what?"

Martin replied "Like the bodies of the girls appearing in the nearby forest wearing a white wedding dress."

"A wedding dress?" Madoka asked.

Martin again nodded and said, "That's why they think it's a haunting."

"But still, it can be a work of a human." Noll again interjected.

"But a human wouldn't write things on the wall of the Inn." Martin informed.

"What writing?" Gene asked.

"It says, "THEY ARE ALL MINE"" This time Luella answered.

Noll looked at Gene as if asking his permission and then Gene nodded. "We'll take the case." Noll said.

Noll was sitting on a chair in his room with a small wooded desk in front of the chair reading the file his father gave the brothers to analyze. And as always Gene said he would never read a file so the responsibility of reading the file came over to Noll. Mai entered the room with a cup of hot steaming tea. She placed it in front of Noll.

"So any new information you would like to share?" Mai asked.

No reply.

"Hello? You in there?" Mai asked waving her hands in front of him.

No reply.

"Hey!" Mai exclaimed. Again no reply came from him. "Geez can't even tell whether you're listening or not." Mai sighed.

"If you're going to annoy someone, go from here. I am working." Noll said in his emotionless voice.

Mai's face became red from anger. "Why you-" Mai was going to
blow but an idea popped into her head. An evil grin spread across her face.

Noll was just going to have a sip of his tea when Mai said
seductively "Really now? Would you want me to go to someone else, O-L-I-V-E-R?"

Noll choked on his tea. He was shocked to know that Mai, his Mai
can talk in this kind of voice. Mai took the cup and the file from his hand, placed them over the desk in front of him, and sat on his lap.

"Mai, what are you-" Mai cut him off by placing her finger on his lips.

"Shh!" She said, "Do you really want me to go to another person?" She again asked him putting the element of seductiveness in her voice.

First time in his life, Noll didn't know how to answer a question.

'Damn you Mai.' Noll thought.

'Bingo! First time in my life, I've known him, he isn't able to answer. Way to go Mai.' Mai smirked. Noll's heart skipped a beat.

Mai leaned closer to him, making him think that she was going to kiss him.

When her lips were only a inch away from her, she again said. "Answer my question, Noll?" She purred, almost.

Noll gulped. He had never been this nervous in his life before. Mai slipped both of her hands around his neck. She blew an air on his face making him lean closer to her.

"Noll." She called out his name huskily.

"Hmm" Noll hm'ed.

"Noll." She again said in a low voice. She lean even closer and said, "Your tea is getting cold."

Mai suddenly stood on her feet and said in an emotionless voice, "That's what you get for not talking to me." She left leaving a wide-eyed Noll in his room.

"What the….." he managed to say.

Next day, the team was standing in front of the entrance.

"Please, call me when you get there, O.K boys." Luella said.

"Yes Mom. We will surely call you when we get there." Gene replied with a smile.

"Noll, Gene take care of Mai and Mai do the same."

Three of them nodded. She turned to Lin and said "Lin do take care of these three kids." Luella instructed to Lin.

"Mom/Luella/Mother." Gene, Mai and Noll said in

"Yes, Luella." Lin replied.

Then she turned towards Madoka "Madoka take care of Lin. Make sure he gets some sleep." Madoka grinned and nodded.

Lin sighed and turned towards Gene, Mai and Noll only finding them smirking at him. Lin sweat dropped at there childishness. 'And Noll calls Mai and Gene childish.' Lin thought.

"Take care everyone." Martin said and everyone nodded.

"Let's go." Noll ordered.

Lin and Noll were going in the van that consisted of their equipment where as Madoka, Gene and Mai were going in the different car. Before Mai could climb the car, Noll pulled her back by her arm.

"What the hell?" Mai exclaimed.

"I still haven't forgotten what you did to me last night Mai." He whispered dangerously in her ear.

Mai gulped and said while stuttering, "W-whatever y-you mean."

Noll gave a dark chuckle and that chuckled sent shivers down her spine.

"Just wait and see Mai. It's payback time and it's sure that you are going to lose." He again whispered.

Mai took his challenge on her ego, she turned to face him and said "Bring it on, dude."

Noll smirked and said, "Well you are going to suffer Mai. Be prepared." He brushed his knuckles with her cheeks. Mai blushed. She had never seen this side of Noll before.

Noll went back to his van and the van left. She climbed the car. Gene saw Mai's red face and was just going to ask her when she mouthed 'Don't-Ask' Gene sighed and looked towards the road.

'Did I just dig my own grave?' Mai thought. 'Well, I got to be prepared for what's to come. Oh Dear. God save me.' Mai mentally prayed to God and without her even realizing Mai drifted to sleep.

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