Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


Gene's eyes went wide. "Mai stay still. Don't move." He said while coming closer and closer to her.

She looked at him and asked "What do you mean?"

Suddenly she felt a hand on her head and then everything went black. The last thing she heard was Gene calling her name and running towards her.

"Mai!" Gene shouted.

Mai opened her eyes, again finding herself standing in the dream realm.

"What am I doing here? What happened?" She asked herself.

Then everything started coming back. She was setting up the cameras, then the coldness, then the feel of someone touching her head and then falling unconscious.

"What was that?" Mai again asked to herself.

Then she heard screaming.

"DON'T DO THIS TO ME! COME BACK!" a male voice said.


Then a vision started forming below her. Mai looked down. She saw a man dragging a body of a woman with him in the forest. Mai's hands, on their own accord, went to cover her mouth. Her
eyes were wide.

'What is this?' She thought.

Mai opened her eyes. She blinked a few times to adjust her eyes to the darkness. She was lying on the bed. She sat up and looked around.

"You're awake." A deep voice said.

She turned around to see Noll sitting on the chair just beside the bed.

"Noll." She said.

He stood up from the chair, sat beside her on the bed, and started caressing her face.

"You alright?" He asked her.

He was so worried about her, that he didn't even minded that how much emotion he was showing.

Mai leaned in his touch and sighed.

She said, "I am fine."

"Let's go to base. Everyone is worried about you. They are literally crying." He said while standing up.

"Even Lin." Mai exclaimed.

Noll chuckled a bit and said "Yes! Even Lin."

Mai smiled. Noll took her hand and left for base. When the door of base opened, three pair of eyes fell on the couple. Gene was the first one to approach them and give Mai a hug.

"I was so worried about you." He said while hugging her tightly.

"I am fine, Gene." She said while hugging him back.

"I was so scared. And then you suddenly passed out when he touched you." Gene was going on without listening to any responses. "I am so sorry Mai. I am so sorry. I wasn't able to protect you. I am sorry." He said while tightly clutching her both hands.

"Gene. I am fine." Mai reassured him. Gene sighed and nodded.

Madoka was the second one to give her a hug and a kiss on her forehead.

One thing clicked in her mind. She looked at Gene and asked "Gene, who touched me?"

Gene looked at her with a questioning gaze. He said "You don't know?"

"Oh no! I know. I have eyes on the back of my head." She said
sarcastically. Madoka and Gene started laughing. Noll and Lin only smirked.

'I am glad, that comment lighted the atmosphere in this room.' She thought and smiled.

Noll cleared his throat and asked Gene "What did you see Gene?" Everyone fell silent.

"Well when Mai said that she was feeling cold, I turned towards her and saw a shadow standing behind her. Then I told her not to move but she didn't know what was happening. The shadow touched her head and the next moment, Mai passed out." Gene explained.

"Why does all this kind of stuff happens to me?" Mai whined.

"Because you're our danger magnet." Madoka said with thumbs up.

"Um…..Don't make it sound like a quality, Madoka." Mai sweat dropped.

"Madoka, did you get any information about the Inn?" Noll asked her.

She shook her head sideways and said "Nope! There was nothing on this Inn or the building. The only thing that the records showed me was that this Inn was registered with the government four weeks ago." She informed him.

"Anything on the land?" He asked.

"Well I didn't get the chance because of some certain DANGER MAGNET in our team." She said while pointing towards Mai.

"Hey!" Mai protested.

"Well, keep searching then." Noll said.

Madoka nodded and left the base. He then turned towards Gene and said "I want you to go around the Inn and try to sense something."

Gene nodded and was going to leave the base when Mai said "You can't let him go alone, Noll."

"He'll be fine Mai." Noll said while locking his eyes with her.

"But what, what if that thing comes back and tries to hurt him?" Mai protested.

"It seems like you've forgotten that 'The Thing' you're referring, targets girls and women. Well Gene doesn't seem like a girl to me." Noll said in a matter-of-factually voice. Mai's face heated up.

"Noll!" Gene exclaimed "I am standing right here." He followed.

"I know that. I was clearing a point to Mai." Noll stated.

"Well don't take about me like I am not even here." Gene said in embarrassment.

"Go to work, Gene." Noll sighed.

'Why do I have to put up with these idiots? Yeah right. One is my own brother. Other is the love of my life. Third one is the fiancé of my most trusted assistant. God what did I do to pay such high price of my life?' Noll deadpanned.

"But-" Mai tried to protest but Noll cut her off "Lin go with him." Noll ordered him.

"But Noll…." Lin said trailed off when he saw the look of irritation on is boss face. He stood from his seat and said "Fine." And followed Gene out of the base.

"Tha-" Mai wanted to thank him but Noll said "Don't bother."

Mai looked at him with anger in her eyes and said "You jerk, I was just about to thank you."

Noll looked at her, walked towards her and stopped inches away from her. He said "That's why I said don't bother."

He moved even closer to her. She didn't seem to mind because she was so annoyed with him.

She said "Why do-" She was cut off when Noll suddenly kissed her.

Mai melted into the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Noll pulled back and said "I said, don't bother." Mai was still in daze but she somehow replied "O….K"

"Don't think that I forgot about my revenge on you." He said to her. Mai's mouth hung open.

She said "You really are going on about that?"

Noll nodded.

Mai head hung down and said "What did I do to deserve this? Yeah right. I did THAT."

Noll smirked and moved back to monitors. Unknown to him or her there was someone who was watching. He gritted is teeth and said "Mine! Mine" and vanished in air.

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