Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


After the class ended, Mai had to stay behind for detention and for some strange reason Oliver decided to stay in the class too. Mai noticed that there was a stack of papers lying on the table in front of him.

'What is he doing here? Doesn't he have another class?' Mai
thought. She was bored.

Detention. The thing, which she hated the most in her life, was detention. After sometime, she again found herself staring at him. He turned around to face her. Mai noticed the smirk on his face.

"I know I am handsome Miss Thomes, but that doesn't mean that you can stare at me like that? Don't bore holes in my head." He said in high mighty voice.

Mai's left eyebrow twitched. 'Man, Talk about narcissism' she

"I am not staring at you, Prof. Davis" She said in irritated
voice, "I am just bored." She followed in bored tone.

"If you're bored, then come and file these papers lying on the
desk." He said in the matter-of-factly tone.

"What? You want me to file that trash. No way am I going to do
that." She exclaimed.

"Then prepare yourself for the detention tomorrow as well." He
warned her.

Her breath hitched in her throat.

"No, NO. I am doing it. I am doing it." She said to him while
coming up to his desk.

She noticed that all the papers were from the Society of
Parapsychology Research that is in England and THE famous Dr. Oliver Davis is an essential member of the organization.

'He and his Brother Eugene Davis are both very famous and he is also them ember of the org. No one has ever seen what these two brothers look like. Now, are not we the lucky ones?' She again stared at him.

'He must be having one headache while filing these papers.' She
thought and looked sympathetically at him.

"What are you looking at?" He asked her.

"Nothing." She said abruptly.

"Just file these papers and leave." He ordered her.

'Who the hell does he think he is? Famous or not, he is one narcissistic person I have ever known in my life.' She huffed with anger and started filing the papers in anger.

After 1 hr., she left. 'Fresh air feels so good.' she let anime
tears fall from her eyes.

She sighed "Staying in one room with him was horrible. The man seems to pride himself too much that he didn't even uttered a word to me the whole time." She said to herself.

"Great now I am talking to myself." She said feeling stupid for talking to herself.

Next morning, the first thing on Mai's mind was to find Luke and kill him, then bring him back to life ad then again kill him.

"Hey Mai." Melly tapped on her shoulder.

Mai turned around and saw Melly and her expression softened. "Hey Mells" She said with a smile.

"Hey girls!" Luke came to them and waved his hand.

Mai's face turned murderous again. Luke stopped in his tracks.

"Um-I hmmm Hey!" He said really frightened when he saw Mai's face.

"YOU. Because of YOU I had to stay in that class with him" She
glared at him "Run for your life Darling." She said in extra sweet

Luke started sweating and took the chance he ran away with Mai following him to kill him. Two of them ended in the cafeteria, breathing heavily.

"Never" breath "do that" breath "again" Mai said
between breaths. "Fine" he replied.

Again, now was the class for Parapsychology. But guess what Mai was running late.

"I am in." she shouted and dashed through the door of the class.

She saw everyone looking at her. Then her eyes landed on her two friends. Melly was shaking her head sideways and Luke was choking on his laughter. Then she looked at Oliver. He was staring at her.

"Hey?" She asked more than greeted.

"Detention" was all he said and turned to resume his teaching.

"Huh" she sighed audibly and made her way to her seat between her two friends.

Luke was just going to make a comment but she snapped at him "Don't. Say. Anything." Melly sighed at the idiocy of her two friends.

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