Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


Gene, Lin and Madoka were back in the base. Everyone was telling Noll what they had found out or what they have sensed in the Inn.

"There is a very bad spirit in the house, Noll." Gene informed him. "It's like all what it wants, is blood. It reeks of blood." He said again.

"What did you find, Madoka?" Noll turned towards her.

"Well I found that before the Inn was built up here, this land used to have a small house." She said.

"Who lived in the house?" Noll asked her.

"A couple used to live here. Their names were Adam and Ever McAlister." Madoka said.

'Adam? It's the same name that I heard I my dreams.' Mai thought.

"Ever died before her husband. It's written that she committed suicide in the house, but the police had their suspicions for Adam too. They didn't had any evidence against him so they buried the case." Madoka further explained.

'Her husband killed her?' Mai thought then the vision of that man dragging the body of the woman inside the house came back to her mind. 'He killed her.' Mai concluded.

"Any reason, why she committed the suicide?" Noll asked.

"Her suicide letter said that she had cheated on her husband and was ashamed of herself." Madoka explained.

'Adam cheated on her not the other way around.' Mai thought.

"What about the husband?" Gene asked.

"It seems that he got over his wife's death, got married again and lived a happy after life." Madoka said.

"Huh! Seems an overly cool dude to me." Gene commented. "Yeah! Talk about it." Madoka said.

"CAN we get back to the case?" Noll said. Both of them shut up. "Thank you." Noll said.

"It seems to me that Adam lived a happy life, so why is he the one haunting this Inn?" Gene asked.

"We still don't know whether he is the one haunting this place or no-" He trailed off when he looked at Mai. She was shaking, shaking with anger.

Three pairs of eyes fell on her. She didn't even know that everyone was looking at her.

'How could he? He killed his own wife and accused her of cheating him. How can someone-'

"Mai." Someone called her, successfully bringing her out of her
thoughts. She looked up and saw that everyone was staring at her.

"Mai, what's wrong?" Gene asked with concern in his voice.

"Nothing, nothing is wrong." She answered.

No one was convinced with her answer.

"I'll go make tea for everyone." She said while dashing out of the base.

"Mai wait." Noll called out to her but it was too late.

She was already out of the base.

Noll sighed and said while rubbing his temples "I'll go check what's wrong with her." He then glared at the two people standing in front of him "No slacking off. Get every bit of information that you can get on the case. Understood?" He ordered.

The two people standing in front of him nodded furiously and then Noll went after Mai.

Mai was making tea in the kitchen. She was pouring water in the cattle.

Mai sighed and said, "How can he do that to his own wife?" She closed her eyes, relaxed her shoulders, and continued saying, "I have to tell this about to Noll and the others."

Her eyes snapped open. 'Uh-Oh' she thought. "The temperature is dropping, damn it." She said.

Suddenly, a pair of arms grabbed her waist and someone blew air on her ear. Mai stiffened.

"Calm down love. I am not going to hurt you." Someone whispered in her ear. Shivers ran down her spine when she realized whom it was.

"Adam" She whispered back.

He chuckled darkly "Yes it's me, love."

Mai tried to escape from his arms but his hold on her waist tightened.

He asked, "Do you hate me?"

Mai's blood started boiling with anger. She said, "Of course I hate. You killed your own wife and all those girls. What kind of heart do you have?"

"A dark one" He said while chuckling "Don't worry, you are going to get added to my collection soon." He continued.

It scared Mai. 'Is he going to kill me? No, I can't die. No. Someone save me. Noll.' She thought and tears ran down her face.

"Let me go." She screamed and started thrashing here and there in his hold.

"No" he bluntly said.

Mai was still trying to get him off her but it was of no use. Then he licked her neck and said "See you later, love." Mai screamed.

"MAI!" Noll shouted from the door. Mai saw Noll standing at the entrance of the kitchen. She screamed hi name "NOLL!"

The weight that was holding her body up disappeared and she started falling down. Before she could hit the ground, Noll grabbed her.

"Mai! Mai!" He shouted her name.

Mai looked at him with a weak smile. Then she fell something wet dripping on her neck. When she touched the place on her neck where Adam licked her, her fingers turned read. Noll's eyes went wide.

"Blood?" Mai said and before she could do anything, she fell unconscious in Noll's arms.

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