Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Gene loves Mai?

"Blood?" Mai said and before she could do anything, she fell unconscious in Noll's arms.

"Mai! Mai!" Noll shouted her name. She wasn't budging. Not moving a single finger.

He picked her up bridal style and ran towards the base. He opened the door of the base with a bang. Everyone in the base got startled but their faces were soon filled with shock when they saw an unmoving Mai in Noll's arms.

"Mai!" Gene shouted and ran towards his brother and his best friend.

They laid her on the couch that was present in the base. Everyone gathered around the couch.

"What happened?" Gene asked Noll in low voice.

Noll didn't answer. He was too consumed to take care of Mai. Gene's anger fueled.

'What the hell? He is suppose to protect her.' Gene thought angrily.

He pulled Noll up by his collar and shouted at him "What is wrong with you, Noll? You are supposed to protect her, but how come she always ends up in this state?"

"What hell is your problem?" Noll shouted at his brother "I can take perfect care of her. You better not interfere with this Gene. It isn't your problem." He shouted at him again.

"Why you…" Gene gritted his teeth and formed his hand into a fist.

Gene was going to punch Noll on his face when a hand shot up and caught his fist. Noll and Gene were separated from each other. Madoka had pulled Noll and Lin had pulled Gene.

"Would you two stop it? You're behaving like little children." Madoka said angrily.

Both of them were still struggling in there holds.

"Stop it before I knock out both of you." Lin warned.

Both of them stopped. Noll made his shirt wrinkle free when he patted on it a few times.

"What is wrong with you Gene?" Madoka asked him clearly annoyed at what just had happened.

"Mai's hurt that's what happened." Gene spat at her.

"Talk respectfully with me Gene." Madoka warned him.

Gene sighed and said "I am sorry. I am just worried about her."

Madoka's eyes softened "We all are Gene. So just calm down." She said while patting his back. Gene gave her a small smile.

"It's not her blood." Noll suddenly said.

"What?" Gene snapped at him. Noll glared at his twin brother and said "It's not her blood. The blood on her neck. It's not her blood."

"How can you say that?" Madoka asked while knelling down beside Noll.

"There is no wound on her neck or anywhere else." He explained.

"Oh!" Madoka said.

"So, what actually happened?" This time Lin asked.

"I don't know. All we can do is wait for her to wake up." Noll said.

Mai was again walking in the darkness.

"What the hell happened? Was that really Adam?" She wondered with herself.

Then suddenly, she found herself standing in a room.

"What the hell? I really have to talk about this with Noll after I wake up." She made a note.

She then walked out of the room only to find herself standing in a dark hallway. She started walking down the hallway until she heard some voices.

"C'mon darling, where are you going?" A male voice said.

To hear more clearly, Mai pressed her ear on the door. Then the voices stopped and door opened and a lady passed through her. Mai blinked three times.

'What just happened?' She thought.

"No Adam. I gave you three chances. Three, for god's sake. And what do I find out is that you are already married. You cheated." The female shouted.

"No please understand. I don't love her. I love you." Adam said while holding the female's hand.

She pulled back her hand back abruptly from his hold and said "You're lying." Adam looked at her with pain in his eyes. He said "No I am not."

"This is cheap. Just plain cheap." Mai commented.

"No" The lady said.

"But when I look at her, She is not even Ever. Maybe his second wife." Mai said.

"No Adam, you are married to Ever and before that you were married to Anny. You cheated on three of us. And I will make
sure you won't make another girl suffer." The lady said.

"Huh! Really?" Adam said and looked straight in her eyes "Then I guess you have to die." He said with a sickening smile.

The lady's eyes went wide "W-what?"

Then a knife was pierced through her heart and she dropped dead on the floor.

Mai's eyes went wide. "He killed her." She said. And then everything went black.

Mai's eyes snapped open. She was breathing heavily. She sat up and realized that she was in base. No one had sensed her presence yet. She stood up and walked towards Gene who was looking at computers with Lin and Madoka. Noll was not in the base. Mai placed her hand on Gene's shoulder. Gene screamed like a girl. He turned around and saw Mai who was trying to stifle her laughter but was failing miserably.

"Mai, what are y-" Then he realized something. He pulled Mai into a hug and said "Mai you're awake."

"Yeah Gene, I know." She replied.

Suddenly she was pulled out of his arms. When Mai turned around to see, who was daring enough to break her and Gene's hug, she saw Noll. A VERY pissed Noll holding her wrist. He was glaring at Gene and Gene was glaring at him. Mai looked between Noll and Gene and then turned towards Lin and Madoka.

"Did I miss something?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Lin sighed and turned towards the screens and Madoka just shook her head sideways.

"Nothing you should worry yourself with." Madoka answered to Mai's question.

She freed herself from Noll's hold and turned towards the two glaring brothers.

"Listen Guys, stop glaring at each other." Mai said in a soft voice.

No reaction. A tick mark appeared on her forehead.

"Noll, Gene, stop guys." She again tried with some hardness in her voice.

No reaction. Another tick mark appeared on her forehead. The tension in the base was increasing.

"Guys" She hissed.

Again no reaction. This turned Mai insane. They were ignoring her.

"EUGENE AND OLIVER DAVIS. WOULD YOU TWO KNOCK IT OFF? IT'S ANNOYING" She shouted which brought both of the brothers out of their glaring contest.

Noll turned towards her and said "Tell us what happened?" He led her to the couch and made her sit down and everyone else surrounded her.

"Well…." She told them everything. About what happened in the kitchen and about the dreams.

"So the ghost really is Adam. Man, why is he so obsessed with women?" Gene said. "And let's not forget that his next target is Mai." Madoka pointed put.

"How come I am the only one who ends up in these type of situations?" Mai asked while sulking down in the couch.

"Well, if we know what it is, then we will exorcise is tomorrow because I don't think he is going to pass away with some soothing words." Noll stated.

"You're right." Gene said.

Noll looked at him and Gene just shrugged.

"Lin call, Father and tell him to came and perform an exorcism in this Inn." Noll ordered and Lin nodded.

"We should call it a day. Tomorrow will be our third and last day in this Inn. We should all go back to our rooms." Noll ordered. He walked and stopped in front of Mai. Mai looked towards him and raised an eyebrow asif to say 'What?'

"Madoka stay with her and keep an eye on her." Noll said to Madoka while looking at Mai. He then followed "You are not
suppose to leave her side, no matter what." Mai and Madoka nodded.

Everyone went to their rooms. There was one thought that was going on in Noll's head.

'Does Gene love Mai?'

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