Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


All of them were standing in the base, discussing what to do next.

"First of all, let's all go to the room in which Adam killed his own wife. Maybe that room will be the hideout for our spirit." Noll said. Everyone nodded and left for the room.

While walking in the hallway, Noll and Gene were walking very close to Mai and on the other hand they were still angry with each other.

Mai looked at both of them and sighed 'Boys!' She thought.

Madoka had filled Mai in about what had happened between Noll
and Gene when she was unconscious. Mai sighed again, when they entered the room in which the body of Adam's wife was found. Suddenly, a chill went down Mai's spine and the temperature in the room dropped.

"The temperature dropped." Lin stated.

Then there was laughing sound in the room. Everyone got alert and surrounded Mai because they knew that the spirit was targeting Mai.

"Make sure, no one leaves anyone's side." Noll ordered and everyone nodded.

"Father still hasn't arrived. How are we going to fight this spirit?"
Gene asked.

Out of nowhere, Mai was pulled forward from the protecting circle of her friends.

"Mai!" Everyone shouted.

Mai was lying on the ground because of the pull. Noll ran towards her and helped her to stand up.

"You alright?" He asked her.

"Yeah" She answered.

"Bad news Noll." Madoka said with urgency. "We are locked inside." She stated.

"Shit!" Noll cursed.

"It was a bad idea of coming here without Father, Noll." Gene shouted at his brother.

"Would you stop shouting Gene? Unlike you, I am trying to think of a plan here." Noll resorted back.

Gene stomped towards his brother and pulled him up by his collar and said "That's what you always say Noll and we always end up like this."

Noll glared at his brother and said "If you are too scared of being at place like this then you shouldn't have become a ghost hunter."

"Would you two stop this? It's getting old now. I am sick and tired of you both fighting like this!" Mai shouted at both of them and then Gene let go of Noll.

"You two-" Mai was again going to shout on them when the knocking sounds started. All of them looked around the room.

"Knocking sounds!" Madoka exclaimed. "Everyone gather together." Noll shouted.

Madoka, Lin, Gene and Noll were standing together and were waiting for Mai but Mai did not join them.

Noll looked at Mai and offered his hand. He said "Mai c'mon, we need to get out of here."

Mai looked at him with a small smirk but she didn't say anything.

"Ma-" Noll said again but was cut off by Lin. "Noll!" Lin called out to him.

Noll turned towards Lin and looked at his shocked face "She's possessed." Lin said.

"What?" All of them said. "My shiki, they sensed the aura of the spirit entering her." Lin explained.

They all looked at Mai when she started laughing hysterically.

"Mai" Gene said and tried to approach her cautiously. He placed his one hand on her shoulder and shook her.

"I never thought that being in her body would be so good." Mai/Adam said.

"Damn you get out of her." Gene said and shook her violently, which in return Mai only kept chuckling.

Mai lifted a finger, pushed it in Gene's chest, and made him fall backwards.

"Gene!" Noll called out his name. "I am fine." He answered back.

"You were all here to make me pass over right; maybe I'll take my Mai and pass over." Mai/Adam said with a chuckle in the end.

"Why you little rotten piece of garbage." Gene spat out. "Leave Mai." Noll said slightly surprised at power of Gene's mouth.

"No-uh-ah" Mai/Adam said and chuckled.

"Darn it." Noll said and turned towards Lin "Lin!" He called out his name. Lin nodded and whistled.

His shiki passed through Mai's body with Adam's spirit. Mai fell down, choking. Noll went to Mai and realized that she was not possessed anymore.

"You idiot! That was dangerous." Gene shouted at him.

"I didn't have any choice." Noll said and again helped Mai to stand up.

"How dare you separate me from Mai." Adam shouted while materializing in front of everybody.

"Lin try to stop him once again, Gene help me to break down the door." Noll ordered, grabbed Mai's hand and ran towards the door.

Adam abruptly grabbed Mai's hand and pulled her back. Noll turned around and called out her name "Mai!"

"If she can't be mine, then I won't let anyone have her." Adam said that and pushed Mai out of the window of the room.

Shattered glass pierced through Mai's skin and clothes and she fell unconscious on the ground outside the Inn with blood running out. The only thing she could hear was Noll and everyone one else calling her name. "MAI!"

After Three Days

Mai was lying on the white bed covered in the covers of the hospital bed. She opened her eyes and saw Noll or Gene sleeping on the edge of the bed. His head was on the edge of the bed and he was sitting on the stool.

'Who is this, Noll or Gene?' Mai asked herself.

When Mai tried to move her hands, she found out that he was holding it. Mai smiled 'Noll' She thought. She poked his head. Noll opened his eyes and saw Mai looking and chuckling at him.

"Mai, you're up." Noll said and sighed.

"Duh! No shit Sherlock." She said and Noll just smiled at her childishness.

"How long have I been out?" Mai asked him with a serious face.

"Three." He answered.

"Really, that long? What happened to Adam?" She again asked

"After we brought you to the hospital, we went back to the Inn and Father exorcised the spirit." Noll explained.

"Oh!" She looked at him and saw him staring at her and trying to say something.

"Noll?" She said.

"I thought….I thought I lost you." He said. His bangs were
covering his eyes.

"Noll, look I am alright O.K you don't need to be scared of losing me." She said with a smile. Noll sighed.

"There is something I wanna tell you." Noll said.

"What is it?" Mai asked. "Mai-"

Before he could complete, everyone walked through the door. Madoka and Luella were the first one to come and hug Mai. And the three men just gave her their smiles. After meeting everyone, she turned towards Noll.

"You were saying something?" Mai asked him.

"Yeah…well…." He trailed off.

'I can't believe that the great Oliver doesn't has words to say.' Mai thought.

Madoka came behind him and slapped on his shoulder. She said "C'mon kid you can do it."

In return Noll just glared at her. Gene was watching everything with a blank face. Lin, Martin and Luella seemed to know what was happening that's why they were smirking. Noll went to Mai and held her hand for a few seconds.

He took a deep breath and said "Mai, will you marry me?" He asked.

Mai's eyes went wide. Everyone was eager to hear Mai's answer.

"Yes?" It came out more like a question than an answer.

Noll raised an eyebrow at her response. Mai at last seem to know what was happening and she caught Noll by surprise by hugging him and said "Yes. I will marry you."

Noll hugged her back and the whole room went to cheers. Noll took out a gold band and slid it down Mai's finger and hugged her. Madoka and Luella were having tears in their eyes where as the three men were smiling genuinely. Gene just existed the room without saying anything.

Noll looked straight in Mai's eyes and said "I love you."

"I love you too." Mai said and joined their foreheads. Tears were running down her face because of happiness and Noll was smiling.

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