Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

S.P.R in Japan

"Noooll~" Mai whined. Noll shot her an irritated look. "I wanna go home~" Mai said.

"Not until doctor says that you are discharged." Noll replied while again looking at his black notebook.

"But" Mai tried to speak but "Shut up, Mai" Noll said and rubbed his temples.

It had been a weak since Noll proposed to her. Everyone came occasionally to meet her and ask her how she was doing but Noll never left her side. Gene only came once in a week to meet her. Right now Mai was getting bored because Noll was sitting on a chair reading his book leaving Mai to look around the room the 100th time that day.

'I wish Gene would be here. Being in a room with Noll is equal to be alone.' She sighed and closed her eyes. 'I wanna go home and sit with everyone and laugh with them.' Mai opened her eyes 'Hey! I have not seen Gene for a quite long time. Where is he? Shouldn't he be here, saving me from boredom before it kills me?' She thought.

Mai looked at Noll and asked him "Have you seen Gene?" She didn't know that there was still tension between the two brothers.

"No" he replied.

"Where is he?" She again asked him.

"Japan." He answered.

"Ok." She said without even thinking.

Noll sighed 'She just said that without even thinking. She will shout in 3…..2…..1'

"WHAT?!" Mai shouted.

Noll smirked 'I know her way too well.'

Mai looked at him with wide eyes and asked, "When did he go to Japan?"

Noll replied "On the next day when he came to visit you."

"But why didn't he say anything about going to Japan?" She asked Noll.

"How am I suppose to know?"

She shot him a look and said "You are suppose to know because he is your brother."

"We don't SHARE everything with each other, Mai." Noll said while pressing the word "share" a little too hard.

"I miss him. He really cheers me up." Mai said while sighing and lying back on the bed.

After hearing Mai say that Gene cheers her up, Noll stood up and walked towards her. He looked straight in her eyes.

Mai looked at him and said "What?"

Before she could say anything else, he bent down and kissed her. Before Mai could respond to his kiss, he pulled back and said, "Is that enough to cheer you up?"

Mai looked at him with open mouth. 'Did Oliver Davis just got jealous of his own brother? OMG.' Mai thought.

Before she could make a comment, the doctor walked in. She smiled at Mai and said "Congrats Mai, you've been discharged."

Mai's face broke into a smile and she exclaimed "Yeah!"

Noll and Mai reached home. Luella and Madoka had already prepared lunch for them. Mai and Noll, after freshening up, came and sat on the dining table.

"Where are fatherand Lin?" Noll asked after sensing the absence of his father and Lin.

"Well, both of them had some work at S.P.R." Luella answered.

"How are you feeling now Mai?" Madoka asked her.

"I am good Madoka. Thanks for asking." Mai replied with a smile.

Mai's phone started ringing. She picked it up and said "Hello"

"Hello, Miss. Thomes. I am Joseph McCartney." The man on the phone said.

Mai raised an eyebrow "Joseph McCartney? Oh yeah! I remember you. How are you?" Mai asked.

"I am good. Well I wanted to know if you have considered my offer for the seat of manager." He asked.

"Oh that. I am sorry, I didn't get time to think about your offer. A lot have been going on." Mai said and laughed nervously.

"Well the seat is still open for you. If you change your mind, please let me know." He said and hung up.

Mai looked at her phone and said "Woah! Didn't even wait for my answer."

"Who was it dear?" Luella asked her.

"Ah nothing. He just met me on my graduation day and offered me a seat of manager in America in ASPR." Mai explained.

"Well that's good Mai." Madoka said.

"But she is not going." Noll said and finished his lunch.

"That was fast." Mai said amazed at speed at which Noll finished his lunch.

"Well unlike someone I intend to eat my lunch fast." He said, looked at Mai and left for his room.

"Hey! What is that supposed to mean?" Mai shouted at him.

Luella and Madoka just chuckled nervously.

"How can someone like you fall in love with someone like him, Mai?" Madoka asked.

"Surprises me." Mai answered back.

"Excuse me Mrs. Davis." A maid came.

"Yes Lucy?" Luella said.

"There is someone at the door who wants to meet Mr. Oliver." The maid said.

"Bring him in the hallway and get Noll." Luella said.

Soon everyone was present in the hall. They were sitting on sofas and then Noll said "What business do you have with me Mr…"

The man answered "My name is Scott. It's nice to meet you Mr. Davis."

"What business do you have with me?" He asked.

"Well you see we are opening a new branch of S.P.R in Japan. So you are chosen to go to Japan and lead it." Scott said. Noll
looked at him with no expression on his face and said, "I don't intend on going anywhere." He said and stood up "If that's all you want then I will take my leave." He said that and left.

"I am sorry. I'll go and talk to him about this." Mai said and followed Noll.

She knocked on his door and said "I am coming in" She saw him laying on the bed. She went to him and sat on the edge of the bed. She took his hand, interlocked his with her own.

Noll looked at her and said "What do you want?"

"You should go to Japan." Mai said.

"I don't want to leave." He answered.

"But Noll it will be a great experience for you. It will really benefit your reputation in S.P.R." She said.

Noll sighed and said "Let me tell you the truth. I want to go too but I don't want to leave you."

Mai's eyes went wide but the shock was soon replaced with a smile "I love you too. But you need to go."

"You are not gonna listen." Noll said.

"Yup" Mai answered back.

"Fine, I'll go." Noll said defeated.

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