Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


It's been three weeks since Oliver left for Japan. Mai sighed. She
wasn't able to get in touch with Oliver since last week. He was busy. She knew but at least he could have given her a call, even talked with her for like 50 secs. No. When she called him Lin picked the phone, said that he was busy, and couldn't talk.

Mai sighed again. Then there was a knock on the door of her room.

"Come in." She said and Luella came in the room. "Oh Luella" Mai said.

"Hello Mai." Luella said with a smile. She knew that Mai's been sulking.

"Do you need anything? You could have called me." Mai said while giving Luella space to sit on the bed beside her.

"Oh no! I do not need anything. I came to meet my daughter-in-law." Luella said. "Ha" Mai laughed bitterly and a sad smile graced her face.

"Not been able to get in touch with Noll?" Luella asked her.

Mai shook her head and said, "I know I shouldn't be sulking but I can't help it. He is too busy for me right know and I understand. I don't blame him but I just can't help myself." Mai said while bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them.

"I know how you feel. Sometime I also get ignored by Martin because he gets so busy with his work." Luella said to Mai.

"Really?" Mai asked her. Luella nodded and said "Do you know what I do when I get ignored by him?"

Mai looked at Luella's shinning eyes. She knew this is going to be troublesome. "No." Mai said.

Luella grinned and exclaimed, "I go to shopping." Mai sweat dropped but she soon started laughing.

Mai looked at her and said with a smile "Luella you're the best." Mai hugged her and Luella hugged her back. Mai relaxed in her arms and started sniffing.

"What's wrong Mai?" Luella asked shocked at her
sniffing daughter.

"I almost forget how it feels to be in mother's arms." Mai said.

After hearing this, Luella hugged her even tighter. "I will be always there for you Mai." Luella said.

One month passed

"Mai, get ready. We are going out." Luella shouted.

"Yeah. I will be there in just 2 mins." Mai shouted back from her room.

She was brushing her hair in front of her mirror when her eyes fell on the ring which Oliver gave her when he proposed to her. Her eyes immediately became sad.

'It's been a month and I was only able to talk to him like 3 times. He is too busy for me.' Mai groaned '

I am sounding like a girl lost in love. This is so ridiculous. He is
busy. He is busy damn it. Get over your selfish side and see that he still loves you…right?' Mai didn't know whether she was sure with the last part with Noll still in love with her or not.

"Mai. Hurry up. We have to meet up with Madoka and discuss her wedding plans." Luella again shouted.

Leaving all insecurities behind, Mai left the Mansion with Luella to meet up with Madoka and plan her wedding with Lin.

Four months passed

Mai was standing in Noll's room with his and Gene's photo frame in her hand.

"Where are you Noll? I miss you. Do you miss me?" She said while looking at Noll's face.

Tears slipped from her face on the photo frame but she wiped it quickly. Madoka and Lin were married. Mai thought that, on their marriage, at least she will be able to spend some time with him, but he never came. He was too busy to come back, too busy to attend his friend's marriage and too busy to spend time with her.

He eyes landed on Gene. She said, "And where the hell are you when I need my best friend the most?" Mai sighed, "At least he called yesterday unlike someone." she said.

One year passed

He barely called them . Mai was getting depressed with every passing moment. She didn't know what to do. What the hell was so important that he couldn't get home once in a while. Mai sighed.

"This is not good." Luella said while peeking from the door of Mai's room.

Luella was angry with both of her sons. First one was Mai's fiancé and he didn't even had time for her. Second was her best friend but her was not there when needed.

Two years passed

Mai's phone was ringing. She was soundly sleeping on her bed. In last 3 years she didn't get enough sleep. But tonight was different, it was unusual. She was sleeping and the damned phone had to ring, didn't it.

Groaning from the disturbance, she picked her phone.

"Hello?" She snapped at the person on the other side of the phone.

"I am sorry for calling you this late Miss. Thomes." The person on the other side of the phone said.

'I know this voice.' Mai thought. "Joseph?" Mai said.

"Yes. I see you still remember me." Joseph said.

'What does he want?' Mai growled loud enough for him to hear. "May I know the reason that why you are calling me at this late hour?" Mai said.

"Umm..I…You see our manager left the job at A.S.P.R and its vacant again. So I was curious to know if you are interested now?" he asked.

Mai's eyes widened. 'Should I take it up? I mean there is nothing here for me and I will just keep sulking like I've been doing from last three years and keep burdening Luella more and more.'

Mai thought. "Is it possible for me to answer you tomorrow. I think this time it will be a yes." Mai said.

"Yes, of course. Thank you and good night Miss. Thomes." He said happily.

"Yeah thank you. Bye." And she hung up.

'And all that is left is to convince Luella.' Mai thought.

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