Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

5 months later

5 months later

It's been five months since the incident with Oliver happened. The reputation of ASPR has been growing more and more. Everybody came to know that there is someone named Mayra
Thomes. Noah and Yukko (another employee of Mai) became her good and trustworthy friends who knew everything about her past except that Oliver is Kazuya. She's been solving many cases in America. She's been getting invitations from other organizations also but she keeps declining.

"Mai, I think you should go and see a doctor?" Noah said while entering her office.

Mai looked at him and then again started reading her book.

"How many times have I told you and Yukko that I am not going to go and see a doctor. Is that too difficult to understand?" Mai said without any emotion in her voice.

"But Mai-" Noah tried to speak but she cut him off.

"Noah, please. I am not in the mood." Mai said without sparing him a glance.

Noah sighed and went to kitchen where Yukko was waiting for him. He looked at her and shook his head. Yukko just sighed. Mai suffers from several mental breakdowns since Oliver left. She always declines to go and see a doctor.

Mai sighed. 'I know they worry about me. But the one I need to worry about me isn't in my life anymore. Why should get better? For whom should I get better? If I am going die like this, fine
by me. I don't care.' Mai laughed bitterly 'No one is here to care about me. So why do I care? Till my life is going like this, fine by me.' She thought.

Since her first case in ASPR, Mai has been having mental breakdowns. She's been taking so stress about Noll that it's been affecting her mind. In starting, she would collapse like once in a month. But then it became frequent. Now it's like, she collapses once in a week, if she thinks toomuch about him.

Noah and Yukko were peeking from the door. They sighed. They walked towards their office and shut the door.

Yukko said "We have to do something. She won't get good like this."

"I think we should give a call to Kazuya Shibuya." Noah said and Yukko just nodded.

They walked towards the phone in their office and dialed the number of SPR.


"Hello" the man on the other side of the phone said.

"Can I talk to Kazuya Shibuya?" Noah said.

"Yeah, speaking." Kazuya said.

Noah looked at Yukko and mouthed "It's –Him." She mouthed back "Talk"

"Yeah. I am speaking from American Society-" He was cut off by Kazuya.

"Sorry I have something important to do." He said that and hung up.

Noah just stared at the receiver of the phone.

"What a jerk. Now I know what kind of misery Mai went through." Noah exclaimed.

"What?" Yukko said.

"He hung up on me." Noah said.

"What are you two doing?" A voice said from the door.

"Ahhh!" They both screamed.

Yukko looked at the door and said "Mai when did you come in?"

"When you were calling the person on the phone a jerk." Mai stated.

"Ahhh…umm….It was a friend." Noah said nervously.

"Huh!" Mai narrowed her eyes at them and chuckled a little bit.

Both of them laughed nervously.

"We have a case." Mai said coming back to her serious self.

Both of them looked at each other and nodded.

"What's the case?" Noah said.

After discussing the case, Mai stood up to leave.

Before leaving, she again turned towards them and said "Be ready at seven. We have to go and meet the guy."

Both of them nodded.

Before Mai could leave, Noah said "Mai, it's good to see you laughing."

Mai and Yukko stared at him. After a minute of silence, three of them started laughing.

"Yeah right." Mai said and smiled a little.

"Hey Mai?" Noah said. "Yeah?" Mai said.

"It's your birthday day after tomorrow. So would you like to come with us on your birthday?" Yukko asked her with pleading look in her eyes.

"We'll…..see about that." Mai said, gave them a smile and left.

"I think she'll come." Yukko said excitedly. "It's gonna be fun." Noah said while smiling.

At Mai's Apartment

She had changed in her night dress and was brushing her hair in front of mirror when her eyes landed on the ring which was tied in a chain on her neck.

'It's been five months but I still have the ring. I wear it in my neck so that people won't suspect about me marrying anyone.' Mai thought and touched the ring.

'I still love him, but does he? I still care for him, but does he? I still have the ring, but does he? I still have the hope that he will come back to me, but will he ever come back?' Mai thought.

Suddenly there as an acute pain in her head.

"Damn it!" She growled. "I better go and sleep." She said that and climbed her bed.

In Japan

Kazuya was sitting on his chair in his office. The laptop in front of him on the table was stating news about a haunted road in America and a team coming and solving about the case.

"Yeah, best of luck." He said sarcastically.

'Why did the people of ASPR called me?' He thought.

He opened the drawer of his table and revealed a gold band ring.

'It's Mai birthday a day after tomorrow.' He thought and touched the ring.

"Noll it's time to go." Lin said when he entered the office.

"Yeah, let's go." He said and walked out of the office leaving the ring in the drawer.

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