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The case of Hitch Hiker

Mai, Noah and Yukko were riding the car. They were going down on one of the most haunted road of America Haynesville Woods. The local government had called Mai to solve the case of hitch hiker on the road.

"So let's go over the details of the case once again." Noah said while driving.

Mai opened the file on her lap. She was sitting in the front seat and Yukko was sitting at the backseat.

"The local government official Greg Roy hired us to solve the case of hitch hiker on this road. They say that a woman asks lift from the people who drive from here and then those people who give the ride just disappear. They are never found again." Mai explained.

"That's all?" Yukko asked.

"Yes that's the all the information that the official has." Mai said.

"O.K then. Mr. Roy, here we come." Noah said with a grin.

"Ah" Mai said.

After a ride of an hour, they arrived at the decided place to meet their client. A pleasant man with a sincere smile opened the door of the house.

"Yes?" He asked.

"We are from the ASPR. Mr. Greg Roy hired us to solve the case of hitch hiker on the road." Mai said.

"Oh yes yes, he's been waiting for you. Please come in." The man said and led us to Greg.

All of them walked inside the house. It was a nice welcoming house.

Mai unconsciously smiled 'It's just as welcoming as the Davis's house.' She thought.

"Please sit. I am Greg Roy." He said.

He looked at the person who led us in "Please go and prepare some tea for our guests." Greg said.

"We would like you to tell us everything you know about the Haynesville Woods." Mai said, coming straightly to the point.

"Oh yes." He said. "Well as you know we've been suffering from a hitch hiker that's been behind the disappearing of the people who come here. It happens only at night though." He explained.

"I see." Mai said.

"So do you know this woman?" Yukko asked.

"No. We've never seen her before. the incidents started 12 years ago." Greg informed.

"So we have exactly nothing that could lead us to the woman." Noah said.

"I am sorry." Greg said with an apologetic smile.

"No problem. It's our duty to solve this case." Mai said.

Whole day passed in the house. Greg told them that he had files in his library that could help them to get information on the woman. It was midnight now. The rain was pouring down like there was no tomorrow. Noah was again driving, Mai was sitting in the front seat and Yukko was sitting in the backseat. Noah advised that they take the Haynesville Woods road while going back.

"Happy birthday Mai." Noah said while smiling.

Mai blinked a few times completely confused. "What?" She asked.

"It's midnight" Yukko said "Happy birthday." She followed.

A small smile graced on Mai's face. She said "Thanks guys."

Mai was again reading the file. It was raining again. It was dark. Without the headlights of the car, they could barely see anything.

"Mai." Noah's voice held panic. "Look" he said.

He was staring straight ahead on the road. Mai soon followed and so did Yukko. Mai's eyes went wide.

"Don't stop the car. Just keep driving." Mai ordered Noah and he nodded.

There was a woman wearing a shabby turquoise colour sleeveless dress. Her hair was long and her skin was so pale. She was so thin that it looked like she didn't have any skin. She was asking for lift and they just passed without having any intentions to stop and give her a lift. The distance between the car and the woman was so small. They all were frightened. She looked horrible. Suddenly there was a ringing sound in the car. It wasn't stopping. It looked like someone's phone was ringing.

"Yukko, shut the damn phone off." Noah yelled. He had never been this scared in his life.

"It isn't… phone." Yukko said. The panic in her voice was rising.

Yukko looked beside her, Mai turned her head backwards and Noah looked through the rear view mirror, the same woman was sitting with Yukko who asked for the lift a while ago. She had a sickening smile on her face.

She said "Oops."

Three of them screamed and Noah lost control of the car. The car crashed down and got hit with the nearby tree. Three of them struggled to come out of the car. They were coughing and there was no sign of the woman.

Noah was kneeling on the road with Yukko. Both of them were coughing. Mai took the support of the trunk of the tree and slid down on the road.

There were small mountain slope on the either side of the road. If anyone happened to slip on those slopes, they would end up so deep down in the forest. It was muddy too because of 6the rain. It would be so difficult to find them.

The tree that Mai had taken support was just on the starting point of the slope. It was still raining down very hard. Three of them were dripping so badly with the rain water.

Mai was taking deep breaths. She suddenly looked up and there it was. She saw the same woman, hanging upside down and looking straight into Mai's eyes. The woman had a sickening smile on her face again. The woman scratched on Mai's face with her finger from her left eyebrow till her right upper lip.

Mai stood up abruptly, covering her face with her hands. She tried to look around but the woman was gone. The blood was dripping from her face. Mai was crying and screaming. Suddenly she felt something on her leg. When she looked down, there she saw the woman again. Mai's heartbeat doubled. The woman pulled her towards the slope and Mai screamed.

Her screaming was heard by Noah and Yukko. They both ran
towards Mai. By the time they reached the place where she was standing, they saw no one. Mai was gone.

"MAI!" Noah screamed her name.

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