Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Fly to America

Daniel had told Kazuya everything that happened with Mai. After an hour talking with the director of ASPR, he was sitting in his office with his head in his hands. They were so many emotions going through his head. He was never good with emotions. They were his weakness. But he knew when Mai was with him, he didn't have any problem with his emotions. A tear slipped from his eye.

"Where are you Mai?" He asked himself.

He was getting depressed. He knew that he had to go and find her himself and he was going to find her no matter what. He was feeling angry, depressed and most of all he was feeling regret. Regret of letting Mai go. This thing, this emotion was eating him alive. He had decided, this time when he finds her, he will never let her go.

"Noll." Lin said while walking in his office.

Noll looked at him. His eyes were bloodshot. Lin instantly knew that he had been crying.

"We need to do something." Noll said softly.

Lin nodded and said "I think we should call Gene."

"Yeah you're right." Noll said.

Noll dialed his brother's number.

"Gene?" he said.

"Noll." Gene replied.

"You have seen the news about the missing ASPR manager, right?" Noll asked.

"Yeah, I did. After hearing the news I tried to connect with the director but he shunned me out like the other day." Gene said and sighed.

"I know what happened with Mai." Noll said with stiffness in his voice.

"Really? How?" Gene asked.

"I called the director of ASPR. He told me everything." Noll said.

"But how?" Gene asked.

"I don't know. He just did." Noll said.

"So, now what?" Gene asked.

"I am going to America to help them with the case. I am going to find her and…." Noll trailed off.

"AND?" Gene pushed him to continue.

"And I am never going to let her go ever again." He completed.

He could literally hear him smiling.

"I am coming too. And there is someone else coming with me too." He said.

"We'll meet up in the ASPR office. Whose is this "Someone else"?" Noll asked.

"Whatever!" Gene said and dropped the call.

"Get the tickets, Lin. We are flying to America tonight." Noll said and Lin nodded.


"So who's this Kazuya guy?" Daniel asked the two ASPR members.

"He is…he is Mai's ex-fiancé." Noah said.

"WHAT?" Daniel shouted.

"Stop shouting, will ya?" Yukko said.

"Show me some respect, will you?" Daniel said.

"Well, you are only 2 years older than us." Yukko said annoyed.

"He is going to be here tonight." Noah said out of nowhere.

"What?" Yukko and Daniel said and unison.

"Kazuya will be here tonight." He repeated again.

"Yeah." Yukko agreed.

"How do you know?" Daniel asked.

"Just wait and see." Noah said.

With Gene

"Luna, get ready. We are flying to America." Gene called out.

"So you got the information on Mai." Luna said.

"Ah! Noll got the information from ASPR." Gene informed.

"I hope he won't push her away this time." Luna said.

"Yeah I hope. I have one kind of an idiot brother." Gene said and Luna chuckled.

He hugged her and kissed her. Luna just giggled.

"We should go and pack our things now." Luna said and Gene nodded.

Luna gave him a peck on his forehead and both of them went to pack their things.

With Mai

She was running. The ground was wet and muddy because of the rain water. Small branches were cutting her skin roughly.

'Three days. I've been here for three days. I need to get out of here.' She thought while running.

The mark on her face from three days ago was starting to leave a scar. While running she tripped and fell on the ground. She stood up and again started running. Straight from three days, Mai had tried to escape but every time she reached the road, the spirit pulled her back in the forest.

Mai was hungry and thirsty and her body was aching all over. She had bruises and cuts on her legs and arms. She only had eaten
small amount of food. Small berries that she found on the trees were the only one she had eaten and for water, rain was the source.

Again she saw the road. A hope rose in her mind. She tried to climb up the slope and successfully reached the road but like always she was pulled back in the forest.

She saw her again, the woman. Her hand was clamped over her ankle. She was again lying on the forest floor and she could still see the woman.

Mai cried out "WHAT DO YOUN WANT FROM ME?"

The woman chuckled darkly. She kept chuckling till she vanished. Tears were running down her face. Mai hugged herself.

"Someone…." She cried even more "Someone save me. I….I can't take this anymore."

She was shouting now. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, GOD DAMN IT?"

She was hurting all over. She couldn't handle this much pain. Soon black spots begin appearing in her vision.

"Noll!" She whispered "Please save me." She added and fell in the darkness.

It again started raining and Mai's unconscious body was all wet with rain water. Blood were coming out from her new wounds that appeared when she was roughly pulled down by the spirit again.

With Noll

He and Lin were boarding their plane to America. In the plane, they found their seat number and settled down. Noll pulled his elbow on the window of the plane and rested his cheek on his hand.

"I am coming Mai. Just wait for me. Just…..wait." Noll said to himself and Lin just kept quite.

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