Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


Detention, again, seriously. Mai sighed. She was again filing papers.

'Where does he gets all this work? Is he too fragile to do it on his own, anyway?' she sighed again.

"Prof. Davis I am done with the papers." She said while sighing the third time that day.

"You can call me Oliver when no one's around. And if you're
done with the papers, you can leave." He said while reading his black covered book.

"Thank you. I think I shou-' She stopped and then exclaimed "You said that I can call you by your First name. OH MY GOD.
Are you ok?"

Oliver's left eye twitched "Yes I told you to call me by my first name when NO one is around. And I am totally fine." He
said, irritated. Mai was too shock to say anything to him.

Then she came out of her daze and said "Well fine then. I think you can call me Mai then."

Oliver sighed and said while looking at her "Fine Mai. You
can leave now or your brain is too weak to even make you walk out of the room without anyone's help."

Oliver patted himself mentally for such a remark. Mai snapped her head at his face and gave him the murderous glare that she was giving Luke earlier.

"Well my brain is fine enough to walk out of the building myself. THANKY YOU for your super CONCERN about my BRAIN, OLIVER."

She picked her bag and stomped out of the class but she turned on time to glare at him when she caught him smiling. Not smirking but genuinely smiling.

She hurriedly came out of the room as if she had done some crime.

'He looked so cute when he smiled like that. I can see him smiling all my li- Wait what?' She shook her head to get that thought out of her head and headed home.

Next day, Mai was not late and surprisingly she was not shouting at Luke for anything. She was sitting in between her two friends and observing Prof. Davis or Oliver. The class ended and her friends decided to leave her. The class was empty. Oliver was in middle of the stage of classroom. He turned around to see Mai staring at him.

"Aren't you going to leave or do you like my company too much to leave with your friends?" He asked and raised an eyebrow.

That remark brought Mai out of her amusing and she sighed. She was falling for him but didn't wanted to accept.

'Even I don't know why I am still sitting here. I got to make an excuse' She thought.

"Well I was observing the stack of papers at your desk Oliver." She pointed at the table.

"Well it's better to come down and file them than observing them. Or is it that you're brain is too small to do even a small task." He remarked with a smirk.

"Leave my brain alone, Oliver. What's up with you and my brain?" She said while looking at him.

She again started staring at him. 'Snap out of it Mayra. Snap out of it.' She thought and slapped her both cheeks.

"If you keep slapping yourself like that you're definitely going to lose the remaining brain cells you have." He said in mocking voice and turned back to his book.

Mai growled. 'Why can't he just keep my brain out of the conversation?" She thought while making her way to the table.

She filed the papers and prepared to leave. But before leaving she turned to Oliver and said "Goodbye Oliver".

He looked at her. He was shocked, she could tell but composed himself and said "Bye Mai." And returned to
his book.

Before she could leave, "How are you going home?" He asked her
out of nowhere.

She spun on her heels and faced him. She was shocked.

Was he concern about me? Really?

Oliver sighed and looked at her "Yes I am concerned. Now tell me where do you live? I'll give you a lift." He said monotone voice.

Mai gasped. "You can read minds" She exclaimed and pointed a finger at him.

"No Mai. I cannot read minds. You said that out loud enough for me to hear." He corrected her.

"oh!" she scratched the back of her neck nervously.

"Let's go" he said while snapping his book shut and walking out of the room.

There was a black car parked in the parking lot of the College.

'This guy is obsessed with the colour black.' She thought and laughed awkwardly. Oliver looked at her, confused.

A tall man stepped out of the driving seat of the car.

"Lin! Good you're here"

He then looked at Mai and introduced her to Lin "Mai this is Lin,
Lin Kujo." He pointed at Lin.

"Hello" She gave him a beaming smile. Lin only nodded in response and climbed back in the seat.

Mai sweat dropped.

Oliver's personality seems to be rubbing off on him. No manners. Her left eye twitched.

Oliver turned to her and said "We both have manners. We just decide not to show it to idiots like you." He
climbed at the passenger seat.

"I said that out loud, Didn't I?" she sighed and climbed at the back seat and Lin was trying not to break a
smile that was threatening to come on his lips.

'They both are perfect for each other.' He thought and started driving.

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