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Oliver, Lin, Eugene and Luna met up in the ASPR building. There they introduced their self to the ASPR members. The ASPR members were shocked to see that Kazuya had a twin brother because Mai never told them anything about him having a twin brother. They were all sitting in the main room of the ASPR office.

"So, can you explain everything once more?" Gene asked.

"We were hired by Greg Roy, one of the government officials of that area, to solve the case of hitch hikers on the Haynesville Woods road." Yukko explained.

"We were returning after the meeting with the client. We were coming back through the Haynesville road when…." Noah trailed off.

"When?" Luna pushed him to finish his sentence.

"When we saw her." Yukko finished for him.

"Her?" Kazuya asked.

"The woman who is responsible for the disappearance of people on that road and Mai." Noah said.

"What happened?" Lin asked this time.

They told the SPR team everything.

"We searched for her for 2 hours but couldn't find her." Yukko said and tears slipped from her eyes.

"So the worst possibility could be that she fell from the slope and ended deep in the forest." Kazuya said.

Yukko and Noah nodded.

"We can't even go and search for her. That area has been sealed off because of the storm." Daniel said.

"We need to solve this case and get Mai back." Luna said.

All of them nodded except Kazuya. Yukko and Noah eyed Kazuya. They needed to talk to him about Mai's disease.

After sometime, Kazuya stood up and went to Mai's office. When he entered the office, the first thing he felt was that it was lonely. Normally Mai's things used to be bright and happy. Her room used to fill with sunlight in the day and moonlight in the night but this room was dull. It didn't had any colour, any happiness.

"Mai." He whispered when he touched the edge of the desk.

"She is been like this since she came here." Noah said while leaning against the door of the office.

Kazuya turned around to see Noah and Yukko standing there.

"What do you mean?" Kazuya asked.

Noah sighed and said "Do you now that you are a jerk?"

Kazuya raised an eyebrow at his comment.

"A real jerk." Yukko added.

"Excuse me. But I don't like people who insult me when they don't even know who I am." Kazuya spat at them.

"We need to talk Kazuya." Noah said.

"It's about Mai, about….her health." Yukko said.

"What's wrong with her health?" Kazuya said in emotionless voice but inside him, his worry was eating him alive. 'Is there something wrong with her health?' He thought.

"Mai's been having mental breakdowns." Noah said.

"Mental breakdowns? But why?" Kazuya said ignoring the emotion that had emerged in his voice.

'So he does care for her.' Noah smirked.

"Its more like when she thinks about certain someone or about her past, she collapses." Yukko explained.

'Certain someone? Don't tell me she is talking about….?' Kazuya thought.

"And moreover she refuses to see a doctor." Noah said.

"We tried to tell you this before. We called at the SPR when you hung up on us like a jerk." Yukko said and glared at Kazuya.

'That's why they called. How can I be such an idiot?' He mentally scolded himself.

"Why are you telling me this?" Kazuya asked.

"Because Mai is still in love with you." Yukko said.

Kazuya's heart skipped a beat. 'She is still in love with me?' Kazuya thought.

"When we find her, just don't break her heart once again because if I am correct you still love her no matter what happened between you two." Noah stated.

Kazuya just stared at them. They knew everything about Mai and himself but they didn't know who he actually was. 'Maybe Mai never told them who I am.' He thought.

Mean while, Yukko and Noah had left after their little speech. Unknown to them, Gene and Luna had heard everything.

"Your brother really is an idiot." Luna whispered to Gene while keeping an eye on Kazuya.

"I know." Gene shook his head while sighing.

Kazuya met up with everyone in the main room and said. "Let' solve this case and bring Mai back."

Everyone nodded.

"Kazuya, as you know about Mai more than us, you lead the case." Daniel said.

"Are you sure?" Kazuya asked.

"Yes. Henceforth I declare SPR a temporary member of ASPR to find Mai." Daniel declared.

"O.K. Then, Yukko and Noah go with Lin and Luna and try to find some information on that road and the woman. See if you can find some connection between the woman and the road." Kazuya ordered and the four people nodded.

"Daniel, Gene and I will try to get to the Haynesville road and get some information from there. If you four find anything, report directly at Greg's house." Kazuya said.

All of the people nodded.

"Let's get going then." He said and everyone moved out to follow his or her orders.

With Mai

Mai opened her eyes and found herself lying on the forest ground. She stood up and started walking. Her ankle had gotten twisted and was hurting badly. She was getting skinny because of lack of food.

"Screw getting out. I need to eat something." She cursed while walking limply.

"Why is she dragging me back in the forest again and again? Is there something she wants me to find or is she doing this just to torture me?" She asked herself.

Mai touched the ring on her neck. She sighed. As she was stuck in this forest, she had better get some information about the woman.

Mai touched her face and traced the scar that had formed on her face. "I hope it goes away soon." She said to herself.

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