Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


4 days since Mai went missing

Kazuya, Gene and Daniel were sitting in Greg's house sipping tea. All of them were sitting in the main hall.

"We would have sent the research team to find Miss Mayra but it's been raining continuously since that day she disappeared."

Greg said while sighing "I really want to help you people because I feel that it's my responsibility to find her as I was the one to ask your team to come here." He added.

"It wasn't your fault." Daniel said with a reassuring smile.

"Yeah. Don't worry, we'll find her." Gene said after Daniel.

"If we're done reassuring, I want you to give me the details of any murder of a woman on the Hayesville road." Kazuya said. His voice didn't held any emotion.

"Murder? Why do you want any murder files?" Greg was confused.

"The woman had been haunting this place. It's only common sense that she have something in this particular area. That's why I need the information about any murder committed on that road." Kazuya explained and left leaving an open-mouthed Greg sitting on the sofa.

"He's been on an edge since she disappeared." Gene said.

"I know I shouldn't be asking this but what's his connection with Miss. Mayra?" Greg asked.

"Well they've been close since college days." Gene said.

"So he kinda cares for her." Daniel said.

"Oh, is that so," Greg said, "Well I should get going. I need to search for the files." He added and left.

"Sooo" Daniel said and turned towards Gene "Is Kazuya really what I think he is?" He asked Gene.

He stared in Gene eyes and demanded an answer from him.

Gene sweat dropped and chuckled nervously "Umm well you see…" Gene quickly left after Kazuya.

"Hey wait! You didn't answer my question. Come back." Daniel left after Gene.

With Luna, Lin, Yukko and Noah

They currently were heading to the city library.

"What are we going to find in the library exactly?" Noah asked with an eyebrow raised at the two people who were sitting in front of him and Yukko.

"Well we are going to get some information on that road, right? So we thought going to the library would be a good idea." Luna

"Oh." Yukko said.

"We're here." Lin said while parking the car and coming out. All of them followed soon.

They entered the library. They were walking through sections looking for something that would catch their eyes. That's when Luna gasped. Everyone's attention was turned towards her.

"What is it Luna?" Lin asked.

"I got the section about the roads. Maybe we can find some information on the road." Luna said.

Everyone nodded and started searching through the section.

"Hey! I got the book on the Haynesville Woods." Yukko exclaimed.

Everyone walked towards her. She opened the book on the table and everyone surrounded the table to get a better view of the book. They read the book, tried to get some info on the book but the fate was not on their side.

"There's nothing in here." Luna sighed and slumped back in the chair.

"We need to find something." Noah exclaimed.

He turned towards Yukko "Do you think that the woman we saw that night was murdered and then buried somewhere near?" Noah asked her.

Three pair of ears perked up at Noah's assumption.

"You can be right about that." Yukko said.

"Let's go." Lin said.

"Where to?" Luna asked.

"We are not going to find anything here. We have to go to Greg's house if we want to find anything." Lin explained.

Everyone looked at each other for confirmation and nodded and then they left for Greg's house.

Greg's House

Daniel, Gene and Kazuya were looking through the files that Greg gave them. They minimized the murders by two points:

1) That a ghost was a woman

2) The haunting started 12 years ago.

But they were still having problems on pin pointing the actual reason behind the haunting.

"Hey we are back!" Chirped a voice.

Kazuya turned around and saw the team he had sent to find the info on the road.

"What are you people doing here?" Gene asked.

"Well there was nothing we could find there, so we came here." Yukko said with a 'duh'

Everyone sweat dropped at her childishness except Lin and Kazuya.

"But there was one thing that Noah pointed out." Luna said while sitting on the sofa beside Gene.

"What?" This time Daniel asked.

"That the body of the woman was buried in the forest on nearby places." Lin said.

"Your assumption is right and we do have some cases here in which woman were murdered on this road but we don't know who the specific one is." Kazuya explained.

Suddenly, Yukko gasped. In seconds, Noah was beside her.

"What's wrong Yukko?" He asked.

"This….this is the one, the woman." Yukko said while pointing at one of the picture on the files.

Noah took the file and saw the picture. He then looked at Kazuya and said while nodding "Yeah, she is the one."

He handed over the file to Kazuya and he read

"It says that….."

With Mai

She was again walking. She was getting skinny and boney and hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. She was getting weak. He clothes were torn and again the fate was not on her side. It was again raining. Weird thoughts were going through her mind.

"Is everyone worried about me? Are they even thinking of rescuing me?" She said to herself.

She kept walking and then her thoughts shifted to Noll.

"Is he worried about me? Does he even know that I am missing? Will he come to my rescue? Will he accept me back? Will I even go back to him? Will I ever give my heart out to him?" She stopped dead in her tracks.

She slapped her forehead and said, "What the hell am I doing? This is no time to be thinking about this?"

Then something caught her eye. Something was carved on the tree in front of her. She walked closer to the tree and traced her fingers on it. Something was written on the tree. Then her hand was stuck on something. She pulled it out and realized what it was.

"A nail?" She said.

She looked up and then the carving on the tree became clear. "HELP" was written on it. The suddenly blood came out of the words.

"What the hell?" She said and stumbled back. The blood was still coming out of it.

She again touched it and saw something.

A woman running in the forest with couple of men trailing behind her.

"PLEASE LET ME GO" the woman screamed.

"GET HER" one of the man shouted.

She managed to get away from them for some time. When she thought that she was little safe she carved HELP on the tree and while scratching it, her nail broke.

"THERE SHE IS!" one of the men shouted.

"HELP! SOME ONE HELP ME!" the woman shouted again.

And then it was gone. Mai was breathing heavily and blinking rapidly to make her vision stable again. She slid down with the trunk of the tree on the forest floor.

"What was that?" She asked herself.

She looked up, the word "HELP" had vanished.

"Where did it go?" She said.

And then her breath hitched in her throat. The woman was standing right in front of her but some distance away. She was saying something but Mai couldn't get it.

"Wh…what?" She stuttered.

The woman said something again.

"I….I can't understand you? What ar-re you saying?" Mai said.

Mai blinked once and found herself staring at the eyes of the woman and that also RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. HER.

The woman murmured something again and vanished but this time Mai got it.

She had said "HELP"

"Hey! Where did you go? Come back again." Mai shouted and started running deep in the forest looking for the woman.

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