Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

Days without you.......

5 days since Mai went missing

Kazuya was losing himself now. The feeling of helplessness was maddening. He wanted so badly to find Mai and make sure that she never leaves again.

He was sitting in Mai's office again looking through the case file that Yukko and Noah pointed out. They have come back from Greg's house to ASPR office building. It was still raining in Haynesville Woods and it was sealed off until the storm stops.

'It's still raining out there. I hope Mai's ok. I mean it's been raining there from last 5 days.I hope she is eating well. What does she drinks when she is thirsty? What if….What if she is-' He banged his hand on the table in front of him.

"Get a grip Oliver. She is fine. She is just fine." He said through gritted teeth.

"Noll." Gene said while entering the office.

He instantly recognized the look on his brother's face. He has that look when he is debating with himself. Gene sighed.

"Would you stop arguing with yourself?" Gene said.

He glared at him and said, "I am not arguing with myself."

"Yeah Yeah. As if I would believe that." Gene said.

Kazuya's left eyebrow twitched. He said "What do you want, Gene?"

"I was wondering if you would be considerate enough to come out and solve some problems about the case." Gene said.

Kazuya raise an eyebrow. "I am considerate enough to be working with you." He commented.

"Hey! Shut it!" Gene protested.

Sighing Kazuya stood up and walked out of the office in the main room with Gene. He settled himself on the sofa.

"Should we again discuss about the case? It will clear some doubts." Daniel said.

"Ah." Gene said and Luna nodded who was sitting right next to him.

"Ok then, it says that a girl named Cara Andresen was murdered by the people of the nearby village and was hanged in the forest. There is a newspaper article attached to it. It says:

Cara Andresen, poor girl was accused of being a witch by the villagers. The villagers assumed that the diseases started spreading in the village when Cara cursed a man in front of the whole village. Soon the said man died along with his family because of some unknown disease. The superstition in the village rose day by day. The poor girl was accused of being the reason of the man's death. She screamed and said that she was not a witch and the man and his family died of a disease but the eyes of villagers were covered with the cloth of superstition. The village mob chased the girl on the Haynesville Woods and hung her in the forest and buried her body." Kazuya read the article out loud.

"So it's the case of superstition and ignorant villagers." Gene said.

"But how can be they so stupid. I mean there is nothing like a witch in this world." Yukko said.

"You study supernatural and you're saying this. Impressive." Gene commented and Yukko glared at him.

"Luna keep your boyfriend in check." Yukko said to Luna and Luna blushed.

"Don't bring me in to this." She exclaimed "And stop teasing her Gene. There is nothing like witch in this world." She added while looking at Gene and Gene chuckle nervously.

"So what do we do now?" Noah asked.

"We have to get back Mai. Simple." Daniel said and everybody nodded.

6 days since Mai went missing

"Any news from Greg?" Kazuya asked from Gene. Gene shook his head in a 'no'

Kazuya stood up and went to Mai's office and stared out of the window.

"Where are you Mai? Please be safe." He whispered to himself.

"He's losing himself." Luna said to Gene.

"I know. He isn't gonna hold it any longer." Gene said with worry in his voice. "Oh! Mai where are you?" He added.

Luna rubbed his back and smiled "We are gonna find her." Gene smiled.

7 days since Mai went missing

Yukko and Noah were in their own office. Noah was sitting on the chair and Yukko was standing right behind him.

"I can't believe that this birthday turned out to be her worst birthday." Yukko whispered and tears started streaming down her face.

Noah stood up and wiped her tears. "Hey, don't worry we'll find her. And once we do, we're gonna celebrate her birthday. She'll have the best birthday." He said.

Yukko just kept crying. Noah kissed her forehead and pulled her into tight hug.

"It's gonna be alright." Noah assured her and Yukko just buried her face into his chest.

8 days since Mai went missing

Lin just closed his cell phone after talking with Madoka. She was hell worried about Mai. They all decided to keep Mai's missing a secret from Luella and Martin. It has been weird. The media did cover the story of her missing but neither of them knows. If they come to know about her being missing, they would throw a fit.

"Mai, I hope you're alright." Lin murmured to himself.

Lin doesn't get attached to people very much but Mai had been different. He still remembered when he first met her she almost made him smile. How she changed Noll. Noll would be so happy when he would be with Mai. She brighten his life like sunlight that he needed.

"Just come back." He again whispered.

9 days since Mai went missing

"DAMN IT!" Noll shouted while slamming his hand on the wall of his apartment.

"DAMN IT ALL!" He again shouted. He slid down the wall on the floor and was breathing heavily.

"Mai, come back, please. Come back to…me. I'll never let you go anywhere again." He whispered to himself when a tear slipped down his face but he quickly wiped it.

10 days sine Mai went missing

Gene was lying on his bed with his head resting on his arms.

He sighed heavily and said "Come back Mai. There is so much to tell you. I even got a girlfriend you know. I want to talk to you so much. After all, I am your best friend. Oh no, scratch that a very useless bad best friend who wasn't there to help you when you needed it."

He just closed his eyes and stayed in his bed. Then Luna came in and sat beside him. She put her hand on his forehead and Gene cracked an eye to look at her.

She smiled at him and said "She is gonna be alright."

He grabbed her hand and kissed her palm. He made her lay with him on the bed and hugged her closely.

"I hope you're right." Gene said and fell asleep.

Luna just stroked his hair even after he fell asleep.

11 days since Mai went missing

"Mai, where are you?" Kazuya said.

12 days since Mai went missing

"We want you back Mai." Noah said.

He looked at Yukko who was sleeping right beside him with her head hung on his shoulder.

"I want to tell you that I proposed to her at last." Noah whispered and buried his head in her hair.

13 days since Mai went missing

"Any news from Greg?" Kazuya asked Daniel.

"No. The rain is still pouring down pretty hardly. The area is still sealed off." Daniel said.

"Hn." Kazuya said that and walked away.

14 days since Mai went missing

Kazuya was again looking out of the window from Mai's office. He was holding the ring that Mai had given him when he had left for Japan. He was feeling guilty. After all, he was the one who broke up with her.

"I swear I'll keep you happy, Mai." Kazuya whispered to himself while holding the ring tightly in his hand.

Then the door of the office banged open revealing a panting Gene standing there.

"Noll, the seal has been taken off. The rain had stopped. We can leave for the Haynesville Woods now." Gene said in one breathe.

Kazuya just started at him, taking in the information. He just stood there, to shock to say anything.

"NOLL!" Gene shouted.

He was brought back from the shock when Gene shouted. When Gene blinked thrice, Noll was already dashing out of the door of the building soon followed by Gene.

'Just wait for me, I am coming Mai.' Kazuya said while climbing the car with Gene and left to find Mai.

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