Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


"Noll, the seal has been taken off. The rain had stopped. We can leave for the Haynesville Woods now." Gene said in one breathe.

Kazuya just started at him, taking in the information. He just stood there, too shock to say anything.

"NOLL!" Gene shouted.

He was brought back from the shock when Gene shouted. When Gene blinked thrice, Noll was already dashing out of the door of the building soon followed by Gene.

'Just wait for me, I am coming Mai.' Kazuya said while climbing the car with Gene and left to find Mai.

After hours of waiting, the gang reached the Haynesville Woods road. Everyone was standing on the spot from where Mai had disappeared. Greg and his searching team were also with them.

Kazuya placed his hand on the tree that Mai had taken shelter under.

"This is the place?" he asked.

"Yeah." Noah said.

"So we are assuming that she fell from here and ended up deep in the forest?" Gene asked.

"How do we get down there?" This time Lin asked.

"You people are thinking in going down THERE. Are you crazy? It can dangerous down there." Greg explained.

"So what do you want us to do? Wait here and expect Mai to come up here. If she could, she would have done that a long time ago." Daniel said with his anger directed towards the government official.

"That's not what I meant." Greg defended himself.

"Umm…guys?" Yukko said.

"What is it Yukko?" Luna asked.

"Where….where is Kazuya?" She asked while looking around.

Everyone stiffened. They looked around but Kazuya was nowhere in sight.

"Don't tell me that he already went down there?" Daniel asked with worry and surprise.

"Damn you Noll!" Gene exclaimed and slided down the slope.

Everyone soon followed him.

Noll was alone wondering in the forest looking for Mai. He had slid down the slope while everyone was arguing about going down or not.

He felt his blood boil. 'That damn Greg. Who does he think he is to tell us what to do? It's his fault only that Mai ended up like this.' He thought.

"MAI!" He shouted her name. 'Please be safe.' He added mentally.

His eyes caught something red on the forest floor. He knelt down on his knees to check what it was.

Noll's eyes went wide. It was blood. Dry blood. 'It means she is injured.' He thought and again started looking for her.

He passed trees and started walking deep in the forest.

"NOLL!" Gene shouted.

"WHERE ARE YOU? NOLL." Lin shouted this time.

"KAZUYA!" Daniel shouted.

"MAI, KAZUYA COME OUT HERE." Yukko shouted.

"Where the hell is he? Why did he go running off like that?" Gene said through gritted teeth.

"Calm down Gene. We need to find Mai too." Luna assured him.

"My shiki can't sense anything." Lin informed "It's like something is preventing me to do it." He added.

"We'll find them." Daniel said.

They had left Greg and his searching team on the road. They thought of the chances of both of them coming out of the forest and needing some help or they were just too scared to come down in the forest.

"NOLL! MAI!" Gene shouted again.

"MAI! WHER ARE YOU?" Noll shouted again.

'Argh….why heck can't I find her?' Noll thought angrily.

Someone stood behind Noll, their breathing was heavy and body was covered in cuts and bruises.

Noll stopped. He felt someone standing behind him.

"Noll?" Came a soft whimper.

Noll turned around. His eyes went wide.

"Mai." He whispered.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Mai, his Mai, was standing in front of him and that also very much alive.

Then he took in her appearance. She was wounded all over. Dry blood covered her body. She was thinner than he last saw her and paler too. Then he looked at her face. There was a fading scar on her face. His stomach twisted. Mai, the love of his life, the girl he loves more than himself,was standing in front of him in horrible condition and he could had prevented this.

Mai's eyes were half lidded as she was trying her best to stay awake. To say that she was shock would be an understatement. She was, more like startled, to see Noll standing in front of him. An acute pain shot through her head.

She clutched her throbbing head tightly 'No this can't be happening.' She thought.

She took a step back and tripped. Then she felt numb. Then pain started surging through her whole body. Her eyes went wide when she registered what had happened.

She looked down at her body. She didn't hit the ground after tripping. She collided with the tree behind her and the sharpest branch that was in her direction had passed through her chest.

She tried to step forward and the branch came out of her chest. She coughed up blood. She looked at Noll to see him standing in front of her, not moving a muscle.

Noll was stupefied. He paled. He saw the branch piercing through Mai's chest. She coughed up blood. Blood was gushing out of her wound.

She started falling down on the forest floor.

'Blood…..branch……….Noll….Lo…ve' She fainted after thinking all that. The last thing she saw was Noll running towards her calling her name.

Noll ran towards her. She was, Mai was already unconscious. Noll knelt beside her. He shook her. No response.

"Mai! Mai! MAI!" he shouted. "No No No NO….don't die….Please Please….." He again shouted while hugging her body.

He started crying uncontrollably.

"After I just found you, you…yo… can't DIE! GODDAMN IT!" He again shouted. He choked.

He needed to go back and ask for help. NOW. He picked up in his arms and started running.

"Stay alive Mai! Stay with me!" He said. Tears were running down his face.

His hands were all bloody with her blood. The blood was not stopping. He kept running in the forest. He needed to find help.

"NOLL! NOl-" Gene stopped dead in his tracks. Everyone's attention was on him.

Soon all of their eyes went wide.

"No!" He whimpered. "NO!" Gene shouted.

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