Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

I am sorry

3 weeks later

All of them were sitting in the main room of the ASPR office. Mai was discharged 3 days ago. She had done everything in her power to ignore Noll but he was very persistent. As if he was determined, that he was going to take her back.

'Damn him!' Mai thought.

"So, we have to go and find her body and burn it if there is anything left after 12 years?" Noah question brought Mai out of her thoughts.

"That should be the only thing holding her back from crossing over." Luna said.

"So when do we leave?" Mai asked.

Everyone looked at her.

"What?" She asked them while raising an eyebrow.

"I, no, we don't think you should go back there." Yukko said.

"What?" she deadpanned.

"That's what we have decided." Gene said.

"I am coming and no one is stopping me." She said firmly.

"I think you didn't hear us properly. Let me rephrase it for you. You are not coming." Kazuya said.

"And I think you didn't hear what I said. I am coming and that's final." Mai said angrily.

'How dare he keep me away from my case?' She thought.

"Mai…" Kazuya tried to say.

"No Kazuya listen to me. I am coming. I was the one who took up the case. So you are no one to take me off of my case." Mai said while standing up angrily.

"Mai, why should you be so persistent? This case nearly cost you your life. Can't you see that we are all worried about you?" Kazuya said while standing up too.

"Oh ho, you are worried about me. I am flattered." Mai said sarcastically.

"Stop you guys." Luna said while jumping between the two.

"Whatever, I am coming." Mai made it clear and left the room.

Kazuya sighed.

On the Haynesville Woods Road

Mai, Kazuya, Noah and Lin were surrounding the car they had ridded. Others have decided that they will wait for them at Greg's place. It was still cloudy there.

"Let's go." Mai said while sliding down the slope of the forest she had been wondering for 15 days.

Everyone followed her shortly.

"Where do you think her body can be?" Noah asked.

"Don't know." Mai said.

"Let's keep searching." Lin said.

After looking for some time, when they found nothing, Noah had proposed that they split up in two pairs. Even Mai had protested against the idea, Lin had said that it was the only logical thing to do. Mai had ended up with Kazuya, all alone.

Mai was moving forward and Noll was following her while keeping an eye on her.

"Do have any idea where she could be?" Noll asked.

"No." She said curtly.

"Do you have any clue about it?" He again asked.

"No." She again said cutting the conversation short.

"Mai…" He said threatening her to say 'no' again.

"Aren't you being talkative today?" Mai asked with a smirk while hiding it from Noll.

He walked fast and closed the distance between them. Mai stopped walking when she sensed his presence right behind her.

"Turn around." He ordered.

No response.

"Mai." He said dangerously low.

"What do you want?" She asked without any emotion in her voice.

He grabbed her arm harshly and turned her around to face him. He snaked one of his arm around her waist and other arm made its way at the back of her head. Mai placed both of her hands on his chest and tried to push him away.

"Stop struggling, Mai." He said.

"Let go of me." She said.

"First, stop avoiding me." He said and tightened his hold on her and brought her closer.

When Mai looked in his eyes, she saw irritation, regret and love in them. Seeing so much emotion in his eyes, she looked away.

"Why are you not looking at me?" He asked.

"We should look for the body. Let go." Mai whispered.

Noll buried his face in the crook of her neck and Mai gasped.

"I am saying this again. I am sorry Mai. I accept that it was my fault. I am sorry, Just come back with me." He pleaded against her skin.

"Please, let go." Mai said while trying to stop the tears coming out of her eyes.

He placed a small kiss on her neck and released her. When he tried to look at her face, she just started walking forward leaving him to follow her.

With Lin and Noah

"Do you think that they at least talked to each other?" Noah asked.

"I don't know. They both are very stubborn." Lin answered back.

Noah sighed.

"Returning to the case, my shiki can't find anything." Lin said.

"Yeah, it's been hours, but we can't find even her bones." Noah said.

"What if the villagers already burned the bones?" Lin said.

"Yeah. That can be a possibility." Noah said.

Suddenly, Lin's phone started ringing.

"Lin, we are going back to Greg's place." Noll said.

"Ok. Let me guess, you didn't find anything too?" He asked.

"…." Silence.

"Yeah, let's meet on the road." Lin said.

Noll hung up.

"Let's go. We are leaving." Lin said and left.

Noah nodded and followed him.

In the car, Lin was driving and Noah was sitting on the front seat. Mai and Kazuya were sitting on the back seat.

"What if there is something else we are missing?" Mai said out of nowhere.

"What do you mean?" Lin asked while looking at her through the mirror.

"What if, finding her body, isn't what she wants?" Mai asked while looking at Lin through the mirror too.

"Umm, elaborate please?" Noah asked while chuckling nervously.

Mai sighed and explained "What if we are missing a piece in this case? What if, what we know about her being accused of being a witch was just a side story? May be some one portrayed her so that they can get their revenge and maybe she knows and wants him to be arrested for her planned murder. I mean there is no way that the villagers would get this angry that they would kill her. Maybe someone provoked them to take up this decision."

"We can't rely on that." Kazuya said.

Mai shot him a glare and said "It was just a theory."

"We can still take that into consideration." Lin said while fixing his eyes on the road in front of him.

"Thanks Lin." She said while looking out of the window.

They reached Greg's place and talked to him about the theory. They asked him whether he knew anything. But he just shrugged and nervously exited the room leaving his butler behind.

Every member of ASPR and SPR were sitting in the lobby of Greg's house.

"Was it just me or he was acting strangely?" Gene asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah he was a little uncomfortable when we talked to him about Mai's theory." Luna said.

"Would you like to share something?" Kazuya said while looking at the butler's fidget body.

"Umm…" He tried to say.

"Tell us." Mai said firmly.

The butler sighed and told them the truth. Everyone was shocked after he completed.

Mai's eyes showed anger and disgust. "That Bastard." Mai hissed.

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