Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll

The Truth

"That Bastard." Mai hissed.

"Calm down Mai." Daniel said.

He looked calm on the outside but he was so angry on the inside
that he was just looking for the right opportunity to shred his limbs apart.

"You never told about this to the police?" Kazuya asked the butler.

"No, I couldn't. I had given my word to the master." The butler said.

"You hid information about the case. You are going to be in prison if police comes to know about this, which they will surely come to know." Gene said sternly.

"Why tell now?" Luna asked.

"I've seen what trouble Miss.Mai has gone through, what you all have gone through. I just couldn't hold it anymore." He said.

"What do we do know?" Lin asked Kazuya who was deep in thought.

After couple of minutes, Kazuya said, "I have a plan."

After sometime, Noll and Mai were walking towards Greg's office.

"Do you think that it's gonna work?" Mai asked him.

"Positive." He said with such confidence that Mai had to believe him.

When Mai and Noll entered his office, they saw Greg sitting on the chair while reading a file that was lying on the desk in front of him.

"Oh Miss. Mai and Mr. Kazuya, please come in. Have a seat." Greg said with a smile.

Kazuya and Mai settled themselves in front of Greg's desk, on the chairs.

"So, what can I do for you?" He asked with a smile.

"Well we already discovered Cara's dead body, well you can say bones." Mai informed him.

"Really now?" Greg said while narrowing his eyes.

"Is there something wrong?" Mai asked him.

"No, nothing's wrong. It's good that you found her bones. Now there won't be any accidents on that road anymore." Greg said.

"Yeah." Mai said while nodding her head.

"If you don't mind me asking something, Mr. Roy?" Kazuya asked him.

"You can ask anything, Mr. Kazuya." Greg said.

"When did you start working here?" He asked.

Greg blinked in confusion. He said "14 years."

"14 years, huh? Didn't the accidents start happening 12 years ago?" Mai asked this time her eyes narrowing at him.

"Yes it did. But why are you asking me all these questions?" Greg asked getting uncomfortable.

"How come you didn't know what happened with Cara?" Mai asked him.

"What are you trying to say, Miss Mai?" Greg asked her.

"You perfectly know what I am trying to say here." Mai said.

"Are you insinuating that I lied to you people?" Greg said while standing up angrily.

"We didn't say anything about that. Why do you think that we are trying to accuse you for her murder?" Kazuya said with a smirk.

"But you do know something, don't you?" Mai asked.

"No I don't." Greg said.

"So, what your butler told us was just a lie?" Kazuya asked.

"What did he tell you?" Greg said.

"Do we need to tell you that?" Mai asked.

"Yes!" He exclaimed.

"He told us that she was going to give statement to the police that you were doing smuggling of drugs in this village and the nearby area." Kazuya said.

"What no-" Greg tried to say.

"So, to make her shut up, you tried to bribe her, but she refused." Mai said.

"That wasn't-" he again tried to say.

"So to make sure that your dirty little secret doesn't come out, you spread the rumors of her being a witch in the village, by killing that family by overdosing them on drugs." Kazuya said.

"No! No! No!" Greg shouted.

"As the villagers were unknown to drugs, they thought that she really was a witch and killed her." Mai finished.

"Accept it, you killed her." Kazuya accused him.

"That wasn't me. I did that so that I could avenge my brother." Greg blurted out.

Kazuya and Mai smirked and Greg's eyes went wide. In seconds, he was held down on the desk, with his hands turned back by the cops.

Mai went to him and whispered, "We know that was your brother who was smuggling the drugs."

Greg looked at his butler who was also arrested by the police.

"You betrayed me!" He shouted.

"I had to do it master. People were dying." His butler replied with glassy eyes.

"Damn you!." He again shouted.

"You are a psychotic person." Gene said.

The police took both of them. The gang went to the Haynesville road in hope that they could talk to Cara. They waited for sometime but she didn't appear.

"Cara, please if you can hear me, Come out." Mai said softly.

Suddenly there was a golden light forming in the middle of the road. Soon Cara emerged from it. She walked towards Mai and traced her fingers on her fading scar on her face making the scar to vanish.

"Thank you, Mai." Cara's spirit said with a smile.

"You're so…beautiful." Mai said absentmindedly.

Cara laughed and her laugh echoed in the forest.

She turned towards everyone and said, "Thank you everyone for helping me. And Mai" she turned towards Mai "I am sorry for hurting you. And you" This time she turned towards Kazuya "Take care of her."

After that, she just vanished.

"Congratulation everyone, the case is closed." Daniel said with a smile.

Next day

Mai was searching in her ASPR's office for something. Today Noll and Lin were leaving. Gene and Luna had already left.

"Where did I keep it?" Mai mumbled while searching.

"Looking for something?" Someone said from the door.

When Mai turned around, she saw Noll standing there.

"Nothing you should concern yourself with." Mai said while turning to search again.

She heard him sighing and walking towards her. He turned her around and gave something to her.

"I think you are looking for this." He said while handing the ring to her.

Mai's eyes went wide but she composed herself quickly.

"I am not looking for this." Mai lied while placing the ring on the table.

"Mai." Noll said softly.

She turned towards him. He looked straight in her eyes.

"Please forgive me and come back with me." He pleaded and helg her arm.

"No." She said "I don't think I can do this anymore." She whispered.

"Please Mai, please. I am sorry, I am so sorry. I know it was my fault." He again said.

"You didn't even think twice before you broke us apart, Oliver." She said "How can I trust you again?" She followed.

"But-" He tried to say.

"No Oliver, I am not coming back." She said sternly.

Noll let go of her arm and took a step back.

"Let me say this, I will always love you Mai." He said that and left for airport with Lin.

Mai was facing the window that was behind her desk. Daniel, Yukko and Noah were standing in her office.

"You can't let him go, Mai." Yukko said "He loves you. I admit that he made a terrible mistake, but he was regretting it. You, off all people, should know that." She followed.

Mai didn't say anything.

"Mai we all know how much you love him. Just go and stop him before it's too late." Daniel said.

Again, she didn't say anything.

"Leave it guys, she isn't going to say anything. She is making the same mistake as he did." Noah said bitterly.

Mai's head snapped in his direction. Her eyes narrowed dangerously.

"You know what Mai, you are so screwed. You are letting him go." He paused "You weren't the one who saw his tears when he brought you to the hospital. You weren't the one who saw, how much pain and regret he was going through because you are so damn selfish." He exclaimed.

No one said a word.

"You think, you endured all the pain. You are wrong, I think Kazuya endured more pain then you because he loves you more than you can even imagine. But you just closed your eyes after what happened and started living in denial." He again said angrily.

Mai started walking towards the door to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Noah shouted.

"I…." She paused. She looked at him with a smirk "I will never be able to stop him, if I am not gonna leave this place." She looked at Noah "Care to give me a ride to the airport."

Noah beamed "Let's go."

They both were riding Noah's bike and Mai had tried to reach Noll a couple of times.

"He isn't picking up his phone." Mai said.

"Maybe he already passed the check in counter." Noah informed.

"Don't scare me. Then I won't be able to stop him." Mai whispered.

"Shut up Mai. You'll stop him." Noah said.

They reached the airport and went in.

"NOLL!" Mai shouted.

"KAZUYA!" Noah shouted.

They couldn't find them.

"Try calling Lin." Mai said.

"He didn't pick up." Noah informed him.

"Damn." Mai said.

They reached the check in area.

"Mai we can't-" Before he could complete his sentence Mai had already set off running.

"Mai NO!" Noah shouted.

Mai saw cops getting ready to stop her. She smirked when she saw their faces when she jumped above the boundaries.

"Stop HER!" She heard one of the cops shouting.

She was running for two reasons:

1) Find Noll

2) Run away from cops.

"NOLL!" she again shouted.

This time she found him standing, facing towards her with a shocked expression. Tears leaked from her eyes when she ran towards him and hugged him. Noll's luggage dropped on the floor when he hugged her back.

"You idiot! Couldn't you have been a little more persistent? What would have happened if I haven't come to stop you?" She shouted and he just chuckled.

"I love you." He said.

"I hate you!" She exclaimed.

She cried on his shoulder.

"I will always love you Noll." She whispered.

He faced her and kissed her not minding the people who were squealing and whistling at them. He only knew that Mai, his Mai was back to him and he couldn't be more happy.

"Miss." One of the cops called.

Mai looked at him.

"You need to come with us. You broke a rule. I hope you know the consequences." The cop said.

Mai just chuckled nervously while scratching the back of her neck.

"Umm….Sorry?" She said.

The cop just shook his head and mumbled something like "Young people."

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