Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


6 months had passed since Mai and Noll got together again. Luella and Martin were so happy to hear about it. They also came to know that they had found Gene and he had a girlfriend named Luna. Martin said that Luella and Madoka cried for so many days after they heard about it. ASPR came to know about the real identity of Noll. They were so shocked and angry with Mai that she didn't say anything. Mai was working two jobs know. One as the manager at ASPR and again as an assistant at SPR. Now she was heading back to Japan to Noll.

"So, happy little brother that Mai is coming back to such a conceited person like you?" Gene said with a mischievous smile.

Luna was sitting just next to Gene, chuckling at his comment.

Noll glared at him and said "I wonder how Luna can keep up with such an overly confident idiot and stupid kind of person like you?"

"Hey! What did you just say?" Gene exclaimed.

He was going to say something when he heard Luna laughing beside him.

"You are suppose to be on my side." Gene pouted.

Luna just ruffled his hair and was going to say something when there was a knock on the office's door.

"I'll get it." Lin said while getting up to take the door.

He talked with that person for some time, took an envelope from him and returned in the main room. He handed it to Noll.

"What is it?" He asked.

"See for yourself." Lin said.

Noll opened the envelope and took out a key and a letter from it.

"What does it say and what is that key?" Gene asked.

"It says that Mai bought an apartment in Japan." Noll said while narrowing his eyes.

"What? But I thought that she was going to live with you." Gene said while poking his chin.

Then he heard a door shutting with a bang. Noll had left the room.

"I think he thought that too." Luna said while chuckling.

"Mai is in for big scolding." Lin said.

After sometime, Mai entered in the main room of ASPR.

"Hey guys, long time." She said with a smile.

Gene was the first one to give her a hug and then Luna was the second. Lin just nodded at her.

"Mai! In my office right now." Noll shouted from his office.

"What's up with him?" Mai asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Why don't you go and find out." Gene said while grinning.

"O..K" Mai shifted away from him.

When she looked around the room, she found Gene grinning, Luna chuckling and Lin smirking. Hell! Lin was smirking at her.

'What the heck happened here?' She thought herself.

She knocked on Noll's office and entered when she heard a faint yes. When she entered the room she saw Noll sitting on the chair and his arms resting on the desk in front of him with an envelope lying on the table. She sat opposite to him on the chair.

"Hey Noll!" She said softly.

"Hn." Noll grunted.

'Wow! So much for missing me.' Mai thought sarcastically.

"What is this?" He said while handing the key to her.

"It's a key." She said.

Noll's left eye twitched "I know that, Mai."

"So what?" Mai asked.

"I got a letter saying that you bought an apartment here." He informed.

"They got it ready already? Great then I can move in today only." Mai exclaimed.

"Why did you bought an apartment?" Noll asked.

"So that I can live in Japan. Jeez, when did you become stupid?" Mai asked trying to hide her laughter.

Noll's left eye again twitched.

"I thought you were going to live with me." He said.




"WHAT?! Why did you think that?" She exclaimed.

"What do you mean by that? We lived in England together." Noll told her. He was confused.

'What's up with her?' He thought.

"Yeah we lived together in different rooms." She said while pressing the word 'different'.

"So what…." He paused and then smirked "How did you know that my apartment has only one room?" He asked her.

Mai blushed. "Umm well….umm" She stuttered.

Noll stood up and walked around the table towards her. He turned her chair and made her face him. He was so close that Mai knew for sure that he could hear her heartbeat.

"You asked Lin, didn't you?" He again said with a smirk.

"I-I.." She couldn't say anything.

Noll kissed her that got her by surprise but she soon returned his kiss.

He hugged her and whispered "Mai, I am again asking this because I know I screwed up last time. Will you...will
you marry me?"

Mai's eyes went wide but soon closed when tears filled them.

"Yes." She answered back.

She hugged him back and Noll let a sigh of relief escape from his lips.

"Thank you." He said.

At the day of wedding

"Am nervous." Mai said.

She was standing in front of a mirror, wearing beautiful white wedding gown. Madoka, Luna and Luella were getting her ready.

"It'll be fine Mai." Luna said.

"You're looking great." Madoka said.

"I am happy that Noll is marrying you." Luella said.

Mai tuned towards her with tears in her eyes.

Madoka screamed which was soon followed by the screams of other three ladies.

"What the heck Madoka?" Luna exclaimed.

"Mai don't ruin your make-up." Madoka scolded.

All of them started laughing.

Gene became Mai's best man. Mai saw Noll waiting for her in black tuxedo and was smiling at her. Gene gave Mai's hand in Noll's hand.

"You're looking beautiful." He complimented her when she stood opposite to him.

"And you're looking arrogantly handsome as usual." Mai said and Noll just smirked.

"Do you, Oliver Davis, take Mayra Thomes as your lawfully wedded wife?" The Father said.

"I do." Noll said.

"And do you, Mayra Thomes, take Oliver Davis as your lawfully wedded husband?" The Father said.

"I do." Mai said.

"I, hence declare you two husband and wife. You may kiss the bride now." Father said.

Noll kissed her and Mai just smiled in the kiss.

He joined their foreheads and said "I love you, Mai."

"I love you too." Mai said.

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