Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


Oliver went home after the fight with Mai. He didn't know why he lost control of his emotions like that. When he opened the door he saw Eugene sitting on the chair.Eugene sensed his presence and looked at Oliver.

"Hey Noll. You're early." Gene said with a smile.

Then he noticed the expression on his brother's face. "Did something happen? Are you alright?" He asked him.

Oliver straight way went to his room but before entering he said "Not now, Gene." And banged the door close.

"What is up with him?" Gene asked himself.

He was really getting a bad feeling. On the other hand, Noll slid down the door and sat beside it.

He closed his eyes remembering what Mai said. "It can't be, cant it?" He asked himself.

Next day, Mai, Luke and Melly were again sitting in the cafeteria. Mai hadn't said a word to them. Luke and Melly were getting worried about her.

"Mai." Luke said. Mai looked at him.

Luke noticed that her eyes were bloodshot. "What's up? You're eyes are red." He asked her.

Mai gave him a wavering smile."I am fine Luke. Just didn't get enough sleep yesterday." She said.

Melly looked at her, unconvinced. "That cannot be the reason Mai. Did something happen? Did something happen between you and...Prof. Davis?" Melly felt Mai stiffen at Oliver's name.

Mai composed herself quickly and then smiled
at her.

"It has nothing to do with him. I have nothing to do with
him" she said and sighed "I don't feel good. May be I should go home and rest" she followed.

Luke and Melly looked at each, decided not to push the matter anymore, then looked at Mai and nodded. Mai smiled at both of

She stood up and stared walking out of the café. At the entrance of the café she bumped into someone. When she looked at the
person's face her eyes went wide. Oliver. Tears started running down her cheeks and she ran out of the café. Melly and Luke both saw this and it was confirmed to them that it was Oliver's fault that she was in this condition.

After the class ended, Oliver noticed that Mai wasn't in the class.

'It seems she skipped the class.' he thought and sighed.

He sensed a presence approaching him. He turned around and saw a girl and a boy standing.

"Prof. Davis, We want to ask you something." the girl said.

"What is it, Miss Alvin (Melly)?" he asked her.

"Did you say anything to Mayra?" she asked clearly pissed off.

"I don't know what are you talking about?" Oliver said showing no emotion.

"Prof. Davis She is our best friend and we know whatever happened to her is connected to you. So please tell us." Luke said.

Oliver made no reply. Melly sighed. She had been told by Mai about his personality.

"Look Prof. I don't know what happened between you two. But whatever it is please solve it as fast as possible. Because she doesn't have anyone else who can take care of her other then us. If she is not going to tell us, then I don't even want to imagine what can happen to her." Melly said fixing her eyes with

Again he made no reply. Luke took her hand and left the class.

It was 24th now. Mai didn't attend the college after the cafeteria day. But she promised Luke and Melly that she would come out on 24th with them.

"Better get ready for it." Mai said to herself.

Still shocked and broken about what Oliver said, all these days she thought about him and she was sure as hell that she loved him.

'Why can't he understand that it's him. It has always been him.' She stood in front of the mirror and looked at her appearance.

"I look Horrible." She sighed and got ready for the day out with her friends.

She met with her friend, had a great day. After a week or so she had felt this relived and happy. But when they all left, Mai was again alone with her thoughts. She was wondering aimlessly on the cold night streets. Snow was everywhere. She then stopped in front of a huge Christmas tree which was decorated beautifully.

"Do you love me or...Gene?"

Her smile fell when she remembered his stupid question. "Of course I love you, You idiot." she said with a sad smile and tears forming in her eyes.

She wiped those unshed tears and turned to leave but she came
face to face with her love.

"Oli- Prof. Davis what are you doing here?" She asked him in emotionless voice.

Oliver narrowed his eyes at her. "Walk with me." He said and turned to leave but he noticed that Mai didn't make and movement to follow him.

So he walked towards her, grabbed her and made her walk with him.

"What are you doing? Let go of me Prof. Davis." She said whole struggling to make her self free from his grip.

He didn't made any movement. Mai became angry. She snatched her hand away then he turned to face her.

"What's up with you? I don't understand you a bit." She shouted at him.

"You never answered my question, Mai." he said with his voice void of any emotion.

"What question?" She knew what he was talking about but didn't wanted to go through that situation again.

"You know about it and now answer me. Gene or me?" he asked her. That was Mai's breaking point.

She looked at him and shouted "It was always you and it will always be you. I fell in love with you when I first saw you when I didn't even knew who Eugene was. You said that he was a good personality, but that didn't mattered to me because I was in love with you. I love your rare smiles over his ever warm smiles because I know that your smiles make my heart skip a beat. And I even confessed that I love you but no you have to go
and ask me hat stupid question"

She stopped and said in a low voice "I never ever thought that you would love me. I just wanted you to accept my feeling and move on."

By now her face was filled with tears. She looked at Oliver and her heart skipped a beat. He was smiling, genuinely smiling.

"I am sorry." was all he said before capturing her lips with his own.

At that time nothing mattered to him. He only knew that if he let her go right now she would disappear forever.

Mai stood there shocked. 'He's kissing me. OLIVER IS KISSING ME.' she smiled in the kiss and kissed him back. He hands made their way to his hair and Oliver's to her waist and he pulled her closer. He broke that kiss an looked her in eyes.

"I didn't know that I was really that stupid to believe that you loved Gene." He said while kissing her forehead.

Mai smiled and said "I know you're stupid."

Then they started walking towards Oliver's home. Before he could open the door to his house, his phone rang.

"Hello?" he said.

"Noll don't come back to house right now!" Gene shouted.

"What are you talking about, Gene? I am outside the door." He said.

"No go back! go back!" He again shouted. "No don't go to the door" He was talking to someone else in the room.

Mai squeezed Oliver's hand and raised an eyebrow. Oliver looked at her and shook his head.

"What are you-" before Oliver could ask Gene what was wrong the front door opened with a bang. Both Mai and Oliver got startled. Oliver's eyes went wide.

"Welcome home, Noll!" A woman said.

"Mother!" Noll said shocked.

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