Love you, Hate you, I will always love you Noll


Mai, Oliver, Gene and Luella, all four of them were sitting on the
dinning table. Mai was sitting on the left of Luella and Oliver was
sitting on the right and opposite to Mai. Eugene was sitting with

Mai sighed 'How did we get here again?'


"Mother!" Noll said shocked.

"Noll! I missed you so much." Luella said and engulfed Noll into death crushing hug.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" Noll asked.

"Hey! I came all the way from England to meet you two guys and you're asking me what am I doing here. Mr. I am you're mother don't forget that!"

"But Mother" Noll said.

"No buts young man. You both didn't even called me or you're dad. So I thought it's Christmas, a nice occasion to meet you both brothers." Luella said with a smile.

Noll sighed. Mai thought 'Whoah! I've never seen Oliver being defeated. This is funny.'

Luella's eyes landed on Mai. She looked confused for a second but smiled instantly. She then gave Mai a death hug.

"Are you Noll's girlfriend?" She asked

"Oh please be. He is such an idiot that he cannot even get a girlfriend for himself." Luella said.

"Mother!" Noll said in dangerously low voice.

"I think I should go home now. See you tomorrow." Mai said.

Noll nodded. Gene was seeing all the commotion
from the entrance of the house. He frowned a little after hearing that Mai was Noll's girlfriend but soon it was replaced by a smirk.

"Well, since it's 24th and tomorrow is Christmas, why not let Mai stay for the night." Gene said with a smirk. Luella smiled and Mai and Noll both gave him glares that could kill him.

End Of Flashback

'That leads us to here. I swear I am going to kill Gene' Mai again sent a death glare towards him.

Mai noticed something on his face. She couldn't understand what kind of expression he was having on his face. Sure she knew him very well. They were best friends. But this was different. He had some kind of expression between grief and sadness but then he sighed and his expression changed.

'What is wrong with him?' Mai frowned.

Noll looked at his mother. Luella was grinning like a madwoman.

"Mother why are you grinning like that?" Noll asked regretting why did he asked that.

"I am just happy that I am going to grand kids real soon." Luella said while smiling.

Mai started choking on her drink, Oliver sighed and Gene started laughing really hard.

"Excuse me!" Mai said, stood up from chair and ran towards the washroom.

Luella looked at her kids "What? You were the one who asked why I was grinning." she said smirking.

Noll glared at her. Gene was again laughing.

Gene and Mai were washing dishes. Mai looked at gene and thought 'I should ask him now. This is the right time.'

"Eugene" Mai saw him sighing. "Mai as we can call you Mai, you can also call us Noll and Gene." Gene told her.

"Ok. Ok. So Gene what's up?" She asked him. Gene looked at her and raised an eyebrow "What are you talking about?" he asked her.

"Well, at the dinner, I saw a perplexed look on your face, Are you alright?" She asked him, clearly concerned about

Gene looked at her and took a step forward, so she took a step back but Gene pulled her, by her waist, closer to himself and whispered in her ear "What if I say I am envious of Noll?" Mai's eyes went wide.

"Wha-" She tried to speak.

"What if I say that all those five months, we've been close, I have fallen in love with you." He again whispered.

"Gene, I-" she again tried to speak.

"Shhh!" he hushed her and pulled back.

Gene saw the look of shock on her face and after a second he started laughing. Mai was confused

"What are you laughing at?" She asked him.

"Thelook on you're face was so funny. Seriously, don't tell me that you actually believed at what I said." He smirked at her.

"You weren't serious" she looked at him.

He shook his head. "You big idiot. You had me worried there." She pouted. Gene laughed even more.

On the other hand Noll was listening to their conversation. His knuckles had turned white because he was gripping the book in his hand too tightly.

Next day, when the trio, that is Mai, Melly and Luke were going to attend class, a guy with a red rose came in front of Mai and said "Please Mayra Go out with me tonight to celebrate Christmas."

Three of them looked at him and Mai sighed "Sorry, I can't I have plans with friends tonight." and three of them walked away leaving the boy depressed.

What did they know that Oliver was watching them and sending death glares towards the boy.

'She has plans?' He thought.

In the class, she thought what she was going to do for tonight. Mai sighed 'Can't he ask me out for tonight? Geez man I am his girlfriend, well at least I think that.'

"-ai, Mai" Melly called her name. Mai was brought out of her musings.

"What? What?" Mai asked.

Melly pointed at the blackboard. When she looked at the blackboard

"Oh boy!" She saw a very irritated Oliver looking at her. "Detention" He said.

"He had been calling your name for sometime, but you didn't answer." Melly said and turned towards Oliver.

'Man cut me some slack, will ya.' Mai thought.

After the class ended, every student left expect Mai. She reached Oliver and without him saying anything, started filing the papers.

Oliver smirked and said "It seems to me that you have developed some brain cells."

Mai looked at him and said "Oh! shut it, Oliver" she said.

"Eh! You call Eugene Gene but you call me Oliver only." He murmured.

But unfortunately for him Mai heard.

She smirked and said "What? Are you jealous, O-L-I-V-E-R?"

Oliver looked at her "Shut up".

She smiled 'Even he gets jealous'

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