Southern Region

Chapter 2

I stuffed as many clothes in my backpack as I could. I quickly sneak out my window and onto the fire escape as quiet as possible. I jump off the fire escape five stories up. I call on the wind to slow my fall and gently land on an old mattress in the alleyway. The hinges creak so I cringe, surprised at the sudden noise. I run for five miles and duck under a floorboard in an old broken down china shop. I dive down a hidden slide. When I hit the ground, I sit on a chair close to a big oval table.

Javier Zeal sees me and shouts, spittle flying from his lips,

“Leo Augsburg! We almost started the meeting without you! Would you like to know why we waited for you?!” I stood straight and replied, “I am genuinely sorry, sir. I got suspended and ate dinner late. I know it’s no excuse, so I’m sorry.” I hastily sit down and fold my hands. “Very well. We shall continue with our meeting. Jason Krane, is there any news from the Western Region?” Jason, leader of the Western Region, stood up and wiped his hands on his shorts, saying, “There is some current news. Nothing good, sadly. The Entity is still at large, having wiped out five of the most powerful demigods in my region. That is all.” Jane Smith, leader of the Eastern Region, jumped to her feet and exclaimed, “The same has happened to the Eastern Region! Although only two powerful demigods. The leader of the Northern Region got killed two nights ago!” She sat.

I stood, shakily, saying, “You all have the Southern Region condolences. The Entity has not yet reached my region, thank the gods. I know that I’m new to leadership, but I understand what you are all dealing with. I will do everything in my power to help. That is all. Thank you.” Jane smiles at me as I sit down, worried about what they thought of me being a new leader.

I should probably explain what happened to my region’s old leader. Colton Malin was a double agent, working for the Entity. Then, the Entity betrayed him and ended up killing Colton. Nobody knew Colton’s power, or how he died, but, apparently, he was the strongest leader in the Southern Region’s history.

So, when Javier adjourned the meeting, I stood up so quickly I knocked over my chair and fell, basically making a fool of myself. Javier walks up to me and offers a ride home with the other leaders. I accept graciously.

After he dropped the other leaders off at their houses, he stopped the jeep and turned to me. He said that we needed to talk. I asked him what he meant and he says,

“I mean it’s time for your first mission as a leader.”

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