Southern Region

Chapter 3

I was camping out in the forest, spying on the Northern Region. Some of Javier Zeal’s spies have reported talk of the Entity having a sanctuary in the Northern Region. That’s why Javier told me to spy on the Region. I’ve been spying for at least four or five hours. So far, there has been no suspicious activity. I lean against a tree and close my eyes.


I jolt awake, hearing a rustling sound in the bushes. I sneak next to a different tree to see what the noise is about. When I see who it is, I instantly duck back in the protection of the tree. When the voices start to fade away, I look around to make sure I’m alone. I stand up and start running full speed. I hear a shout and see people running after me launching arrow after arrow towards me, so I jump as high as possible and call on the wind to carry me and suspend my flight. As I’m flying, I flick my wrist towards the Northern Region and the sky instantly starts to hail. I fly all the way to the Southern Region Safehouse and swing inside my room. The strength I used to start the storm gave me fatigue so I lay on my bed and close my eyes.

When I wake up, my whole body hurts. Both of my legs are sore, my arms hurt, and I’m extremely tired. I try to go back to sleep and fail. I give up trying to sleep and stand up, walking to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. As I walk down the stairs of the Safehouse, I hear the sound of shattering glass, somewhere on the main floor. I quickly jump over the railing and spot a cloaked figure jump in the window and run into the library with incredible dexterity. I give chase, jumping over a bookshelf the cloaked figure had knocked over. The cloaked figure attacks me, getting close enough for me to see him clearly. A leader. A Regional leader.

“Ahhh!” I shout as I jolt awake. I look around and realize that I was dreaming. I summon fire on my palm to light the room. I find that it’s ransacked. My drawers were open and my books were gone, as with my nightstand. Whoever ransacked my room made no move to hide it. I jump over the railing and float downstairs to speak with Javier Zeal about what my dream meant. I never had visions before, only Javier had visions because he was a Teller. A Teller receives visions and interprets them. Very few people have ever received visions, Javier is one of them.

I reach his room and knock on his door. He answers it, staring at me, without saying anything. “Come in, take a seat wherever.” I walk in, surveying his room, and say, “I am sorry to wake you at this hour, but we needed to converse in private.” He glances out the window, lost in thought, then asks, “You had a vision, I assume? About a leader?” I just stare at him, frozen in shock, and manage to say, “How did you know? Do you know what it means?” He looks at me and walks out of the room, saying, “It was your vision, so you have to define it. I would like you to meet me in the Lower Level in three hours. Do not be late. We need to suit you up.”

I walk down the stairs towards the Lower Level to talk to Javier and reach the living room, finding Javier waiting for me. He motions for me to follow him and presses a hidden button on a bookshelf. A hidden camera scans his face and flashes. The wall slowly slides open, super quietly. I follow Javier into a huge room and he motions me to sit down. He presses another button on the armrest of his chair and all the walls rotate. There were all kinds of items lining the walls. When I looked closely, I could see swords, scythes, shuriken, armor, and magic items. He grabbed a sword, studied it, sheathed it, and tossed it to me. I drop it, surprised, and pick it back up. I weigh the sword in my hand, asking, “So, what is this sword exactly for?” Javier grabs two battleaxes, slipped them into his belt, and says, “I am going to take you, Jason, and Jane to an enemy encampment. Once there, you and the others will form a plan to attack. I will remain unseen, but if you do need help, I will help you. You are the last to know this. We expect you to meet us in two days at Elias Park. See you there.”

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