Southern Region

Chapter 4

When I get there, Jason and Jane jog towards me, carrying extra weapons. They ask me which weapon I want, and I simply show them my wrist. My wrist has a circlet of gold on the outside of my skin. Whenever I tap my wrist twice, a two-handed Claymore sword appears in my hand. The blade is made of celestial bronze, which all demigod weapons are made of. I toss it up in the air and it disappears. Jason raises his arm and, tapping his watch, a scythe shoots out. I stare at the scythe, impressed at his watch trick. “You made that yourself?” I ask. “Yea, two years ago. That was when I found out that I excelled at creating stuff. My dad’s Vacat Mersos, so it’s easy for me.” Jane walks up and smirks. “That’s all you have? How ’bout this?” She taps her armor, spreads her arms, and celestial bronze wings slide out. The wingtips were razor sharp. “Can that really fly?” I ask, bewildered. She rolls her eyes and says, “No, it’s for scuba diving. It’s a concealed aqualung.” We all crack up until the air around us turns a dark violet. We turn around and see Javier raise his arms and shouts something, but whatever he said was made inaudible because of the increasing wind. And then everything went dark.

Extreme cold and blinding light woke me up. I must have passed out when Javier summoned Itinerantur(the Traveler). I open my eyes and take in my surroundings. I look over my shoulder and see Jason and Jane collapsed on both sides of a tree. I rushed toward them right as they both jumped up, scythe and blade. I put my hands up, confused. “Boo!” they shout, laughing when they see my facial expression. “Did you really think we were going to kill you?” Jane asked, still giggling. “Yea, you guys got me. I didn’t really know if you’d kill me or not. I was confused.” I confessed, starting to chuckle myself.

“Well, let’s go.”

As we were creeping through the forest, Jason kept hesitating and looking around. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “There’s something in the forest… or in the air…” He replied. Jane turns to me, “Leo, can you sense anything in the sky? Besides birds, obviously.” I sense the sky and feel a presence. “Magnanime,” I mutter. “Well, only a chinook helicopter full of telkhines,”I say as they look at me. Jane looks around and says, “Suit up.”

We ran to the general direction of the helicopter, under my orders, for the time being. Once we saw the helicopter, we formed a triangle around it as it landed. We spread out our hands towards each other, and I silently called on to my power. The air started to get misty, the winds increasing. Soon, there was a tornado forming around the helicopter, in between our arms. As the winds increased, the helicopter began to sway. Finally, I pushed my power to its full extent, forming a huge electric fire rod. I quickly toss it at the helicopter I started to blackout, my sight getting red. The helicopter pitched forward, shredding its blades against the trees at the edge of the clearing. It slammed into the ground. Flames flew everywhere, lighting up the sky. Sparks flew around my face as I fought to stay conscious. I frantically searched for my friends, slipping in and out of consciousness. As soon as I saw Jason crawling past the flames, I ran to help him. I stop, seeing that he’s moving but unconscious. I tap my wrist, causing my sword to appear in my hand. I crouch by the carcass of the helicopter, stealing a glance at Jason. I laugh, overpowered by relief. Jane jumps, accidentally dropping Jason on a pile of ashes. She rushes towards me, hugging me. “Thank the gods! I thought you were dead! I couldn’t find you anywhere!” She exclaimed. “Uh, yeah, that’s nice,” I mutter, blushing. She realizes she was hugging me and backs up, embarrassed. “That never happened.” She muttered.

We manage to wake Jason, using some ambrosia and nectar, food and drink of the gods and goddesses. A little bit of the meal can heal demigods, but too much can burn you up. Literally. As a demigod, you get pretty used to using only small amounts. Color returned to his face, and he started coughing. “What happened? All I saw was a helicopter full of… dogs? And… then it blew up?” I laugh, and say, “Actually, telkhines, not dogs.” Jason rolls his eyes and says, “Close enough.” Jane smiles, saying, “Come on, we need to get going. We can’t stay here forever. People are going to start wondering about what happened.” I look up and ask, “What about the Mist? Won’t it cover most of the explosion up?” “Some, but not all.”

We found shelter a couple of miles from the wreckage, stopping constantly to take breaks because of the loss of energy from the helicopter. A couple of times we had to defend ourselves from dracaena(dragon people), which for some reason were in the forest.


We break through the forest, blinded by the sun. “What the-” Jason starts. “The Entity’s stronghold?” Jane asks. I’m so blinded by the sun, I shrug and say, “Disneyland?” “Shut up, this is serious.” They both say as one. My eyesight clears, letting me see. When I see the building, I gasp. A castle, palace, monument… There was nothing to describe this place, except for magnificent. The… palace was breathtaking.

“Well, let’s storm this palace!” Jason said, pumping his fist in the air. “Are you sure about this, J?” Jane asks. “Yea, do you really think we can just walk in?” I jump in. Jason rolls his eyes, tapping his watch. His scythe shinks out, and he swings it around, saying, “Let’s just go.”

The instant we climbed over the fence lining the palace, alarms began ringing, then stopped as soon as it started. In that instant, skeletons, telkhines, hellhounds, and other demigods flooded the property. “Nice welcoming party,” I muttered. “Fight?” asks Jason. “I hate big dogs,” Jane smiles. And together we all charge.

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