That sexy dress


Both are oblivious to each others feelings, but what if they'll soon realize those feelings? Will both do something about it? or will they just keep it and let the others do somethin' about it?

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters aside from the story.


"I'd love to see Ericchi in a sexy dress!" says Nozomi with a sly smile.

"Ooh! Sexual harassment!" Honoka exclaimed making Kotori sweatdropped, "Sexy dynamite, you mean.."

"I can't do it.." Umi mumbled while hugging her knees, burying her face on it.

"Get over it already!" Nico retorted.

"I don't want to!" Eri shot back at the obviously amused shrine helper, "I'm not wearing something like that!"


"Ready!" their leader raised a flaglet making Rin and Umi getting into a running position. "Set!"

The other muse members are eyeing the two competitors, cheering them. Okay, more likely cheering the orange haired girl to be exact.


Off they go. Their audience eyes went wide seeing them ran like hell.

On the other hand, a certain blue eyed girl is currently following a gaze to the blue haired girl while blushing unknowingly. Biting the insides of her cheeks after remembering the event before this crazy antic.

-Flash back-

"Ooh! Rin wants to see it too nyaa~!" the orange haired girl jumped out excitedly.

Diverting the topic to the ex student council president, Umi slowly stands and watched her friends tease the blonde to no end.

"Hmm.." Honoka began examing Eri's figure three hundred and sixty degrees making the captive girl blush, "You'll look good in it Eri-chan!"

"Honoka!" she shot back while blushing more.

"That's it!" Hanayo suddenly exclaimed earning everyone's attention.

"What is it Hanayo-chan?" the brunette asked.

"If there's one Muse member wearing a sexy dress and be the center for our next song, I'm sure many will be captivated and I'm pretty pretty sure it would increase our popularity even more!"

Everyone was in awe, she just explained that in one gulp of breath. Who wouldn't though?

Eri's brow twitched while slowly taking a step back, "Y-Yada!"

"Come on Ericchi~" the shrine helper kept a smug grin on her face while inching onto a terrified blonde.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Kotori blatted while clasping her hands together raising it over her chest, "I did make one.. Gome Eri-chan, I used your body size as the model of my designs." she then looked at the baffled blonde apologetically.

"Good job, Kotori-chan!" their excited leader gave a thumbs up.

"Just wear that damn dress already!" Nico bursted while crossng her arms in annoyance, "So that we can practice!"

"Yeah.. G-Go on.. N-Not that I'm interested.." the red haired girl said while looking away with a hint of blush staining her cheeks, but then glanced back with one eye open.

Thinking her friends are crazy, Eri kept backing away until she bumped onto someone behind her making her flinched and face the person.

"Ah gome Umi.." she quickly apologize while Umi gave a small smile, "It's okay.."

"Eri-chaaaaaaan~!" the brunette again bolted towards the blonde making the girl hide behind the archer.

"Eh?" Umi got confused of the blonde's sudden action then she quickly glance to the person who's the main reason why the girl behind her is hiding.

A palm connected to Honoka's face making her stop from coming closer. The blonde's eyes went wide with the bluenette's sudden action, "Eh?"

"W-Why are you forcing E-Eri to wear it if she doesn't want to?" A red hue lit up on her cheeks, she then pulls her hand back while trying to compose herself together.

"Oh? Ericchi got a knight eh?" the busty chick's remark didn't help a bit.

"Ooh~!" everyone chorused making the two in subject blush like fire.

"S-S-Shut up!" the archer stuttered so bad while getting redder, "I-I-I-I just~" she was then cut off as Honoka holds her shoulder while having a smug grin, "How subtle of you Umi-chan.."

The bluenette felt like her face were emitting smoke, "T-T-That's not~" she was cut off again.

"You too Eri-chan.." snickered, "Such a sly eh?"

"H-Hey!" both in topic protest.

"Their faces are red nyaa~"

Thanks to Rin, their faces are even redder.

"How 'bout this.." Nico spoke, "Why don't you deal with it in a contest, how's that?"

"Hmm.. Nico-chan got a point.." Maki seconded, "It'll be fair enough, I guess.." she kept twirling her red lock.

"If you lose, you get have to wear it.." her bestfriend kept her knowing smile, "..then vice versa.."

All of them stared at the blonde intently while waiting for her answer.

"I-If I agree.. W-What's the game?" she gulped, hoping it's not something worth dying for.

"Hmm.." the brunette puts her index finger under her chin showing she's thinking deep, "Ah! I know! How about a multi obstacle course?"

The latter's eyes went wide, eventhough she's fit, flexible enough and a good dancer; she's not really good when it comes to sports. "B-But~"

"I-I'll stand in for her.." the archer claimed, looking away while trying to hide her blush.

"Eeehh~?!" everyone exclaimed, the defendant herself can't even believe it.

-End of Flash back-

She kept biting her lower lip trying to fight back her nervousness, 'Why did she do that?' still keeping her eyes on the archer who is a meter ahead from the orange haired girl.

"My.. someone's keeping an eye on her saviour.."

Red lines instantly ran across the latter's ears after hearing her bestfriend's remark.

"W-What are you talking about Nozomi?"

"I know you're wondering why she did that.." smiling while looking at the archer who's running now along with her competitor.

On the other hand..

"Go Rin-chaaaaaan~!"

Her supposed to be two bestfriends just cheered for her enemy. Sweatdropped, 'Traitors..' now she's a meter ahead, she can't helped but think about what happened. 'What's got into me and why I said that?''s embarassing.. instantly her face went red, "Whatever!" she hollered, giving all her strength to ran faster.

She can see now the finish line. 'Almost there..' her attention was then caught when Honoka shouts.

"Maki-chan! Hanayo-chan! Don't let Umi-chan reach the finish line!"

The blonde and the archer cast their eyes on her with disbelief.

"H-Hey! That's totally unfair!" Eri exclaimed after she caught a glance at Maki and Hanayo who's running ahead bringing the supposed to be finish line with them.

The ex vice president just chuckled knowing their leader's crazy ideas.

'Tsk.. that Honoka..' Umi's brow twitched, coz whenever the other girl is ahead of her, Maki and Hanayo stopped running. But whenever she's in the lead, both ran like hell.


"Ne, Ericchi.." calling her bestfriend's attention without leaving a gaze on the archer, "What do you think about Umi-chan?"

Eri looked at her, "Huh? Why are you asking me that?"

The latter only glanced at her while smiling making her confused, but she complied and answer anyway.

"Well.." casting her eyes back at the bluenette, "..she easily gets embarrassed, but has a strong personality and very reliable.." a smile slipped off her face, "..she's a good singer, a good composer and also, she's good at sports.."

Unbeknownst to her, her bestfriend just watched her from the corner of her eyes while smirking, "Do you like her?"

Huh? I don't get her.. "Of course.." turning her head to the latter with a smile, "..just like everyone else.." looking back at the bluenette.

The shrine helper slowly slipped back the card into her pocket, 'I'm pretty sure the card says otherwise..'

In the meantime..

"Ne, Umi-chan.." Rin called her competitor who is now in match with her pace, "What do you think about Eri-chan?"

She almost choked at her question, "W-What's with that q-question?"

"Well, I'm just curious since you suddenly stood up for her earlier.." clearly in a teasing tone, and that smirk certainly isn't helpful.

Slowly getting red. Again. "W-What? I-I-It doesn't mean anything! I know Eri is not that good in sports, that's why!"

"Hmm.. so, what do you think of her nyaa~?"

Knowing she can't escape, she sighed. "Hmm.. she has a strong personality, very reliable.. hmm.." glancing up, trying to find the right words to describe her senpai, "..she's a good dancer, very smart and she's also gorgeous.." she then felt her face getting hotter.

"So, do you like her nyaa~?"

Turning her head quickly to the latter in disbelief, "W-What? O-Of course I like her.. J-Just like the others as well.." I don't get her..

"Maybe you want to see Eri-chan in a sexy dress! See ya nyaa~!" dashing much faster leaving the tomato head behind.

"W-W-What?!" after her mind pictured Eri wearing something exotically sexy, her face got even redder. 'Honoka's dead!' she ran much faster passing by the latter.

"Hanayo! Umi is gaining on us!" the red haired girl exclaimed after seeing the amber eyed girl speeding.

"I-I can't take it anymore Maki-chan!" the idol fanatic panted hard while slowing down.

When Maki attempts to help her the line broke. 'Huh?' her eyes went wide after seeing the archer reducing her speed.

"Oh man, she won.." Nico retorted, crossing her arms while having a bored look.

The quarter Russian ran up to the panting winner and hugged her tight, "Waah~ Umi, you won!"

Still on the verge of catching her breath, "O-Oh, t-that's great.." instead of hugging her senpai back, she collapse on her.



"She's currently resting.." the blue eyed girl notify her comrades after closing the door to the other side of the room.

Everyone sighed in relief knowing Umi is okay.

Eri then move towards the front with arms crossed, "A deal's a deal.. she won.."

"Now now Ericchi.." Nozomi looked at her with a knowing smile, "I clearly remember Honoka-chan said multi obstacle course.."

Emphasizing on the multi, her eyes went wide. "Ch-Chotto! Don't you think Umi had enough?!"

"You seemed pretty concerned about your knight Ericchi~" grinning slyly, "We didn't say Umi-chan will play the next game.."

"Eh?" blinking furiously then pouts, "Mou! Why are you all so eager to see me wear it?!"

They then heard the door clicked open, "What's the next game?" revealing the archer.

"Eeeehh~!" everyone exclaimed.

Honoka directly ran towards the latter and looked at her with concern, "U-Umi-chan! Why did you stand up? Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine Honoka, just got tired earlier but I'm fine." giving a weak smile, she then looked down making her bangs cover her eyes, "Saa~!" slamming her right hand over the table startling everyone, "What's next?" she then looks at them with eyes fired up with determination making the other girls shiver, "I'm not gonna let you have your way.."

The shrine helper just smirked, 'This is gonna be fun..'



While the others are busy preparing the set, Eri approached the bluenette who's currently stretching.

"Ne, Umi.." crouching down to face the archer, "Thank you for doing this, I appreciated it." she then diverts her gaze towards their busy friends, "But you don't have to continue this silly game of theirs.. I feel troubled seeing you worked up in this.."

The latter the stand up stretching her arms forward, "I don't mind.. someone has got to teach them a lesson.." she then smiled and winked playfully at the quarter Russian girl.


The two of them turn their heads towards the source, only to find a certain brunette who's excitedly waving her hands. "It's ready! Get ready Umi-chan!"

Umi then picked up her bow and arrow case, "Don't worry Eri.." giving an assuring smile before walking out.





"Okay Umi-chan, here's what you'll do.." her busty senpai smiled, "You just need to hit those apples over there.." pointing the targets out in the field, "Twenty apples for twenty seconds.. missing one apple or if you ran out of time will make you lose automatically.."

Eri gulped in nervousness, 'They're really bringing her to the edge of losing..' can do it Umi..

"Ready.." the idol fanatic signals, "Start!" clicking the timer.

Seeing how the apples catched the arrows one by one, the wouldn't even blink to miss it. "S-Sugoi.." all of them muttered.

"Don't you want to cheer your knight Ericchi?" standing beside her bestfriend who's currently in awe.

"W-What?" snapping out from the trance the archer has given her, her cheeks lit up voluntarily.

"Mm-hm.." smiling in amusement, she looked back at the player.

"Sad to say.." Hanayo clicked the timer stop, "Umi-chan won again.." looking in dismay after receiving a handful of 'awe', "Cleared in twelve second tops.."




Umi sighed as she relaxed while setting her bow down, she was then handed a bottle of water.

"Hai.." Eri smiled at her, "Congrats Umi.."

"Arigatou gozaimasu.." taking rhe bottled water while smiling back.

Meanwhile, at the farthest corner of the archery hall, they were watched by a couple of eyes.

"What should we do now? Umi-chan is good at almost everything!" Honoka whispered while pouting.

"They still haven't realized their feelings for each other.." Nico looked at the dou in bored eyes while crossing her arms, "It's kind of annoying already.."

"I thought both of them are smart nyaa~" Rin slides down the wall in disappointment.

"W-Well, both of them are inexperienced in love after all.." Kotori looked at the orange haired girl apologetically.

"It's already late, what should we do tomorrow?" Maki asked while playing the edge of her hair.

Their busty senpai glance at the two who's currently chuckling quietly, "We'll go on trekking tomorrow.."

"Eh? Where?" the muse leader tilt her head, "Is this part of the game Nozomi-chan?"

"No, just one of the ways to let them be together.." facing back her juniors with a smile, "We'll think of another game along the way.." chuckling quietly, "That sexy dress was just an excuse after all.."

"Ooh! This will be exciting nyaa~!" the orange haired girl pumped her fist up in the air ecstaticly.

"Desho?" the brunette the hugged the latter with the same energy.

"What's going on here?" the ex student council president asked making them freeze on their spot except for the emerald eye girl.

"We're gonna go trekking tomorrow behind the local shrine.." smiling, I know Umi-chan likes mountain adventures. "There's a hot spring within the woods and it's three hours away, I was hoping we can relax a bit.."

"Hmm.. well, you're right.." the archer agreed, "But we need to practice as soon as we got back."

"Of course!" her busty senpai smiled while behind her were a group of girls who has an evil smile and emitting some dark aura. "Oh! I almost forgot!" clapping her hands, "I've got something to do Ericchi~ See you tomorrow!"

When the shrine helper turned her back against the two, she then gave a wink to the other girls before taking her leave.

"Me too.." Nico quickly gets her bag then slings it on her shoulder, "Maki, don't forget that you're accompanying me today.." she then proceeds leaving.

"Hai hai.." the red haired junior complied then gets her bag, "See you tomorrow.." directly following her small senpai outside.

"Ah! Kotori-chan! Dad made a new flavor of dumplings today! Come on!" sweeping their bags while dragging the chairwoman's daughter away, "See ya tomorrow!"

"Rin-chan! There's a fifty percent discount on every rice meals at that store the other day! Come on!" quickly running out.

"Kayo-chin matte!" she grabbed her bag, "See you tomorrow.." taking a quick bow, she then chase the latter leaving the dou blinking.

..and there, they're gone..

"All of them seemed to leave in a hurry.." the blunette spoke while putting her bow in the canister.

"Yeah, I guess we should head home as well." looking at the latter apologetically.

"I'll just change for a sec.." she grabbed the knob waiting for the blonde's reply before opening it.

"Okay, take your time." smiling at her kouhai who then disappeared to the door.


Both walked in silence outside their school, they kept fidgeting unknown to the other.

'I've got to say something..' both mentally protested

"Umi?/Eri?" hey said in unison making them looked at each other.

"Eh.. you first.." the kouhai offered.

"Uhh.. I was just wondering if it's okay with you if we stop by a cake shop? I promised Arisa to bring her one today." giving a small smile, "If you don't mind.."

"I don't mind.." smiling back at her senpai who then sighed in relief.

"So what is it that you're going to say Umi?" glancing at her for a sec.

"Oh, I was just about to ask you if you have somewhere to go.. but I already know the answer." she then gave a small chuckle.

Unbeknownst to the archer, some blue eyes were glued onto her the moment she gave a small laugh.

'She's cu~ What am I thinking?!' her blush marched up to her cheeks instantly, she then look away. 'Harasho..'

While walking silently, both didn't realized that they are getting closer until their hands brushed lightly making the older girl retrieve her hand swiftly while getting red.

"Are you okay Eri?" her kouhai noticed, "Your face is kinda red."

"Huh? N-No, I'm fine.." forcing a smile, "D-Don't wory.. I'm just tired.."

"Hmm.. then we better hurry to the cake shop so that you can go home and take a rest."

"Y-Yeah.." ..I'm thinking too much..

Not for long they arrived at their destination, after buying the cake both then got out.

Reaching the intersection where they will be departing, "Thank you for accompanying me today Umi.." giving a weak smile.

"Of course, no problem." staring at the older girl curiously making the latter confused.


Right then and there, Umi moved her face closer making their foreheads touch. The blonde couldn't help but blush non-stop while staring back at the amber eyed girl with wide eyes, still baffled with her actions. Seconds later, Umi pulled back making Eri breath.

"I just checked your temperature.. since you looked kinda red.." smiling, "But it seems like you're fine. Just take an early rest." starting to face the direction of her home, "Take care and good day.. see you tomorrow." she then gave a smile before walking away.

"Harasho.." is what she can only manage to say after seeing the archer disappear. be continued..


Arigatou! ;)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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