That sexy dress

Chapter 10

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"We'll be graduating no matter what happens." Eri spoke, "We can't continue working as idols, so we shouldn't talk about what happens after we leave.. that's what I believe.." she looked at her crestfallen friends, mirroring their facial reaction. "You'll ultimately have to decide, I think that's how it should be.."

'Eri..' Umi looked at her in concern, she knows that this will be coming and she's ready to support her every step of the way.

"Eri.." Nico whispered, Nozomi then crouched down next to her patting her head.

"I guess she's right.." she smiled weakly.

Everyone looked down, feeling the weight of having other members leave. Nozomi then stood up and cleared her throat.

"So, before we will graduate.." she looked at everyone with a smile before turning her gaze towards the blonde, "We must see Ericchi wear a sexy dress!" she grinned making her bestfriend flinched. She just have to divert the awful atmosphere around them.

"N-Nozomi!" she blushed instantly.

Everyone's mood suddenly changed, the atmosphere suddenly felt lighter than earlier.

"Ohh!" Honoka jumped excitedly, "I almost forgot about that!"

"Rin almost forgot too nyaa~" the orange haired girl exclaimed.

Eri gulped, 'Umi, help!'

In an instant, Umi cleared her throat. "I thought we're done with this?" she crossed her arms and closed her eyes while having a serious look on her face.

"Ohh.. Ericchi's knight is on the move again.." Nozomi snickered.

"Wh-What?!" the bluenette directly blushed.

"Can we just drop this?" the blonde sighed, "I don't want to wear something like that!" she stomped her foot while pouting.

"Here's the dress that you're supposed to be wearing Eri-chan." Kotori spoke as she raised the linen right in front of her.

'Since when did she get that?' the couple thought in unison as they stared at the forbidden textile.

"Oohh~" they all looked in awe, except for the blonde. Umi sure is captivated by this very intriguing clothing.

The dress is simple yet sexy in a kind of way, it's a black sleeveless type and the bottom only reached up to halfway of the legs. The chest is in a see-through design making an ample amount of cleavage to be exposed, except for the part of the breast where an arc is left just right above the perks of the model, and the tummy part is also a see-through going around the back then down just right above her butt.

Eri's face burst into smoke, 'What is that?!'

"Pretty nice, Kotori-chan!" the brunette raised two thumbs up making the lil bird giggled.

'Eri would look g- what am I thinking?!' she shook her head, "That's really embarrassing to wear Kotori.." she looked at the latter.

"Than I shall challenge you, Sonoda Umi-san!" Nozomi pointed the bluenette who flinched.


"Here's the deal.." she gave a knowing smile, glancing at the others who smiled in amusement. "If you'll win the challenges that we will throw at you, we will stop pushing Ericchi to wear this.."

The bluenette's eyebrow twitched, she doesn't want yet to let everyone know about their relationship just because she kept defending her. But yet at the same time, she don't want her girlfriend be teased endlessly. She gulped as the latter continued her little explanation.

"Wh-Why me?" she stepped back.

"Nozomi! Don't drag Umi into this!" the blonde pouted making her bestriend giggled.

"You are her knight, right?" Rin interjected, "You already took some challenges before nyaa~" she grinned.

"Yeah! So, might as well finish what you've started." Nico looked at the bluenette in a deadpanned expression.

Umi's eyebrow twitched while Eri's brows furrowed. After a few seconds, the bluenette sighed.

"F-Fine.. but this will be the last of your nonsense challenges!" she glared at them making them yelp in victory. She then rubbed her temple, "Matakku.."

'Umi..' The blonde looked at her girlfriend in concern.


"So, here are the details!" Nozomi exclaimed while waving a flaglet, "First, you need to excell each round.. don't worry, we will judge the round fair and square.." she smiled, "Second, this is a matter of your name being Ericchi's knight!" she pointed the flaglet at the bluenette who then flinched. "Lastly, we will not go easy on you.." she grinned.

"Nozomi!" Eri exclaimed while blushing.

..For Eri! "Got it.." the bluenette stretched out both her arms then sighed out heavily.




Everyone gathered around the back of the school building where a large space is available for their little game. A whistle was then blown making everyone looked at the source.

"Okay everyone!" Honoka hollered while holding on the whistle, "Level one, the Bullseye!" she grinned while stepping away from the covered view, revealing more than a dozen of targets that were place far away from each other. It looks normal at first but when everyone stared at it, each bullseye has a letter engraved to it. "The rule is simple, just hit the letters on the target but there's a catch.." she paused then looked at the bluenette, "Since we will throw questions at you, you have to spell your answer using these.." pointing at the targets, "You have fifteen seconds to answer and you only have three exemptions to wrong answers, failed to do so.." she grinned evilly, "Eri-chan is good as ours.."

'They're really pushing Umi to the edge of losing!' Eri thought while biting her inner cheeks.

..They're really trying to make me lose! "I understand.." she sighed while positioning herself pulling the arrow beside her head, "Ready when you are.."

"First question!" Nozomi exclaimed, "What is the color of Ericchi's eyes?"

-woosh- -thud-

The letter 'b' was directly hit followed by three more letters, the other members watched the bluenette in awe.

"Blue is correct!" the shrine helper smiled, "Second question.."

"Eri-chan's favorite expression?" Honoka exclaimed.

-woosh- -thud-

Letter 'h' was hit this time, followed by a series of wind getting sliced by an arrow.

'Harasho..' Eri gaped as she watched the bluenette answered without breaking a sweat.

" correct!" Honoka clapped her hands, "Third question.."

Meanwhile, some girls whispered from behind.

"Umi-chan's pretty awesome, isn't she?" Hanayo complemented.

"Yeah, I doubt she'll ever lose.." Maki retorted with her arms crossed.

"I seconded that.." Nico looked at the poor targets, "She's pretty scary, actually.."

On the other hand, Nozomi raised the flaglet.

"Level one cleared!" the shrine helper exclaimed.

"Whoa? Already?!" Nico agaped.

"Yes, sadly.." Honoka looked down in disappoinment.

Umi sighed out in relief, she then slowly put her bow down.

"Here, Umi.." Eri reached out a bottled water to her in which the latter gladly accepted it.

"Arigatou-gozaimasu.." she smiled, her girlfriend slowly sat beside her.

"I think I never had a chance to say this.." the blonde looked down while getting redder.

Umi tilted her head to lookat her, "What is it?"

"You really are good at sports.." she scratched her cheeks, "..maybe at almost everything, I guess.."

"Is that so?" the bluenette blinked, "Why, thank you for that.." she grinned at her making the blonde more redder.

"A-Anyway!" Eri stood up directly making the bluenette baffled, "I'll be cheering on you!" she then walked away without even bothering to wait for Umi's reply.

'Eri..' she thought as she looked at her girlfriend retreating away.




"Hai minna~!" Honoka clapped her hands, "Round two is about to start!" she exclaimed.

'How many rounds is this, anyway?' Umi mentally asked, she didn't dare to ask out loud because her friends might probably add more rounds than there is should be. She then sighed.

"Level two! Run around ten!" Nozomi exclaimed while waving the flaglet, "The rules are simple, just run ten laps!" she grinned, "Of course, there's a catch.." smirking at the bluenette, "Every ten meter gap, there are questions that you should answer."

Umi then looked at the oval where some of her friends are already in postion.

"You cannot proceed unless your answer is correct!" Nozomi smirked, "You've got twenty minutes to finish this round, failed to do so.. you know already the consequences Umi-chan.."

The archer just gulped in nervousness while walking her way towards the starting line.

"Go Umiiii~!"

A loud cheer was then heard from afar making everyone looked at the source. Everyone agaped at the sight, especially Umi who blushed instantly.

Well, the person they saw cheering was none other than the ex student council president herself, Ayase Eri. Who's currently wearing a cheerleader costume, the one she used back at the halloween event costume trial.

"You can do it, Umi!' the blonde yelled again joyfully.

"What are you doing, Eri?" Umi sweatdropped.

"Well, might as well cheer for you since everyone is against your side." she grinned while shaking the pink pompoms, "What? Don't I look good?" she pouted.

The archer tries to fight off her blushes, "T-That's not the issue.. ah whatever.." she looked away, 'I can't concentrate, thank you very much..'

A snort was then heard making Umi looked at her right side, she then finds everyone snickering at her.

"Well, what do we have here?" Nico smirked making the bluenette flustered.

"Got a cute cheerleader, ya got there!" Hanayo raised two thumbs up trying not to let blood gushed out of her nose, this made Kotori giggled.

"C-Certainly, you'll be so energized for that.." Maki looked away trying to hide her tinted cheeks.

"Ohh, I think Umi-chan found herself a cheerleader~ " Rin sang the song, alternating some lyrics. Everyone chuckled much to the archer's dismay. She's glad that Eri didn't noticed their friends teasing.

"Shall we start?" Umi looked serious making the other girls joy died.

"Killjoy!" they exclaimed in unison.




"Timer starts.." Honoka raised the timer above her head then waved it down pressing the timer, "Now!"

Umi directly dashed off to the first table, where Hanayo gladly gave her the question.

'Which animal has a stronger sense of smell? Dogs or Cats?' she cocked her brow after reading the question, 'What?' sweatdropped. Being good at academics, this type of questions are just easy for her but she just finds it ridiculous. She then shook her head, she hurriedly answered the question.

"Dog, is correct!" the idol fanatic raised her flaglet gesturing she can proceed to the next table.

Running towards the second table, she hurriedly read the question. 'What year did the world war one started?' she sighed, answering it without hesitation.

"Yes, that's correct.." Maki raised her flaglet lazily.

On the other hand, a certain blonde is very anxious on here seat. She kept gripping the pompoms, "This is nerve-wrecking.." she sighed as she watched the archer ran around the oval while stopping at each table.

"Why not cheer for her?" her bestfriend said making the blonde jumped out in surprised.

"Nozomi! You surprised me.." she sighed, "I was though.."

"Hmm.." she looked at the blonde at the corner of her eyes, "Someone's in love.."

Eri's shot her head directly to her bestfriend with a red face, "Wh-What are you t-talking about, Nozomi?!"

"Are you not?" he face the frantic blonde with a smirk hanging on her lips.

"Wh-Why are y-you saying such things?!" she backed away.

"Hmm.. you really are, aren't you?" she pushed again.

"What?! N-N-No!" Eri looked away trying to hide her red face.

"Oh.. I thought you were.." Nozomi said, 'I'm sure you are..' she smirked mentally.

Meanwhile, Umi is on her last lap.

Deadpanned, 'This is really ridiculous..' running faster towards the finish line and passed by it cutting the line. She then slowed down her pace and catched her breath.

"Level two cleared in sixteen minutes!" the brunette exclaimed while looking at the timer in depressed look, "Umi-chan is too good.." she pouted.

"Yeah, she just answered all those questions in an instant.." Maki crossed her arms while looking at the bluenette who's now currently interacting with the blonde.

"Some of those questions weren't even in our lessons.." Kotori seconded.

"And some were from our lessons and college stuffs.." Nico retorted, "Just how did she manage to study all of that in advance?!" she blew up, making the other girls sighed.




They are now back in their clubroom.

"Level three!" Rin exclaimed while raising the flaglet, "Guess the song!" she then waved it while grinning.

Honoka gestured Umi to sit which the bluenette directly complied. The latter in captived looked at the microphone in front of her tilting her head in question, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"That's where you'll answer.." the brunette grinned, "Okay! You'll just have to guess the title of the song! But as usual, there's a catch!"

"You need to guess only the first five notes of the song, then you'll have ten second s to answer." Nozomi added.

..This became harder.. "I-I understand.."

'You can do it Umi!' Eri cheered mentally.

"Let's start!" the brunette exclaimed, "First song!" she pressed the play button on her ipod that is cpnnected to a speaker.

~tenenen nenen~

Umi's brows furrowed, ..too short! "Uhh.. snow halation.." she gulped, hoping she's right.

"Dan dan! Correct!" the brunette exclaimed making her sighed in relief, "Second song!"

~te nen nen nen nen~

"Uhh.. Yume no tobira?"

"Dan dan! Correct again!" the shrine helper exclaimed.

Meanwhile, a certain blonde is currently fiddling the end of her skirt out of nervousness.

'They're really giving Umi a hard time!'

"Dan dan! Correct! again.." Honoka exclaimed while muttering the last word under her breath.

Maki sighed, "There's no chance for Umi to lose.."

"I agree.." Nico seconded, "Just look at how good she is!"

"That's Umi-chan for you.." Kotori giggled.

Another song is played making Umi agape, 'What song is this?!'

"Time is running Umi-chan!" Nozomi reminded.

"Uhh.. wonderful rush?"

"Eengk! Wrong!" Honoka exclaimed joyfully.

For the first time, the great Sonoda Umi got wrong.

"That was Love wing bell!" she grinned, "I hope this goes on.." she laughed evilly.

Deadpanned, 'She's really praying for it..' Eri thought.

"Next song!" the shrine helper pressed play.

"Uhh.. Dancing stars on me.." ..tch, this is really hard! The notes were taken from the end of the song!

"Eengk! WRONG AGAIN!" the brunette laughed, she laughed not because of Umi's answer but because finally, Eri might have a bigger chance to wear the dress and see the bluenette's reaction to it. "That was No brand girls!"

'One more mistake to go!' everyone thought in unison.

"Last song to conclude the winner!" Honoka exclaimed while pressing the play button.

"Kira-kira sensation!" Umi slammed her hands on the table while standing up, "I'm sure of it!"

"Noooooooo~!" the brunette slumped on the floor dramatically.

"That's correct.." Nozomi smiled, "Well, I guess the winner is already clear.."

Umi sighed out of relief, "Thank goodness it's done.." she whispered.




Umi splashed her face with water, 'Thank God it's done..'

"Hai.." Eri handed a towel to her with a smile, "Congratulations, Umi!"

"Arigatou gozaimasu.." she smiled hack while taking the towel and wiped her face dry, "Do you want to go home together?"

"Ah, gome Umi.." she furrowed her eyebrows apologetically, "We, seniors were called to the staff room to discuss our college plans.."

Hearing the word 'college' made the bluenette disappointed, Eri noticed this then directly panicked.

"D-Don't worry about it, Umi!" she began while giving a weak smile, "We will see each other again! We'll only be a year apart, so don't worry about it okay?"

"A year.. that's still long enough.." she looked down.

"Uh.. Eh.." Eri couldn't find the right words to say, "H-How about going to the same college as me?" ..What did I just say? a red hue slowly lit on her cheeks.

The bluenette looked at her, "Same college? Hmm.."

"Uhh.. I was just-" "That's not a bad idea.." Umi smiled at her, though weak but at least it's a smile.

Eri smiled, "Then I'll see you soon.." she then pecked her lips, "Let's go.."

The six muse members all went home while the other three stayed. They all felt the heavy atmosphere again.


On sunday, they all went out to play. Visiting the places each of them wanted, all of them were happy but by the end of the day, tears filled each of their eyes. The three freshmen stood side by side crying out loud while Kotori tried to comfort Honoka, both also bursted into tears. Eri hugged her girlfriend who kept crying endlessly, she smiled but tears also rolled down her delicates cheeks.

"Geez! You're a bunch of crybabies!" Nico spat as she watched the other girls cry helplessly, "Why are you crying?!"

"Nicochii.." Nozomi called making the small girl looked at her.

"I won't cry!" she exclaimed, "I'm not gonna cry!"

The shrine helper hugged her directly making her choke out her words, "I won't cry, okay?" she said, making the busty girl hugged her tighter. "Stop it! Just stop it!" tears started to form on her eyes, but seconds later she bursted into tears making her hugger's tear fell.

Each of them kept their tears falling even until the train came.




"Are you okay now, Umi?" Eri asked while looking at the archer in concern, they have now reached the Sonoda residence. Eri walked her home since she's worried after their sudden outburst at the train station.

The bluenette nodded meekly, "Yes.." she whispered.

"Umi.." she pulled her for a hug, "Don't worry, everything will be okay.." she gave the bluenette a kiss on her temple before pulling back. "We must think of our love live performance rather than this."

"You're right.." Umi smiled weakly, "Thank you, Eri.."

"You're always welcome Umi.." she smiled back.

Seconds later, silence engulfed the two maidens. Just like magnets, they slowly closed their gap. Each lips were just inches away, both eyes closed. When their lips are just an inch away, someone cleared their throat. Their eyes went wide then snapped their heads towards the source, there they saw the none other than Mr. Sonoda Yukki who is currently smirking while leaning against the doorframe of the front door. Both bursted into red with matching smokes emitting out from their faces.

"Sorry for interrupting girls, can you please continue that in Umi's room?" he chuckled as he walked back inside.

"Holy sh-!" Eri exclaimed as she covered her face with her hands, "That was so embarrassing!"

"Th-That was so e-e-embarrassing!" Umi directly crouched down while covering her tomatoe face, "My father just had t-to witness th-that!"

Both didn't know what to do after what it seems like a forever embarrassment, they just stood there in silence still with red faces.

"Uhh.. I-I must be going now.." Eri broke out the silence.

"Y-Yes.." Umi replied meekly without looking at the latter, "P-Please be careful o-on your way h-home.."

The blonde cleared her throat, "Yes, I will.." she then gave a quick peck making the bluenette flinched, "I love you.." she smiled.

"I-I love you too.." she smiled back shyly.

"See you on the love live school idol meetings!" Eri then started to walked away while waving goodbye.

"Yes, See you too!" Umi smiled while seeing her girlfriend off. be continued..


Thank you for reading! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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