That sexy dress

Chapter 2

As usual, Umi was the one who's so prepared when it comes to mountains.

"Saa Minna~! The mountain is waiting!" the bluenette exclaimed joyfully as she adjusted her bag on her back.

"Umi-chan is so excited." Honoka noticed while adjusting her bag on her back a bit higher.

Their busty senpai then moved closer and whispered, "Let's make it more exciting, shall we?" giving a playful wink, she then earned a quiet chuckle from her juniors except Maki and Nico who has this deadpanned look.

"Ah Umi-chan!" the emerald eye girl called out the blunette's attention, "I think Ericchi needs some help with her things.." after emphasizing the word need, the other girls can't help but snicker.

"Oh?" the amber eyed girl shifted her gaze towards a certain blonde girl who's carrying two hand bags while going up the stairs. Certainly, she's having a hard time. "Eh? Eri!" rushing towards the older girl.

On the other hand, Nozomi chuckled while facing the others. "I purposely let Ericchi brought those things."

"What are those anyway?" Maki retorted while twirling the edge of her red locks.

"Foods and bottled waters for us." grinning slyly, "I already brought the other half of the supplies earlier."

The other girls sweatdropped, 'She's evil..'




"Eh? Eri!" hurriedly approaching her senpai, "Here, let me help you." not waiting for her answer, she directly swept the bags the older girl was carrying.

Eri's eyes went wide, "Eh? Umi! I can handle it!" tries to get the bags in which she failed to get coz her junior just waved it away from her, "Give me back those!" pouting.

"It's okay, I can handle it." smiling at the pouted girl, ..she looks.. NO! composing herself, "Saa, Ikimasho?"


"Are we.. haa.. haa.. there yet?" Honoka panted out while leaning on the tree follwed by Nico and Hanayo who almost slump onto the ground.

"For Christ sake! How far is this anyway?!" their small senpai exclaimed, still catching her breath.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Umi faced them, still full of energy despite carrying that big bag of hers and two hand bags. "We're still walking for an hour."

"More like crawling.." Nico muttered.

Rin ran up towards the blunette then whispered, "I think, Eri-chan needs your help Umi-chan." turning her head towards the blonde who's panting hard.

Without hesitation, the archer went down to her senpai and held out her hand to her. "Here, Eri." smiling at her.

The other girls couldn't help but giggle.

"Eh? N-No, it's okay Umi!" forcing a smile while straightening herself up. "I'm fine."

"We're leaving you two behind!" her bestfriend yelled, "It's going to get dark soon!" she then turns her back and walked away.

"Come on.." said the bluenette who then started to turn her back but was then stopped by someone who grabbed her hand. Turning her head back to her captor, "Eh?"

The blonde blush lightly, "D-Don't leave me behind Umi.." gripping the latter's hand tighter. Being afraid of the dark really has it's disadvantages. Or that's what she thought.

Smiling at her senpai while taking her hand, "Let's go!" pulling her senpai along.

Not far away, a couple of eyes were ogling at them secretly while giggling.




After another hour of walking, they went into another stop to catch their breath.

"We're almost there everyone!" Nozomi called out excitedly to the others.

"Thank.. haa.. haa.. God!" that's Nico for you.

"You shouldn't have come if you easily get tired." Maki retorted while twirling the edge of her hair.

"Why you!" she was about to pounce on the red head girl when she heard Nozomi chuckled, turning her head towards the subject.

"How sweet!" the busty chick chuckled while clasping her hands together.

"Eh?" Eri and Umi blinked, knowing that they are the food for thought they instantly went red and untwine their hands hurriedly. 'We're still holding hands!' looking away in embarrassment.

The orange haired girl skipped towards them while grinning slyly, "How does holding each others hand feel nyaa~?"

Both didn't answer in embarrassment while blushing ten folds more. Looking at Umi, it feels like she wants to bury herself older girl straighten herself up, ..I should be the reliable one!.. "S-So, are we there yet?"

"Almost.." her bestfriend turned her back directly the starts walking ahead, "Better hurry up everyone, it'll be dark soon!"

The blonde's eyes went wide while fixing her gaze towards the latter, 'Did I just saw her smirked?" she felt a tap on her shoulder making her turn towards the person.

"Come on, it's going to get dark.." Maki then turns her back and started following Rin who's currently pushing Hanayo to walk.

Eri looked up the clear blue sky with a hint of oranges at the right signaling that the sun is setting. She then felt a tap on her shoulders again.

"We should go, they're gonna leave us." the bluenette then started to walk away but then was held back for the second time. "Eh? Eri, are you okay?" looking at her senpai with concern.

The blonde went beet red again, hand moved on its own! "D-Don't leave me behind." pouting.

..Eri's cute.. what the? "O-Of course.." trying to fight back her blushes, "Let's go.." holding Eri's hand again.

Not far away, two girls were hiding behind the bushes.

"Did you get it Kotori-chan?" the brunette whispered while being the look out.

"Mm!" the latter nodded joyfully while looking at her camera, "Come on Honoka-chan! We can't afford to be caught by Umi-chan, she'll kill us!" smiling apologetically making the brunette gulped in nervousness after remembering the camping trip back at the ocean.

"C-Come on!"


"Finally!" the trios, namely Nico, Honoka and Rin plopped directly on the sofa.

Maki sighed seeing how ridiculous three looked, she then noticed someone is still missing. "Where's Eri and Umi?"





Sweatdropped, "E-Eri, I-I can't walk properly.."

Well for all you know, the older girl was just hugging the younger one after it became dark.

"D-Don't let go! Please U-Umi!" hugging the latter tighter.

Both are blushing, but Umi manage to compose herself despite of being embarrassed. "I-I won't, don't worry." giving an assuring smile, "I can see the lights from the house already."




"Geez, you guys made us worry!" Nico said in a scolding pose while wearing an apron.

The two remained in a bow position, "Gomenasai.."

"That's enough!" Nozomi interjected while peeking out ot the dining room, "It's time for dinner!" she then smiled.

"Is there ramen nyaa~!" the orange haired girl skipped towards the dining area followed by the other girls except the two.

After their friends disappeared into the dining hall, the two straighten up.

"Gome Umi.." the blonde apologize while looking down.

"D-Don't be, it's okay Eri!" smiling at the depressed latter hoping she could make her feel better, "Come on, it's time for dinner." pulling her senpai along who was take aback by her sudden action.

Reaching the kitchen, they were then greeted by a group with a sly grin on their faces.

"Their hands are glued nyaa~!" Rin jokingly exclaimed making the other girls snicker.

"So, holding hands are your hobby now?" Nozomi added making the two blush to the ears then parted away immediately, their amused audience pouted. "Killjoys!"

'I can't face Umi/Eri now!' both mentally groan while taking their respective seat.

The bluenette then noticed that Eri is sitting beside her who's having the same surprised expression as her, they then snapped their gaze to the other girls who's obviously avoiding their eyes and pretended they didn't noticed and continued eating.

'They didn't do this on purpose, right?' a vein popped out on Umi's temple while eating, 'Calm down Umi, you're just thinking too much.'


"Haa.." the blonde sighed after soaking her body onto the hot water, she then closed her eyes as she relaxed. 'This day is totally embarassing..' Remembering all the events makes her blush in the process, '..they kept teasing me to no end!'

Little did she know is that everyone is leaving one by one slowly.




Sometime later, she snapped her eyes open. 'Eh? I fell asleep?' looking around finding no one, 'Where is everyone?' she was about to stand up when she noticed someone at her left side. Thanks to the clouded air, she can't see the other person clearly. Moving closer to the person slowly, "Umi?" she whispered.

The younger girl didn't budge the moment she called her, "She's also asleep." Moving more closer to check on her.

After examining the bluenette, she can't help but to adore the features she sees. Blushing in the process while keeping her eyes scanning on the sleeping beauty. "She really got a nice body.. her shoulders are toned due to archery and kendo yet still feminine.. her skin looks so soft like silk..' ..what the heck am I doing?!..

Feeling embarrassed, she directly drown herself making a splash hitting the other girl.

"Hnn.." the amber eyed blinked while wiping her face, she then noticed a yellow blob under the water. When she realize who it was, she panicked. "Eri!" pulling the quarter Russian out of the water who's now gasping for air, "Are you okay, Eri? What are you doing?" firing questions at her senpai while having a worried look.

Face flushed in an instant, "N-Nothing! Just felt like soaking." she then awkwardly laughed.

Looking at the blonde seriously, "Eri, did something happen?"

With that question, the latter flinched. She really just can't say, Hey Umi.. I just checked you out while you're sleeping, can she? She'll die in embarrassment. Composing herself, "Nothing, just got tired from our little trip that's all." smiling weakly at her kouhai.

"Then we better wash up and get ready for bed." smiling at her senpai, "I'll go first.." the bluenette then stands and attempts to leave but was then stopped, coz Eri just grabbed her hand. "Eri? What is it?" looking at the girl in the water curiously.

..Crap! Why did I stop her?! "I-I'll go with you.. I-I don't want to be left here alone.." ..great excuse Ayase-san..

The bluenette just chuckled, "You're like a kid sometimes, y'know?" directly blushing at her junior's comment, "It's nice knowing you have a side like that Eri." smiling at her senpai who's utterly mute, "Saa~" pulling the blonde out of the water.

'Harasho..' her blushes are now overlapping while letting herself be pulled by the latter.


"Eeh?! We're drawing sticks to know who's sleeping with who?" Nico retorted while having an irritated look, "Why can't we sleep in one room?" crossing her arms while looking at the shrine helper.

"Huh!" Maki interject, "You moved too much.. it's better if you sleep alone." huffing away while twirling the end of her red hair.

A vein popped out of the smaller girl's temple, "Why you!" she grabbed a pillow and throws it to the latter in which she easily dodged it.

The chairwoman's daughter gave an apologetic smile, "Well, the rooms can only fit one pair."

"Though there is one room that can fit three persons." Hanayo smiled making her small senpai who's throwing tantrum sighed in defeat.

"Fine then.." crossing her arms in the process, "Who's first?"

"Ericchi, you go first." smiling at her bestfriend while helding out her right hand that is grasping the sticks concealing the colors underneath. "Here, each pair is colored differently from the other. It'll be a fair draw." smiling knowingly at her, "And let's take this opportunity to know who our roommate will be."

Eri then pulled one, "Red.."

"Saa Umi-chan, here." the shrine helper moved her hand towards the bluenette who then picked one. "Oh, yours is also red Umi-chan!" she exclaimed joyfully.

"Then, what color is that room that can fit three persons?" the blonde asked.

"Green.." chuckling lightly, "Now, off you guys go."

Her bestfriend sighed in defeat, 'Great! Now we're roommates! I had enough embarrassment infront of Umi already!" she then slowly stands and is followed by none other than Umi, the girl who she kept showing her embarrassing side. She kept sighing quietly, she really didn't want the bluenette to feel bad about being against it.




After hearing the door shut, the other girls who's left sighed in relief.

"Your idea worked well Nozomi-chan!" the brunette whispered, afraid of being heard by the other two.

"Of course." smiling coyly at the latter while settling down the sticks on the floor revealing only one type of color.

"Smart-ass.." Nico snickered.




As the two got into their room, sweatdropped.

"Eh?" both reacted after seeing only one bed. Before Umi could say anything, the blonde already stormed out of the room. Sighing, she then laid her bag on the wall side then fixed the futon on the floor. She then quickly change into her pyjamas before her senpai returns.

Zipping her bag close, the door opened then shut back again. "Eri?" looking at the blue eyed girl.

"All rooms only has one bed." sighing irritably.

"It's alright, you can take the bed." smiling at her senpai while sitting on the futon.

"Ch-Chotto Umi!"

"You're probably not used to have someone beside you in one bed, so it's okay." smiling at the baffled girl, "You better get change so that we can get some sleep, you said you're tired."

The blonde flinched after remembering her lousy lie. Dashing to the lavatory immediately to avoid her damn blush be seen, she then quickly change.

Now she's sitting on the edge of the bed while looking at Umi. "Don't you think they're acting weird?"

..she also noticed? "Hmm, do you think they are?" shooting back another question at her which the blonde thinks it didn't help at all.

Eri was about to speak when she realized the actions her friends were doing. 'No, they're not!' blushes again made their way onto her porcelain cheeks. She then looked away which makes the bluenette curious.

"What is it?" Umi eyed her curiously.

She just can't tell the latter that their friends are trying to hook them up, right? ..maybe not.. "Maybe I'm just thinking too much." giving a small chuckle, "Let's get some sleep?" laying on the bed while covering herself with a blanket.

The latter then switched off the lights, "Hai, oyasuminasai." she then laid on the futon.

"Oyasumi.." facing the other side, 'What am I thinking? They're just teasing me, Umi has nothing to do with it.' closing her eyes, thinking maybe the drowsiness will take over.




While the girl on the futon were sound asleep, a certain blonde is definitely having a hard time.

'The lightnings are creepy..' covering herself more while watching the room getting light up by the lightning outside, 'Hnn..' the room light up again, this time a form of a person was projected. Gasping out of fear she then pull the covers above her head. 'Maybe I'll lay beside Umi..' she then remembered that the bluenette is so scary when woken up in the middle of the night. Sighing, as if she can do anything.

Minutes later, Umi was then woken up by the current flashes of light outside. Glancing at the window, 'I hope it won't rain..' when she was about to lay back, she then notice the blonde hiding under the blanket who's in fetal position. "Eri?"

Hearing the bluenette, she peeked slowly from her blanket. "U-Umi? Did I woke you up?" she said it in a meek voice. Almost in Hanayo's voice when getting shy.

"No, the lightnings did." approaching the blonde then sits beside at the edge of the bed, "Are you okay?" looking at the older girl with concern.

The bluenette was then taken aback when the blonde jumped on her, hugging her tight. "T-There's a shadow.." she then stopped talking when she felt her head being pat.

"It's okay.. that was just a tree.." the bluenette stopped herself from chuckling, she can't believe that a strict senpai like her will be like this. "The lightning maybe be projected from another angle making the shadow of the tree appear." she then kept patting her senpai's head. "Can you sleep now?"

The blue eyed girl blush, ..I'll be selfish for the last time! "C-Can I sleep beside you?" hugging the latter more, avoiding her to see her face.

"Eh?" surprised at the blonde's request, ..guess can't be helped then.. chuckling lightly, "I'll just sleep beside you instead." smiling at her. "Well, the futon is small.."

The blonde complied and made room for the other girl. As Umi laid, she was facing the ceiling. She then felt the older girl hugged her sideways while burying her face onto her arm.

Feeling herself blush, the blonde moved closer making her fleshy chest stick to the bluenette's arm. She burst more into red, 'Calm down Umi..'

"D-Don't be so stiff Umi.." Eri muttered, "It feels like I'm with a log.."

Sweatdropped, she then faced the latter then hugged her back. The older girl the moved again closer burying her face on Umi's neck. With this the amber eyed girl bit her lower lip, 'This is so embarrassing!' ..just sleep Umi, sleep!


Morning came and it's already pretty lively.

"Did you get it Kotori-chan?" Honoka jumped towards her excitedly making her sweatdropped.

"Mm!" nodding enthusiastically, she then gave the camera to the latter making everyone huddle behind her to see the picture.

Nozomi could only smirked after seeing the photo, 'This is a good sign..' putting back the card in her pocket. ..I wonder what will they do if they woke up like that? she then giggled while looking outside the window where the sun shone brightly against it. be continued..


Arigatou! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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