That sexy dress

Chapter 3

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"Yosh! Since the A-Rise let us borrow a venue let's start practicing for tomorrow's performance!" Honoka pumped her fist in the air energetically, "Saa minna! Come on!"

"Ooh~!" the others pumped also their fist except Maki who just smiled with one eye open.




'And now, I'm nervous..' Eri gulped after they got into their starting position where Umi is at her right while the brunette is at her left in a circle formation, 'She's touching my hand..' she blushed unknowingly, 'No! I must concentrate!' the bluenette rubbed her hand against her hand unknowingly as the music starts; she then froze while getting redder.

"Eri-chan?" the brunette called out, "Is something the matter?"

"Eh?" the blonde looked at her.

"You aren't moving after the song started.." everyone looked at her in concern.

"Oh.. Sorry, my mind kind of went somewhere.." she laughed awkwardly, "Just nervous, I guess.."

Nozomi just observed her from her current position, 'I'm sure that's not it..'

"Well, it can really make you nervous knowing that we're gonna perform alongside of the high ranking school idol." The red haired girl intervenes while twirling her red locks.

The quarter Russian sighed out of relief, ..glad they bought it.. "Come on, let's practice."


After a few good session of practice, they then took a rest at the shaded part of the building. The blonde didn't notice that someone is sitting beside her.

"Are you okay, Eri?"

The latter jumped after hearing the voice of the person who's occupying her mind for the whole day.

"I'm fine, Umi.." she smiled at her kouhai, "Just nervous.." she was taken aback by the seriousness the bluenette was giving. "Uhh.."

"I know something is bothering you, it's not nervousness."

They didn't know that the other girls were eavesdropping behind the corner of the building.

"What do you think is bothering Eri-chan?" Honoka whispered as she keeps peeking at the duo.

"I just hope whatever is bothering her is not that heavy." Maki sighed out. They then heard a chuckle behind them making them turn to the source.

"Don't worry.. it's not heavy as you think it is." Nozomi smiled at them knowingly making their mouth shaped like an 'O', they then watched the scenery again quietly.




"This isn't like you, Eri." The bluenette stood up and face her senpai, "If you have any problems you can talk to me about it."

"I-It's not a problem.." she then scratched her cheek nervously, ..I just simply can't get you off my mind, and I don't know why..

"What did you say?" the archer looked at her curiously.

She jumped, 'Crap! Did I say that out loud?!' red hue then starts to creep out again on her cheeks,"Eh? I didn't say anything!"

"You were certainly mumbling something." The bluenette started to move closer making the latter back away.

The girls that were hiding certainly got excited and almost squealed with blushes intact.

"Oh my God!" the brunette whispered, "Is this it?"

The archer kept moving closer making the older girl hit her back against the wall. "Eri, what is it?"

"N-Nothing! Come on Umi.. You're scaring me." She kept looking at her kouhai who has a serious aura emitting around her. "L-Let's practice! Come on!" she tried to run but the younger girl blocked her way. Umi's facial expression then softens.

"We are all concerned of you." Looking at the blonde, "I just hope that whatever you're thinking will not affect you tomorrow." She then sighed. "Please, just concentrate 'til tomorrow's performance ends. Please, excuse me." She then turned her back and started to walk away but then was stopped as the latter hugged her from behind. Both then felt a sudden spark after the inevitable contact.

'Oooohhhh~!' the eavesdroppers silently squealed while they had their eyes wide and blushes bloomed.

"E-Eri?!" the bluenette was caught off guard then blushed automatically with the sudden interaction.

The latter hugged her closer while burying her face on the bluenette's hair, ..Her hair smells like peach and strawberry.. "T-Thank you.. U-Umi.." biting her lower lip while she slowly unfasten her arms around the archer's neck.

"Ara? What is this?" Nozomi stick her head out from hiding while carrying a video camera. And her smile creep the duo out.

Both blushed immediately, "N-Nozomi?!" pulling herself away from the archer who's now frozen to the spot.

"I-It's not what y-you think!" the blonde waved her hands indicating 'no'. Okay, more likely 'Hell NO!'

"P-Please don't get the wrong idea!" the archer blurted out while flustering.

The other girls came out from their hiding with a sly smile pasted on their face.

"You two could make a good couple." Nico snickered while covering her mouth slightly.

"Desho?!" Rin jumped out of excitement.

"Uhh guys?" their busty senpai called out, "I think Umi-chan.." turning their heads towards the archer who turned paper-white, they then sweatdropped.


"Honestly, what were you guys thinking?" Eri rubbed her temple while having a small hint of blush over her cheeks, 'Seriously, what are you guys thinking?' she then glanced over to the bluenette who's currently stretching her arms out while talking to Honoka.

"How 'bout you? What were you thinking, Ericchi?" her bestfriend gave a sly smile saying, I now you're thinking about Umi..

"I'm just nervous! That's all!" the blonde pouted while blushing more.

"I'm sure that's not nervousness." Maki interjected while looking at her with a deadpan expression, "Even if you are nervous, you wouldn't go to the point where you'll be spacing out. Hell! You weren't even moving!" she then looked away huffing.

The blonde sighed in defeat, "Actually, I'm bothered about something." She then cast her glance outside the window, "I'm still figuring out what but, thank you for your concern. I'll not let it be an inconvenience once we'll be performing." She then manages to put up a small smile at them.

"Hmm.. what will you do if you figured it out?" Nozomi asked.

"I…I don't know.." the blonde then sighed out.


It's their turn to perform after seeing their rival group, A-Rise carry out their performance well. As they were position, Eri felt her right hand being clasped by Umi making her turn to face her.

"Relax.." the bluenette smiled at her. got it all wrong.. "Y-Yes, thanks.." smiling back at her.

The music then started.

..Yume no tobira zutto sagashi tsudzuketaKimi to boku to no tsunagari o sagashi teta..




After their performance, they are all gathered at the dressing room.

"Uwaaaah~!" Honoka squealed loudly, "I really loved our performance!"

"I know.." Nico intervene, "I hope we can pass this round." She then sighed.

While the girls are busy reminiscing about the event, a certain blonde is also busy thinking about a certain someone.

'This is weird.. I kept ending thinking about her..' zipping her bag close, she then sighed. 'I should head home..'

"Ne, Minna! Let's celebrate today!" Honoka announced ecstatically.

"I'll pass—" Umi and Eri said in unison making them stopped halfway then looked at each other. "Eh?"

"Ooh? Do you have somewhere to go to?" Nozomi smirked at the flustered couple.

"T-That not it!" Eri immediately interjected while blushing more.

"I-It's not what you think!" the bluenette shots back while getting redder as well.

Their busty senpai snickered, "I was just asking, why are you both so defensive?" she then smirked.

"B-Because.." the blonde was about to reason out but her courage was then drained out. 'They kept teasing us!'

"Well, off you go.." Rin pushed the two out forcefully, "You'll be late for your date, right?"

"D-DATE?!" both exclaimed in unison.

"Bye bye!" the other girls waved goodbye at them with a sly grin on their faces.

After the two were shut out of the dressing room, they kept staring at the door drilling their gaze at it. It's like their trying to drill a hole on the door; they then heard their friends on the other side giggled.

'They're ticking me off..' Eri's brow twitched, she then sighed. Looking at her kouhai, "Neh, wanna go home together?" a blush again crept out on her delicate cheeks.

"H-Hai!" Umi jumped, "Ah, gomenasai.. I didn't mean to jump out like that.." she blushed then bowed at her senpai.

"Ah n-no, it's okay." She smiled at her, "They are just having fun. Saa?"


"Hey, how 'bout following them nyaa~?" the orange haired girl suggested eagerly.

"I like that!" Hanayo stood up from her seat then clasped her hands together, "L-Let's go!" she then starts packing her bag.

"She sure is excited." Maki kept twirling the edge of her hair, "So, what's the—Eehh?!" her eyes went wide went the other girls already packed their things then waited by the door. "Troublesome.." deadpanned.




The two kept walking side by side with an eerie silence.

..This is so awkward.. Eri gulped, "Ah neh, Umi.."

"Hmm?" the bluenette glanced at her. "What is it?"

..shoot! I don't know what to say!.. "Uhh.. Why do you wanna go home early?" she kept looking at the road ahead trying to avoid anymore awkwardness in between them.

"Oh.. I'm alone now at home since my parents are on a business trip so, I must cook dinner by myself."

"Ohh.. How reliable of you." The older girl praised the younger one.

"How about you? You said, you need to head home." Glancing at her senpai for a bit then back to the road.

"Uhh.." ..I don't know! I just wanna go home and maybe stop thinking about you?

"What's the problem, Eri?"

"Ah eh.. I'm also alone at home.." ..great.. "Arisa is staying over at Yukiho's place since their exam is coming up." ..then what?

"Then what, you say?" her kouhai tilt her head in curiousity.

"Eh?" ..crap! Did I say that out loud?

The blonde then heard the bluenette chuckled lightly, "I appreciate that you're trying to find a way to open up a conversation."

The older girl burst out to smoke, 'This is so embarrassing!'

"But clearly, you're trying too hard." she then smiled at her senpai, "I like that about you.."

'What did she say?' her head starts to spin because of the archer's remark.




"Did you hear that?!" Honoka whispered as they hide behind some bushes alongside of the road, "I'm so excited!" she then squealed silently.

Nozomi, on the other hand, kept filming the whole scene with a sly smile on her face. While the others, kept their eyes on the two subjects.




The blonde kept blushing hard while still processing the phrase that comes out of the archer's mouth. 'I..I like her that way?' ..Bozhe moy! she kept blushing more, not noticing that they already had arrived at the intersection where they will both depart.

"So, I'll take my turn here." Umi called her back to her senses, "Take care and Good day." after taking a quick bow she then smiled at her senpai.




"Aaww.. Their going home! This is boring nyaa~!" Rin whispered in a disappointing manner.

"Shh! Wait!" their busty senpai hushed them to make them look back at the duo.




When Umi was about to turn her back, her wrist was then grabbed by the blonde. She then looked back at her senpai, "What is it, Eri?"

..Guh! Why did I stop her?! My hand moved on it's own! "Uhh.. w-wanna sleep over at m-m-my p-place?" she's stuttering so so bad, her face looked like a big tomatoe.

The eavesdroppers snickered at the blonde's respond. "So bold, Ericchi.." Nozomi snickered.

"Eh? Why do you want me to?" her kouhai blinked while looking at her curiously.

"Ah.. eh.. w-well, since we're both alone.." she kept shifting her eyes to find a good excuse, "M-Maybe you need some c-company? S-So.. m-maybe.." ..I wanna die! This is so embarrassing! I just realized my feelings and now I'm inviting her in?

"If you insist, then okay." the archer smiled at her, "Since we don't have school tomorrow and we're also having a day off in practicing, then maybe we can hang out."

"H-H-Hang out?" ..I cursed my mind for interpreting her words into something else!

"Yes, is it not okay with you?"

"NO! I mean, YES! Yes, I'm okay with it!" the blonde tried not to jumped out of excitement. She then tried to calm herself down and composed herself. 'Calm down Eri.. calm down..' she then exhaled.

"Then it's settled." the archer smiled at her, "See you later then."

"Y-Yes, see you later." the blonde forced a smile while seeing the bluenette turned her back.




"That's all for today guys." Nozomi notify her friends who kept watching the scene while squealing silently, "We should also head home."

"Yeah, we should. It's getting late." Maki stood up, "It's not like we can follow them inside their house."

"I still want to see it nyaa~" Rin pouted while hugging Hanayo who's currently holding her nose to prevent herself from nosebleeding.

"Shall we go?" their busty senpai started to turn her back then was followed by the other girls. "Besides, we've got a lot of following tomorrow." giving a sly smile making the other girls jumped out of excitement.




While Eri is busy undressing, she then heard the doorbell rang. Out of her consciousness, she went to the door and asked who is it. Knowing that it's the archer, the girl whom she's feeling all giddy and tingly inside her stomach, she then opened the door.

"Umi?" looking at the archer in curiousity who's just standing in front of the door, "Is there any problem?"

The bluenette quickly removed her jacket and covered the blonde's front facade. While getting red to the ears, she pushed the older girl inside while locking the door hastily.

"Y-You seem to forgot to dress.." the archer looked away while having a red face, her bangs covered her eyes while looking away.

Eri's eyes went wide while bursting into red, she then looked down. Indeed, she's half naked. With the absence of her skirt and blazer, her thighs are bare and her blouse were buttoned open halfway down.

"I-I'm so sorry!" she covered herself up more by pulling the jacket closer. "P-Please in the living room. I-I-I'll just change." she ran to her room quickly not bothering to wait for the bluenette's reply. Shutting the door, she then leaned back on it. "That was so embarrassing.. of all the people.."




Umi looks around while she took her seat on the sofa, she blushed again after recalling the event. 'She looked hot on that..' her eyes went wide and gripped her bag on her lap, 'What am I thinking! It's embarrassing!'


She then glanced at her caller who's now dressing in a light blue dress that reached down halfway to her thighs.

"I apologize for what happen earlier." the blonde quickly bowed.

Standing up abruptly, "N-No! I-It's okay Eri!"

Both are now red to the ears while not looking at each other.

'Calm down!' both mentally exclaiemed.

"So, I'm gonna cook dinner." the blonde broke out the awkward silence, "Mind having a Russian dish?" smiling at her kouhai.

"Y-Yes, I don't mind." the bluenette smiled back after she felt herself calmed down. "Can I help you?"

"It's okay Umi.." smiling at her while turning her back, "Maybe you can help me setting up the table later?"

"Yes, of course." ..what is this I'm feeling inside my stomach?




After they ate their dinner and washed the dishes, they kept trying to put a conversation.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Eri asked the bluenette while drying her hands.

"Hmm.. I don't know anything in particular." looking back at her.

"Want to watch a movie tomorrow? or go to the amusement park?"

"If that's what you want, I'm fine with it." the younger one smiled then looks at the clock, "We should head to bed, it's already late."

The blonde looked at the clock, "It's still nine."

"Oh.. do you not sleep at this kind of time?"

"Uhh.. No.. I sleep at ten." scratching her cheeks while sweatdropping.

"Then what do you want to do before that?"

Eri then sat beside her, "I wanna ask you something.."

"What is it?"

The older girl gulped, "What would you do if your friend, who's a girl, confesses her love to you?" she tries to fight off her blushes but couldn't.

"Eh?" clearly the bluenette was taken aback by the question, "What kind of question is that? It's embarrassing!"

..I know you would say that.. sweatdropped as she looked at her cheeks turning slightly red, "I'm just curious.."

"W-Well, I actually don't know." the bluenette looked down at her hands on her lap, "I haven't experience something like that."

"Then what if, I'll confess my love to you? What would you do?" ..Oh gosh! I didn't mean to say what was on my mind!

The latter jumped out while her blushes are overlapping with each other, "Eri! That's so shameless! It's embarrassing!"

Hearing no response from the blonde, she then looked back. ..Did I hurt her? "Uhh, Eri?"

"Oh! Sorry, that was stupid of me to ask that." she then gave a forced chuckle to ease the tension inbetween them.

..Was the answer a big deal? hmm.. "Well.." Umi started while fiddling the hem of her skirt, getting redder by the second. "I-If it's y-you.." she mumbles the rest of her sentence.

"Gome Umi, I couldn't quite get that.."

The younger one face her, "If it's you, I'm fine with it!" she quickly covered her mouth out of embarrassment.

Eri was then taken aback, she then felt her heart skipped a beat knowing she might have a chance.

"D-Do you have someone you like, Eri?" Umi asked while composing herself.

..How dense.. "Can you keep it a secret?" the bluenette then nodded. "Yes, I have.."

"Oh.. may I know who is this?" ..why do I feel hurt?

Now, it's the blonde's turn to jump. ..How can I possibly tell her? She already freaked out by my question.. "Uhh.. N-No.. I-I'll tell you when I'm ready.." she then looked away so that her kouhai would catch her blushing.

"That person you like is lucky.." she then chuckled making the other girl baffled.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, you're a good person.. intelligent, a good dancer and singer.. and your also beautiful." smiling at the blushing older girl.

..Umi! I wanna kiss you right now! "R-Really? T-That's really embarrassing to hear Umi.." she then looked away while having a more redder face.

"It's true though.. oh, it's ten."

..I wasn't turned on, right? Right? "Then let's head to bed." walking away immediately while followed by the latter.

When they got into the room, Eri stopped.

"Is something the matter Eri?"

"I forgot.. the futons are being washed.." she mentally facepalmed herself, 'Why didn't I check?!'

"Oh.. Then I can sleep in the li~"

"No! I'm not letting you!"

Umi was surprised by the latter's sudden cry.

"W-W-We can sleep together on the bed.." biting her lower lip, she then faced the baffled girl. "Go on, take a shower first.. I'll just fixed the bed." she gave a worried smile.

"Okay.." the younger one then proceeds to the bathroom inside the blonde's room.

After the door is shut, Eri then plopped herself on her bed burying her face on the pillow then squealed ike a fangirl. After she let out her hiding emotions, she the sighed. "Let this night be a peaceful night.. Gotta tie my hands away from her.." be continued..


Bozhe moy means 'Oh my God' in Russian. ;)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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