That sexy dress

Chapter 4

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Both head to bed, but Eri can't help but feeling nervous knowing her crush is laying beside her. As the clock ticks, the night also gets colder.

'I can't sleep!' the blonde mentally protest while moving away a bit from the sleeping beauty. Glancing at Umi, 'She's out like a light..' she's now facing the bluenette while unconsciously staring at her.

"How did I fall for you?" she whispered, her hand then slowly reached out to caress the sleeping girl's cheeks but then pulled it back. 'What am I thinking?' she was then surprised that the latter faced her.

Giggling, 'Her sleeping face is cute..' she kept blushing while smiling unknowingly. She then brushed some strands away from the bluenette's delicate face.

"Hnn.." Umi moaned making the blonde retract her hand. Eri chuckled lightly after seeing how adorable Umi looked.

'She's having a dream..' she's really entertained right now, coz she kept smiling.

Again, the bluenette mumbled. "I like.. hnn.."

The blonde's eyes went wide.

"..Honoka.." the sleeping girl added.

Eri couldn't take it and faced the other side, clutching the blanket then pulls it closer. 'She likes...' her heart ached after hearing the bluenette say those words. She admitted to herself that she's jealous, so so jealous. Who wouldn't though?

'What do I expect?' biting her lower lip in the process while trying to prevent herself from shedding tears. 'Should I ask her?' she frowned even more after imagining what will Umi's answer be.

It then came to her senses that since she's the older one, she should be the one who'll understand. If she truly loves her, she wouldn't mind having an unrequited love.

' hurts..' Eri then forced herself to sleep.


Morning came and a gloomy Eri greeted Umi who's preparing breakfast.

"Are you okay, Eri?" the bluenette asked while taking her seat on the dining table.

The latter jumped at the question, "O-Of course!" facing the latter while carrying their plate and placed it on the table.

The archer eyed her intently, "You don't seem well.." frowning making the blonde flinched.

..I need to know! "Can I ask you something?" Eri said while taking her seat across the latter.

"What is it?"

"Mind knowing what's your dream last night?" unknowingly staring at the bluenette in which making the younger one squirm on her seat. "Coz you mumbled out, I like.."

"Eh?" Umi's eyes went wide, blushes starts to paint her cheeks.

"You like who?"

Sweat raced down the archer's face as she tries to find a good excuse. "W-Well it's not more of a 'who', in my dream, Kotori and I w-were in Honoka's family store.. th-then we talked a-about random things l-like musics a-and stuffs.." she then skipped the part where Honoka asked her who she likes in which she gladly admitted that it was a certain blonde. "A-And Honoka a-asked me what is the j-japanese sweet that I-I like.." gulping, "And I said, I-I like manjuu.."

Eri raised her brow, she's not buying it of course. "But you said Honoka in the end.."

Umi kept shifting her eyes everywhere just not onto some blue pair of eyes. "T-That's coz.." sweating more harder and blushing more, "I said, I-I like m-manjuu, H-Honoka.." ..just drop the topic Eri! Please!

"Is that so?" Eri smiled still she didn't bought it, instead she just decided to let it slip for now, especially they'll be spending some time together alone. ..I'll make you like me Umi, just you watch.. "I was just curious! Gome Umi!" sticking her tongue out playfully then winks at a fully flustered Umi who then lowered her head out of embarrassment.

"Come on, let's eat." Eri smiled while she starts to dig in her own.


While walking side by side, Eri wanted to intertwined her fingers with the younger girl beside her. 'Eri, DON'T!' she then sighed, "Is the amusement park okay, Umi?" glancing at her kouhai for a bit.

"As long as it's okay with you, it's fine by me." she then gave her senpai back a smile which cause Eri to blush at the sight.

'Harasho!' diverting her eyes back to the road.




Both rode a train for about ten minutes, then walked for another ten minutes before reaching their destination. After buying the tickets, they directly went inside.

"So which ride do you want to try first Umi?" Eri didn't mean to sound excited, but you really can't blame her though.

"Hmm.." Umi hummed while looking at the theme park's pamplet, constantly shifting her eyes from one picture to another until she finds one. "How 'bout this?" pointing at a particular picture.

When the blonde took a peek, she then sweatdropped. "What's t-that?"

"It's a haunted house coaster.." the bluenette answered without removing her eyes on the pamplet. "Oh, there'a also a haunted house.. wanna try each?" casting her gaze towards jer senpai with a smile.

On the other hand, there were seven girls who's currently hiding behind the tree not far away from the duo. Wearing some hats, sunglasses and a mustache?

"We looked ridiculous.." Maki said while crossing her arms and having a deadpanned look.

"Shh! Quiet down Maki! They might hear us!" Nico hushed the latter in a rather loud whisper in which she then earned a huff.

"Take the haunted house.. take the haunted house.." Honoka chanted while staring at the pair.

"Honoka-chan.." Kotori sweatdropped.

Nozomi just giggled while busy filming the couple.

"They're taking too long to choose nyaa~" Rin pouted while crouching down next to a serious Hanayo. 'Kayo-chin's too serious..' sweatdropped.

Meanwhile, Eri is torned between agreeing or not. 'I don't want to upset Umi!' gulping, "How 'bout the haunted house coaster?"

"Is it okay for you?" the bluenette asked while slipping the pamplet into her sling bag.

Eri just nodded awkwardly while forcing a smile. 'For Umi!'

After the eavesdropper's heard their decision, they quickly ran towards the said ride.




"Huh? Why there's a camera in front of us?" Umi asked while looking at the camera that is attached on the coaster.

"Maybe it's one of those cameras that captured silly moments while riding." Eri said while looking also at the camera.

Little did they know that 'this' camera doesn't only capture silly moments.

The cart then started to slowly enter the dark house. Once inside, it became completely dark making Eri grabbed Umi's arm and buries her face on it.

With the sudden contact, the archer's eyes went wide then her face directly burst into smoke. Both share the same redness of their faces, but thanks to the darkness; their blushes are invisible. Both stayed silent out of their intimate closeness.

An evil laugh echoed along the tunnel, the blonde then took a peek at the road ahead. The lights are now color bloody red, 'At least there's lights..' Eri thought, but then a headless woman appeared from their right side making her scream to the top of her lungs. Scratch that, screaming directly into Umi's ear. Hugging the archer's arm even more making it slide inbetween her two ample mounds. Umi right now is too deaf to hear any screams at the moment, she's more focused on her arm's pillow. 'God, Eri...' she kept blushing non-stop.

The lights started to flicker, more evil laughs are heard. But these things went unnoticed because both are too busy thinking some other things.

Umi snapped back to reality when she felt someone grabbing her left arm, she then directly looked at the source, it was zombie. She screamed then moved away from the scary entity making her lean onto Eri. As she felt the blonde beside her getting squished, she then moved back to her previous position. "Gomenasai.." she quickly apologize.

Eri on the other hand, felt Umi's hand slide from her knees up to her inner thighs after moving away from the zombie. Biting her lower lip while gripping the latter's arm more. Not out frightfullness, but she's afraid of moaning out right then and there. 'Oh no! I'm getting turned on!'

As the ride went on, more and more scary entity showed up. The blonde kept hugging Umi's arm more, not noticing that she kept a constant rub on the latter's arm.

The archer's blush has nowhere to stand on her face. 'Th-This is embarrassing... my body is getting warmer..' She undeniebly got turned on.

After a few minutes, the ride is over. The two stood up awkwardly, still Eri on the archer's arm.

"Thank goodness it's done." Umi sighed out as she felt her senpai slowly untangles herself off her.

"S-Sorry for that, U-Umi.." she looked away, avoiding the latter to see her red face.

Umi's mind went flashback direclty, making face red. "N-No! I-It's okay!" looking away at the process. "A-Are you hungry? Let's grab something to eat!" she then lead the way, trying to give her body to cool down a bit. She didn't know what will happen if she kept Eri by her side.

The blonde followed the archer from behind, she then sighed out. 'I need my body to cool down..'




Behind the ticketing booth, several girls in disguise kept giggling while watching the video.

"Look at Umi-chan!" Honoka struggled to form words as she's too busy giggling.

"Ooh! Eri sure is bold, pfft.." Nico snickered.

"Look where Umi-chan's hand goes nyaa~!" Rin pointed out.

"I-It's not something to be o-openly looked at!" Maki retorted while looking away with a blush staining her cheeks.

"Come on guys!" Nozomi called out their attentions, "You don't want to miss out their fun, right?" smiling slyly making the rest of the girls giggle except for Maki.




Eri and Umi sat across each other, both didn't even try to initiate a conversation even after eating their lunch. They just kept eating their parfait without even looking at each other.

'This is so awkward!' both mentally protest.

But, one of them must talk. And that's Umi.

"S-So, what do you want to do next Eri?" pulling out pamplet she kept earlier. 'I need to say something..' she mentally cried.

..KISS YOU, if possible! Eri directly bit the insides of her cheeks preventing herself from saying it out loud. "L-Let's ride again later.. for now let's take a stroll around.." she offered in which the bluenette gladly accepted it.

They then walked passed by some stalls that offers games. Eri caught a sight of a blue bunny plush that is displayed on the shelf.

"Wanna try this, Ojou-san?" the middle aged man offered, "Three hundred yen for three shots." the man smiled.

"Ah, No! Tha~" the words hang around her tongue when Umi paid for the game. "Umi?!"

"Which one do you like Eri?" she asked while grabbing the toy gun and positioned herself, ready to fire.

The blonde was caught off guard, blushing directly. She then complied and pointed the blue bunny plush.

"Hmm.. wait.." the archer looked through the target marker with one eye.

Eri couldn't help but feeling awed while at the same time, she felt some butterflies in her stomach. 'You're making me fall hard Umi..'


The bunny plush fell.

"That was incredible ojou-san!" the man congratulates her, "You're the first one to hit a toy with just one shot!" he then gave the reward to the archer.

Blushing a bit from the man's comment, he took her price then bowed slightly to the man. "Arigatou gozaimasu.."

They then walked away, waving good bye.

Umi cleared her throat, "Here, Eri.." handling out the plush to the blonde while looking away. Obviously, she wants to hide her blush.

"A-Arigatou, Umi.." she blushed more as she received the plush then hugged it directly.




"Oh my God! I'm gonna die out of diabetes!" Honoka acting as if fainting, falling towards Kotori who is giggling while catching the brunette on her shoulders.

"So Umi has this kind of side in her, huh? Interesting.." Nico smirked while putting an index finger on her chin.

"She's undeniably SWEET!" Hanayo squealed.

"Kayo-chin! Lower your voice! They might hear us nyaa~" Rin slapped her hands on the latter's mouth.

Nozomi giggled, "Better keep these videos for good times sake.."




"S-So, do you want to ride something?" the archer asked while she glued her eyes on the pamplet, trying to avoid a certain blonde's eyes.

Eri suddenly felt a surge of courage in her, she then grabbed and linked her left arm to Umi's while they are walking. Umi directly burst into red after the sudden contact, "E-Eri?!"

"Just felt like it.." she smiled sheepishly to the flustered latter, "It's okay to hold you like this, right?"

"Ah.. eh.." words died in her throat. "Y-Yes.." is the only answer she can manage to say.

Both are red to the ears while their arms are in linked.

Meanwhile, a pool of blood were reported behind a game stall, where a group of girls with mustache bath in it.

Both looked up to the clear blue sky which is now tainted with orange.

"What do you want to do now, Eri?" the archer asked, glancing at her senpai.

"Hmm.." ..I wanna kiss you.. blushing at her own thought. "Let's ride a ferris wheel." she smiled.

"Okay.." the bluenette smiled back while guiding the blonde to the ride.

As they seated across each other, the younger one kept admiring the view around her as the ride kept turning. Eri smiled while looking at the amused bluenette.

"This is really nice." Umi complemented while looking outside. She then felt someone sat beside her. "Eri?" turning her head to see the girl beside her.

Eri linked their arms again then leaned her head unto Umi's shoulder making the captive girl blush again.

"I noticed, you're very clingy Eri." the bluenette chuckled making the blonde's turn to go red.

"N-Not really!" she pouted. Denying when the evidence is hard as a rock, the amber eyed girl just chuckled.

'I like you Eri/Umi..' both mentally hummed while looking outside.

Not for long, their ride stopped. And then decided to go home.


Reaching the Ayase residence, both automatically unlinked their arms together. The bluenette then followed the blonde inside.

"I should head home now, Eri." Umi called out to her senpai who's busy turning the lights on.

"Eh? Already?" she pouted.

"Well, we have school tomorrow. And I didn't bring my uniform." the archer gave an apologetic look.

"It can't be helped then.." a small forced smile creep on the corner of her lips. "Thank you for accompanying me Umi."

"I should thanked you for letting me stay in your humble home." she bowed slightly then smiled. "I'll jusy get my bag.."

After a few minutes, Umi got her bag and is standing by the front door. "Thank you for letting me stay." she smiled as she watch Eri open the door.

"I hope we can do this again some other time. I really had fun.." a blush again spread across her porcelain cheeks.

"Yes, same here." the archer the stepped outside and face the front door. "Take care and good day." giving a quick bow while smiling.

Before Umi could completely step away from the Ayase's front door, she was pulled back and then recieved a kiss. On the cheeks, of course.

"Take care Umi!" shutting the door directly without letting the latter have the oppurtunity to talk.

Umi's eyes are still wide while staring at Eri's front door. Her blushes just kept coming and coming. 'What was that?'


The next day, everyone received a text message from Honoka.

[The results will be broadcast today! If were gonna pass the next this round.. We're gonna have a sleepover at the school tomorrow!"] be continued..


Thank you for reading! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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