That sexy dress

Chapter 5

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"Why are we doing a sleepover here at school?" Maki asked while twirling the edge of her red hair.

Hanayo, Rin and Kotori went inside while bringing the blankets for their 'sleepover'.

"Since we passed the priliminary rounds.." Honoka replied while rolling over the futons.

"..and practiced til it's nightfall.." Nico added while rolling along with the brunette.

" let's have some fun!" Nozomi smiled.

"Yeah! Let's have some fun!" their leader jumped off the futons excitedly.

"Are we even allowed here to do a sleepover?" Umi asked while looking at Kotori for an answer. "We have school tomorrow."

The chairwoman's daughter settled the blankets down, "I asked mom about it and she said it's okay." she then smiled at the worried bluenette who then sighed.

Eri then entered while closing the door, "It's already late.. we should~" "~do a test of courage!" Rin interjected while jumping ecstaticly, still hugging the blankets.

"Eh?" the blonde's eyes went wide.

"Ah! That's a nice idea!" the shrine helper clapped her hands with a knowing smile.

"Let's do it! Let's do it!" Honoka kept jumping excitedly while hugging Kotori who then sweatdropped.

"Honoka!" Umi's brow twitched, knowing she can't do anything to stop her best friend, she just rubbed her temple. "Mataku.."

Meanwhile, Nico sat beside Nozomi and nudge her elbow softly. The latter then cast a glance on her, "I know you're planning on something.." the red eyed girl whispered while watching the others fix the futons.

"Hmm.." is what the emerald eyed girl replied while still having a same knowing smile.




As they are in their designated futons, obviously making the blonde and bluenette sleep beside each other. The couple just sighed in dismay.

"Ericchi.." Nozomi called out the blonde's attention, "We still haven't forgotten that sexy dress." she then smiled slyly.

Eri's eyes went wide in disbelief, "Mou! Just drop it already Nozomi!" pouted, "I'm not wearing something like that!"

"Mm-hmm.." the latter smirked, "Everything is already set.."

"What do you mean?" the blonde asked.

"We already set up the next game earlier nyaa~!" Rin grinned.

"Well, to be fair.. We are all gonna do this game.." the shrine helper looked at the other girls, "Let's draw sticks.. since there are nine of us, there's one person that should go alone." smiling at the baffled girls while she settled the colored sticks on the floor, proving that she's playing fair.

"I don't want to be alone nyaa~!" the orange haired girl whined while hugging a pillow.

"Then watch out for this stick.." their busty senpai held out a stick that has no color in it.

"Troublesome.." the red haired girl pouted while having a deadpanned expression.

"What are the mechanics?" Nico asked making the busty chick grin, "What does your smile mean? It's creepy.." she hugged herself and gave a fake shiver.

"Simple.. collect the candles in the rooms that were assigned to you."

"Then after collecting?" Hanayo gulped, "We'll light them in front of a mirror then do some chant?!"

Chuckling, "Silly, we'll just collect them."

Everyone sighed.

"But, we only have fifteen minutes to retrieve a candle. Failed to do so will a have a consequence." clapping her hands while standing up, "Let's start the draw!"

After a good drawing session they then sat beside their partners.

'So I'm doing it alone?' Umi sighed.

'Umi has no partner..' Eri looked at the bluenette worriedly.

"Come on Honoka-chan!" Rin grabbed the brunette's hand while attempting to leave the room.

"Matte~" the emerald eyed girl called out making them stop from going out, "Let me tell you a story first.." grinning slyly making the other girls shiver.




"Mou.. Nozomi-chan has to tell us that story!" Hanayo pouted, moving closer to Eri while walking.

"I heard those stories too but, no one proved that it's true at some point."

"Are you sure Eri-chan?" she looked at the blonde with teary eyes making the latter sweatdropped.

"Maa~ we're here.." the blonde notified while sliding the door open, she was about to enter when she noticed that her companion is gone. "Hanayo?" she panicked.

A strange cry was then heard inside the room making Eri wonder, "What was that?" she then kept glancing around until she saw the candle. "Oh, here it is." picking it up, she then felt a hand on her shoulder. "Hanayo, I found~" her eyes went wide after seeing that it was not the person she's looking for instead a woman with long hair covering her entire face. "Kyaaaaaaaah~!"




"Eri?" Umi wondered after hearing a familiar voice that echoed through the hallways, she then started to walk faster towards the source, "I hope she's okay."

Her pace increased by the second, now she's currently running but then put into a halt when someone or more likely something blocked her way. Her eyes widen in fear after registering that it's a woman wearing a white gown with a bloody facade who's now inching towards her.

"Kyaaah~!" directly running to the opposite direction in frantic, she then turned left and climb up the stairs.




Eri is now running for her life after seeing the ghost is following behind her, a good few meters away to be exact.

"I wish Umi was here!" she breathed out while climbing down the stairs and accidentally bumped into someone which makes her fall on her butt. She directly covered her head and squinted her eyes close, fearing that it might be another ghost.


Hearing the voice she's longing, she then directly opened her eyes and hug the bluenette tight.

"U-U-Umi! thanked God it's you!" she hugged her kouhai tighter.

"A-Are you okay, Eri? I heard you scream.." Umi wants to hug her senpai back but she's to busy interoggating the well being of the blonde.

"T-There's a gh-ghost!" pulling away to see the latter's face. "It ch-chased me!"

..I think this is one of their tricks! the bluenette's brow twitched, she then composed herself. "Come on, let's head back."

Eri just agreed and followed her kouhai who's walking ahead.




"Nico-chan!" Rin whispered, "I think you scared Eri-chan too much!" deadpanned.

"What? I was just doing what Nozomi told me!" she retorted while removing the wig, she then faced the latter who's wearing a bloody gown. "Don't you think you're much scarier than me?" deadpanned.

Hanayo just looked at the other two, sweatdropped. "Let's just head back to the clubroom before them, I don't want Umi-chan to blow a fuse if she knew."

The duo immediately stopped arguing then gulped. "Let's go!" both said in unison.




Umi and Eri walked in silence. Awkwardness is eating them away until the bluenette spoke.

"H-How was your performance back at the fashion show?"

The blonde looked at the back of the bluenette's head, "I-It was alright.. we managed somehow."

"You look good on your outfit.."

Eri immediately blush without second thoughts, the way her kouhai said it was fairly an audible whisper but to her, it was loud and clear. She then suddenly felt an urge to tease the latter.

"What did you say Umi?" smirking, "I didn't quite get that.."

Umi flinched then started to blush, "N-Nothing!"

"Really?" she then walked ahead then faced the bluenette while walking backwards. "Are you sure it was just nothing?" she kept teasing with a sly smile on her face.

Looking away with a huff, "Stop teasing me!"

"I will stop if you'll say it again." Umi then looked at her victorious smile.

"No! It's embarrassing!"

The amber eyed girl tried to pass through her teasing senpai but failed to do so, coz Eri kept blocking the way.

"Pretty please?" the blonde clapped her hands together then raised it infront of her face while making a cute pout.

The latter's brow twitched, ..That's totally unfair! "I said.." blushing more, "Y-You looked.." the blonde waited in anticipation, "..g-good in it!" she then looked away with a huff.

"Pfft.. you're so cute Umi!" Eri giggled making the latter grow redder.

After a few minutes, they got back to their clubroom. Umi directly interrogate the other muse members.

"Alright! Who is responsible for playing the ghost?" crossing her arms while looking at the other girls with a killing stare. Eri sweat dropped.

"Well, before that.. where's your candles?" Nozomi interjected.

"I got mine.." Eri then gave it to her best friend.

"Where's yours Umi-chan?" her busty senpai asked again.

Flinched, "I-I.. I didn't get the chance to get mine." pouted, "I heard Eri screamed and.."

"So, you'll have a consequence."

"Ch-Chotto! It's my fault that Umi~"

"Eri, no.. it's okay.." Umi cut off her senpai who's trying to defend her, she then gave her an assuring smile.

"As usual, the knight always defends her princess." Nico teased making the two blush.

The bluenette directly ignored the teasing, "What are the consequences?"

"Hmm.. any idea guys?" the emerald eye girl face the others.

"Hmm.." they all hummed in unison.

"How 'bout run fifty laps inside the room?" Rin suggested.

"Sing and dance the A-Rise 'private wars' song?" Hanayo jumped excitedly.

"Hit a bulleye hundred meters away?" Kotori smiled.

"Eat these junkfoods tonight!" Honoka pointed the junks beside her futon.

"Do my 'Nico Nico-nii' a hundred times with a smile!" Nico snickered.

"That's ridiculous.." Maki retorted.

"Shut up!" the latter shots back.

"Any ideas Maki-chan?" Nozomi smiled.

"Eh?" the red haired girl flinched after seeing her friends stare at her, "N-No, you got many ideas already!" she then huffs.

"Hmm, okay.. how 'bout.." Nozomi started making Umi gulped hoping it's not something as silly as the others idea. "..kiss Ericchi?"

"Eeehh?!" the bluenette's eyes went wide as she turns into beet red.

"Ooh! Nice idea!" the brunette supported with a thumbs up.

"Just kidd~ Errichi!" "Eri!/Eri-chan!" everyone shot up after seeing the blonde fainted in Umi's arms.


"Hnn.." Eri opened her eyes slowly but squints in due to the lights brightness.

"Are you okay, Eri?" Umi asked while looking down at her.

She then blinked, after a few seconds she shoots herself up in a sitting position. 'I'm laying on her lap?!'

"Eri?" the bluenette called out.

"Y-Yes! I'm fine!" ..calm down.. she then exhales to relieve some tension out of her body. "Sorry about that.." looking away, hoping her blush would disappear.

"Are you sure you are okay to get up?"

The blue eyed girl then gave her a subtle smile, "Yes.. arigatou Umi.."

The bluenette smiled back, "Your always welcome.."

Eri then looked around, "Where are the others?"

"Ahh.. they're in the next room.. shall we go?" standing up waiting for her senpai.





"Oh! Ericchi!" Nozomi spoke the moment she set eyes on her bestfriend. "Sorry about earlier!" she then playfully stick out her tongue.

"I-It's okay.."

Eri then looked at everyone who formed ina circle while covering themselves with a blanket, "Are you in a middle of something?"

"Nozomi-chan was telling a ghost story!" Honoka shot her head out of the blanket making Kotori who is beside her, sweatdropped. "Join us Eri-chan!"

"Come on Ericchi.." she smiled, trying to convince the blonde.

After a few pleading smile, Eri gave in then sat on her futon. She then turned her head to her left side after she felt someone sitting beside her.

"Let's head to bed after this.." Umi said while grabbing her blanket.

"Haaaaaiii~!" everyone chorused making the latter sighed.

Nozomi cleared her throat gaining the others attention, "As I've said, before this school became Otonokizaka Academy, it was once before an old abandoned school."

Eri draped her blanket over her shoulders while hugging it closer. 'Why did it get so eerie all of a sudden?'

"There were a group of six highschool student who were looking for a place to practice their dance for the upcoming school festival. As they were searching, they found this school.. I'm currently referring to the old one, in case your confused.."

After a few girls nodded, she then continue again.

"They thought it was okay since it's abandoned, so they went inside."

The emerald eye girl started to make her voice in a creepy tone, she then smirk internally.

"They were in the lobby of one of the classrooms on the ground floor, after a few minutes of practicing they had a ten minute break.."

Nozomi then saw some of her kouhai who clamped with each other out of fear. Eri just sighed knowing Nozomi who's just having fun scaring their juniors.

"But then the lights inside the classroom began to flicker.. of course they got confused since they didn't even went inside, not to mention the door was locked." she then divert her glance with a creepy glare to Honoka making the young girl flinched and hugged the girl beside her.

Umi just looked at Nozomi with no expression, not that her senpai's story wasn't scary but, she knew that the older girl was trying to make her friends scream in fear. 'Nozomi..'

"One of the girls noticed that there's someone standing inside the classroom, calling out the others; they all looked inside through the dusty window. There, they then saw a student.. a girl.. they can't tell of she's a middle schooler or highschool student because her uniform was messy and was drenched in blood!"

"Kyaaaaaaaahh~!" the girls scream except Umi and Eri who just stiffened.

The way Nozomi said blood is rather in a loud and wavey tone making the girls scream.

"Mou! Nozomi! Stop making those nasty creepy tone!" Nico retorted.

"Then it wouldn't be a scary one.." Nozomi giggled, "Now, where was I?"

Eri began to feel the air temperature in the room dropped drastically making her shiver. She then slowly moved closer to the bluenette who didn't noticed her advances coz she's too focused on the story teller.

"As the girls scream, they then scamper their way away from the classroom leaving one of their friends behind who's too frozen out of fear.."

Eri couldn't take it, she grabbed Umi's hand and squeezed it making it's owner looked at her. "Are you okay, Eri?" the bluenette looked at her in concern, "Should I tell Nozomi?"

The blonde just shook her head, "Let her finish.."

"If you insist.." Umi then returned the grip against the blonde's hand making Eri burst into red while looking back at the shrine helper.

'Oh my God!'she mentally exclaimed.

Nozomi then continued her story.

"The girl that was left were still facing the window, after a few flicker of the light the girl inside vanished.." her emerald eyes started to wonder along her companions, "But then.." she picked up a flashlight beside her without the others noticing, she then light it up to her face while continuing. "A HEADLESS STUDENT APPEARED INSTEAD!"

"Kyaaaaaaaaaahhhh~!" they scream to the top of their lungs while hugging their companion beside them.

Eri on the other hand, didn't noticed herself that she had thrown herself unto the bluenette while giving a bone crushing hug.

The lights in the classroom were turned on making the girls scream once more.

"I think that's enough for today.." Nozomi giggled while her hand are still on the light switch.

"Geez! You scared the hell out of us!" Maki huffed.

"Well, I did say it was a scary story.." she giggled again after seeing the other girls who has a dishelved look after a constant hug and a few squirms in their place.

"Eri.. C-Can you loosen your hug a bit please?" Umi whispered making the blonde came back to her senses and pull herself away from the bluenette with both had a matching red face.

The couple didn't noticed that they were being watched by a pair of emerald eyes.

"Come on guys! Let's sleep!" Nozomi clapped her hands together while having an amused smile on her face, 'That was to be expected..' she then smirked mentally.

Seeing the girls went back to their designated places, she then turned off the lights and returned to her futon.




The time slowly eats the night, but a certain blonde kept tossing and turning.

"Geez, thanks a lot Nozomi.." she pouted while hugging the blanket closer.

Eri can't help but imagine the story her bestfriend gave. Her goosebumps kept crawling back up.

"Hnn.." biting her lower lip and kept gazing through the covered windows which only a small amount of light can pass through.

After a few minutes, she then felt someone poking her arm which making her flinched.

"Gomenasai Eri.." the bluenette whispered who's now facing the terrified blue eye girl, "I didn't mean to frighten you.."

"Goodness it's just you.." she pouted, "W-Why are you still awake Umi?"

"You kept moving.." Umi said flatly.

"Ah! Gome!" she then felt a blush coming, biting her inner cheeks while cursing mentally for waking her kouhai up.

"Are you not able to sleep due to Nozomi's story, I presume?"

The blonde just nodded meekly.

"At some point, you need to sleep.."

"I know.. I just want something that can distract me from thinking about it.." clutching her blanket closer while covering half of her face, 'This is embarrassing..'

"How may I help you?"

"N-No! It's okay! Really, Umi! You can sleep now, don't mind me." she then gave a forced chuckle making the latter more worried.

"I think I know how.." Umi whispered, "Please, excuse me.."

"Wha-" her words died in her throat when she felt the bluenette's lips on hers. Her forehead, of course. Smokes directly puffed out of her red face while blinking furiously.

"T-That's what my mom does to me when I'm scared when I was little.." the bluenette also went beet red and covered half of her face with the blanket, she can't believe herself that she did something so bold. "I hoped it helped you also.."

The latter gripped the blanket more, it's like she's trying to rip it apart. She then lowered her head making her bangs cover her face. ..Get a hold of yourself Eri! "A-Arigatou.." she kept biting her lower lip, now she's a bit worried that it might bleed.

"Oyasuminasai, Eri.." the bluenette then face the other side to avoid any further embarrassment.


That kiss did help to distract her alright, but now she's busy thinking about it.

'Geez.. thanks Umi!' she pouted. be continued..


Thank you for reading! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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