That sexy dress

Chapter 6

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They were gathered in their clubroom, still some girls are dismayed after Honoka claimed to win love live during the interview along with the other idols. It adds more pressure to what they are feeling now.

As they went on discussing for new song, Nozomi spoke.

"This is just an idea.. how about we sing a love song together?"

Everyone stared at the emerald eye girl before reacting, " song?!"

Hanayo abruptly stood up, "I see! Love songs are necessity for idol groups! There's always at least one in their regular repetoire! But, muse has none to this day!"

The other girls looked at the latter with awe while the blonde looked at her bestfriend, "Nozomi.."

"Why haven't we had any love songs up until now, though?" Honoka spoke.

'Hmm.. it's not a bad idea.. maybe I can use this chance to let Umi know how I feel..' Eri thought as she watched her juniors.

"That's because.." Kotori said while they turned their heads to Umi.

"Wh-Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You've never been in a relationship, have you?" Nozomi asked, 'But soon you'll be..' she then smirked mentally.

"How can you be so sure?" the bluenette retorted.

"Are you saying you have?" the brunette inched closer to the subject, 'What about Eri-chan?!'

"You have?" Kotori seconded, 'No! Eri-chan!'

"Why are you getting in my case?" she defended while backing away towards the blackboard.

"Really?" Hanayo joined as well, 'Poor Eri-chan..'

"You have?" Nico moved closer along with Rin who also asked the same question.

'You'll hurt Eri-chan!' the orange hair girl thought.

Their two other senpai just looked at them gathered up on the bluenette.

'Has she have any?' Eri mentally asked while she slowly felt her stomach getting churned up.

"Now it's all of you?" the bluenette shot back again until her back hit the board.

"Have you?" Nico pushed again, 'I'll kill you if you have!'

"Umi-chan! Answer me! Yes or No?" Honoka demanded while getting closer.

"Umi-chan.." Kotori's eyes starts to water.

"W-Well.." she then slides down the board and sits on the floor, "I've never been in one.."

Everyone sighed in relief, especially a certain blonde.

Maki then spoke gaining the other girls attention, "Anyway, it's too late to make a new song."

"I think it's way too early to give up though.." Eri reasoned out making the red haired girl looked at her.

"Eri?" ..she's too pushy right now.. hmm..wait.. is she going to..

Maki's train of thoughts was then cut off when the shrine helper spoke.

"Yeah.. having a strong mental picture and imagination is what matters in making a song." ..I know what you're up to Ericchi..

"Well, I certainly haven't been writing lyrics from my experiences alone." the bluenette pondered.

"But love song is basically about romance, right? How do we get a mental picture of what that's like?" the brunette furrowed her eyebrows.

"That's right.. for instance.." Nozomi then smiled.




They then went down and had a roleplay of confessing by giving a chocolate to the person.

"Now, now.. Maki-chan, you're up next!" Nozomi called.

After Maki's small protest, all of them went outside the shaded tree. As they are busy making the young red haired girl act, Umi stayed farthest behind and think about a song.

'What would you feel if you're in love with the person?' she pursed her lips while putting her index finger and thumb under her chin, brows furrowed while looking at the ground.

"It's when you feel all giddy and tingly whenever you see that person.. you have butterflies inside your stomach.." Kotori answered making the bluenette flinched and faced her.

"K-Kotori?! What are y-you saying all of a s-sudden?" dark shades of red automatically appeared on the her cheeks.

"Hmm? You asked Umi-chan." the latter smiled at the baffled bluenette.

"Wait! Don't tell me, I'm thinking out loud?!" her eyes went wide as she covered her face, "This is embarrassing!"

Kotori sweatdropped, "It's okay, Umi-chan." she then smiled, "Well anyway.. do you still want to know?"

"Know about what?" the peeked through her fingers while still covering her red face.

"About love.."

Hearing the word 'love' makes her face beet red again.

"I haven't experienced it, but that's what people who experienced it say.." she then stand beside the embarrassed latter while looking at the others do a roleplay, who is now currently played by Eri. Umi kept staring at the blonde unconsciously.

"They said that, your heart beats faster when you are with that person.. you feel jealous when that person in being with someone else.. you'll give anything for that person even if it cost you your life.." she then glanced at the bluenette who went silent, "Umi-chan?" following the bluenette's gaze she then smiled at the view.

"Eri-chan's really pretty, neh Umi-chan?" she turned her head to her companion who flinched.

"Wh-What are you talking about Kotori?" she immediately burst into red while diverting her gaze from the blonde.

"Hmm.. is she not?" the latter push a bit with a knowing smile.

The bluenette looked at the blonde at the corner of her eyes, the moment she set her gaze to Eri's smile, her heart skipped a beat. Everything that is surrounding her disappeared leaving only the quarter Russian, and she then felt the time is growing slow.

Kotori held herself back for stiffling a giggle, ..Umi-chan's so in love! "So, what do you think Umi-chan?"

Umi directly flinched after hearing the latter called her again, her blushes were still lingering over her cheeks. "Uhh.. Y-Yes.. she is indeed a b-beauty.." looking down instantly to avoid any exaggerations of her blushes.

The latter was about to speak when she saw the other girls approaching them. They were then informed that they should call it a day and gather up at Honoka's place to discuss about it further.


"Why don't we watch a romance film for inspiration?" Kotori spoke.

Everyone went silent.

"A romance film huh?" Honoka questioned.




Hanayo, Eri and Kotori started crying while in the climax of the episode.

"What a cheap plot." Nico complained while wiping off her tears that kept flowing.

"You're crying!" Nozomi reminded with an amused smile.


They all then looked at the back where they saw Umi huddled up in the corner with a pillow covering her head.

"Why are you hiding? It's not scary." Kotori sniffed.

"Yeah! It's such a touching scene too!" Eri choked.

"I know! It's just too embarrassing!" she then looked at the monitor where she then saw the couple who were about to kiss, much to her dismay. Her eyes went wide as to her blushes grow redder.

The other girls started to get thrilled by the upcoming scene. As the couple's lips were an inch apart, the monitor went black. Umi just turned it off.

Kotori faced the bluenette, "Umi-chan!"

"That was too embarrassing! Shameless!" she retorted.

"Really?" Hanayo asked.

'If I'll kiss her, I think she'll die out of embarrassment..' Eri thought while staring at the bluenette.

"Yes, it is! It's not something you do in public!" she reasoned out again.

The blonde then remembered the time when Umi kissed her forehead, she then blushed. 'Yeah, that was done in private..'

"Is it over?" Rin asked while wiping her eyes along with Honoka who stiffled a yawn.

After a few discussions and a bit of arguements along the way, they all then decided to head home.


At the Ayase residence, the quarter Russian is now sitting on her study table while tapping her ballpen on the blank page of her notebook. Sighed, after an hour of thinking what to write, she still hasn't come up with a good lyrics. Casting her glance outside the window where the snow is slowly falling, she then pursed her lips.

"If you were a snow, I know you'll fall for me.." sighed, she then heard a knocked on her door. "Hai! Come in!"

Arisa brought herself in while holding a tray with a tea. "Onee-chan, tea.." she smiled at her making the latter smiled back.

"Arigatou.." taking the tray her younger sister is holding then sets it on her table near the bed.

"What are you doing onee-chan?" the young blonde looked at the notebook, "Writing a new song?"

"Yeah.. but it seems like I'm in a slump.." she sighed again, while sitting back on her chair bringing along the tea cup.

"Hmm.. is this for the final round?" tilting her head.


"So, what are you gonna write?"

"They suggested that it should be about love, so-" "Onee-chan!" she squealed.

Eri flinched at her younger sister's act, "What is it?"

"So you're going to confess to Umi-san using this?!" she exclaimed ecstatically.

On reflex, her face went beet red then she stood up abruptly making the chair fall backwards. "Wh-What are you tallking about?!" the hell did you know?!

"You like Umi-san, right?" Arisa tilted her head in a questioning manner, "I mean.. I saw you kept hugging that bunny plush that Umi-san gave you.." she then puts her index finger under her chin the glance upward, "You kept hugging it, bringing it to the kitchen with you or even watching tv.. I even thought you'll bring it to school with you.."

Eri's brow twitched while staring at her younger sister in disbelief, she didn't noticed all those things at all. Not until now. 'This is so embarrassing!'

Her sister continued her little observation, "I sometimes heard you squeal in your room.."

Eri wants to slap her hands over the younger blonde just make her stop, but she can't bring herself to do it.

"So I thought you liked her.." Arisa looked at her with a smile, "Or am I wrong onee-chan?"

Biting her lower lip while squeezing her own hands out of embarrassment. She directly hugged her younger sister.


"You're not.. disgusted?" she whispered.

"Why would I be? Whoever my onee-chan loves is okay with me." she admitted it with joy.

Eri then pulled back and wiped a tear on the corner of her eye, she can't believe she's hearing this. From her own sister even, she's just too happy right now.

"But it is much more okay if it was Umi-san!" she exclaimed, "I can't wait!" she squealed, "Hurry up onee-chan! or else, someone will fish her out!" opening the door, "Good luck onee-chan! and don't worry.. she'll fall for you even if she's not a snow.." she gave smile before closing the door.


That's the only word came out from her mouth, she then looked at the falling snow again.


"I don't know what to write.." Umi mumbled.

It's been an hour since she's sitting under the kotatsu and her legs were starting to ache. Glancing outside, "Hmm.." she then kept looking at every snowflakes that lands on the edge of their wooden floor outside the veranda.

Her phone rang bringing her back to consciousness, she then answered it without looking at the caller. "Hello, Sonoda Umi speaking."

[Good evening Umi..]

Her eyes went wide after hearing Eri's voice, she directly went red to the tip of her ears. "G-Good evening Eri!" she flinched.

[Are you okay? Am I disturbing you?]

"N-No! I am just thinking about what to write.." she tried not to stutter too much, she took her phone away then sighed. 'Calm down Umi..' she then brought her phone back up to her ear again.

[Are you sure? or I'll just call another time?]

"It's okay! Really! S-So.. why did you call me?"

[Uhh, I was just gonna ask you how are you doing about the lyrics..]

"Oh.. not much.. I haven't write anything yet.." she sighed making the caller giggle, "Why are you laughing?"

[I'm not..]

"Yes, you are!" she pouted.

[I was just amused, I just imagine your facial expression right when you said, you haven't wrote any..]

She huffed, "If I know, you're just as bad!"

The girl on the other line giggled again, [Alright, alright.. Well, just wanna know your progress.. anyway, the snow is really pouring..]

Diverting her gaze outside again, "Indeed.."

[So, g-good luck! I'll check the others as well.. bye!]

"Thank you, and good luck also Eri.." she smiled.

The line was then cut off.

Umi then brought her right hand up to her chest, she then felt her hear beating so fast.


Honoka slammed her hands on the table making Umi startled, "Ooh! You've written a song?!"

"Y-Yes.." she then rummaged her bag to get her notebook.

"Ericchi wrote one as well.." Nozomi smirked.

"Nozomi!" the blonde retorted while getting red, her bestfriend just giggled.

"Ooh! Let us see nyaa~!" Rin jumped excitedly.

The two subjects then settled their notebooks on the table.

Honoka, Kotori, and Hanayo looked at Umi's notes while Nico, Rin, Maki and Nozomi looked at Eri's.

Honoka started to read out loud, "This feeling is just so strange, almost like it fell from the sky.."

"S-Stop! Don't read it out loud! I-It's embarrassing!" Umi looked down to her hands that is resting on her lap. She's getting redder to the ears but the others ignored her.

"As though the color of this special season brought excitement with it.." Kotori continued.

"From the first time we met, my heart's been singing a melody of anitcipation.." Hanayo added.

"I can't stop it, and it won't stop.. why?" the three said in unison, a small blush creep up on their cheeks while they agape.

"Oohh.. sugoi Umi-chan.." the brunette blinked while still staring at the scribbled notes.

This makes the bluenette more embarrassed.

"Now, it's Eri's turn.. hmm.." Nico called out as she hold out the notebook.

"Eeh!?" the blonde reacted and try to retrieve her notebook, but it was then taken away from her directly.

Nozomi started, "I'll give this frustration the name 'snow halation'.."

"I can't bear to wait until our hearts come together.." Maki added.

"As painful as it is, love is pure white.. I can't bear to stand here hesitating, cheeks warm.." Nico continued.

"I'll work up the courage to jump right in.. it's all about to start.." Rin read the last sentence making everyone's mouth hanging.

"Whoa.." everyone chorused making the owner flustered.

"Sh-Shut up! Well.. we already showed ours.. how about your work?" the blonde said sternly trying to fight back her blushes from creeping back out again.

"Well?" Umi seconded.

"I drowned myself in making our costumes. Gome! I really forgot!" Kotori reasoned, she then smiled apologetically.

"I was too busy composing a melody.. I kind of focused on it more than the lyrics.." Maki twirled her red locks while looking down on it.

"The shrine needed lots of helper.. I couldn't say no.." Nozomi said.

"The store was full of costumers.. since dad put some discounts on some of our products.. Yukiho kept nagging at me for not helping.. Gome.." the brunette bowed slightly, almost hitting her head on the table.

"Rin and I decided to work on it together.. and we ended up playing video games since we kept thinking about it for hours.. we only did that to relax, and yet it got out of hand.." Hanayo explained while Rin scratched her cheeks.

"At least Nico wrote some l-lyrics.." Nico crossed her arms while smiling victoriously.

The girls sweatdropped and had a deadpanned expression.

"You're not fooling anyone.." Umi said flatly while glancing at the blonde, "Eri.. you checked on them, right?"

"Yes, I did!" she then throw her gaze to the other girls, "And they said, they're working on it.." sighed.

"It's decided then!" Nozomi exclaimed, "We're gonna used both of their lyrics!" she grinned.

"Wh-What?! It's embarrassing!" the bluenette jumped off her seat.

"Aaw.. don't be Umi-chan.." Honoka patted her back with an apologetic smile, "I'm sure whoever you are referring the lyrics to will be so happy." she then grinned and pulled back after the latter flinched.

"What?!" Umi faced her with a red face, "I-I-I'm not referring it to a-a-anyone!"

'She's easy too read!' the girls thought in unison with a snicker.

"I bet Ericchi wrote it for someone, right?" Nozomi gave a sly smile to the blonde who's getting redder.

"Heh?! N-No! You're wrong!" she denied.

'Also a denier..' the girls thought.

"Anyways.. Maki.." Nico passed the notes to her.

"Hai.. hai.. got it.." after accepting it, she directly put it inside her bag.

"Let's call it a day? Let's just relax for now.. I know Honoka and the others will be having the open house meeting next week, right? So, let just head home and relax.." Nozomi smiled. "Practicing the song is much easier than having a good speech infront of the stage.." she then giggled.

"Nozomi's right.. let's call it a day." Eri gave a smile while fixing her bag.

"I'll take my leave first.." Umi stood up and and picked her bag.

"Got plans, Umi-chan?" the brunette asked.

"Yes, I'll be practicing archery.. take care and good day.. excuse me.." she bowed slightly before taking her leave.

"Let's go minna!" Honoka exclaimed, she then recieved a handful of nods.




As they were walking outside the front gate, Eri cursed under her breath making her companions looked at her.

"Is something the matter, Eri-chan?" Honoka asked.

"I forgot my phone! Sorry guys! You go ahead.." she directly bow then ran back towards the school building leaving the others blinking.




Panting, she hurriedly opened her locker. "Thank God.. haa.." she then picked up her phone then slid it inside her bag.

Walking slowly at the quiet hallways, she then remembered Umi.

"Hmm.. I'll just take a peek.." she smiled while walking towards the back of the building where the archery hall was located.

Reaching the said place, she then looked around. "Hello?" she whispered. Hearing no one, she let herself in.

She kept glancing around while walking, "So, this is the archery hall.. it's so quiet.." A sound of a wisp was then heard from nearby. She then peeked at the right door.

-woooosh- -thud-

Her eyes went wide when she saw the arrow went inside the bulleye. "She's really good.." she whispered.

"Eri?" the bluenette looked at her while wiping her sweat away.

"Ah! Gome! I didn't mean to sneak up on you.." she then walked towards the bluenette.

"What are you still doing here Eri?" Umi sat on the pillow while setting the bow beside her. She then gestures her senpai to sit beside her.

The blonde then complied and sat on the pillow, she then glance at the bluenette who seemed so serious while eyes closed. Eri then noticed a faint blush on the latter's cheeks.

"I-Is something the matter, E-Eri? Y-You kept staring at me.." her blushes exagge more.

'How did she know?!' Eri thought as she blushed, "S-Sorry! I didn't mean to! You just looked so calm.." she looked away in the process but then glanced back at the corner of her eyes.

Umi opened her eyes slowly making the latter stare at her in awe. Everything went slow motion for Eri, she then starts to notice small details on her kouhai. 'Her eyelashes are long..' Umi then exhales through her mouth, 'Her lips..' the blonde gawked at the latter's lips.


The archer called her back to her senses, she then gasped when she noticed herself so close to the latter.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Eri exclaimed as she moved away from the bluenette, "I don't know what's gotten into me!" she blushed hard while looking down the floor.

What she didn't know is that, her kouhai is also blushing as hard as her.

'Oh my God!' Umi thought, she then cleared her throat. "I-It's okay.. dont w-worry.."

..I gotta divert this awkwardness! Eri gulped, "Can I ask you something, Umi?" she still had her eyes on the floor, hoping her blushes would calm down faster.

"Y-Yes, what is it?" she kept her gaze on her hands that are clenched to ease herself.

"Is it true that you wrote your lyrics for someone?"

Eri then got the courage in her to glance at the latter.

"Eh?" Umi flinched, "N-No!"

"You're bad at lying, just so you know Umi.." she giggled.

The latter huff, "W-What? Y-You are just as bad!"

The blonde's giggle died down, "So, is it true?"

"Wha- Uhh.." her amber eyes kept shifting, her blushes kept coming.

"So it is.." hint of dissapointment covered her senpai's words. "M-May.." hesitating, "May I know who it is?" she gave a forced smile.

Umi didn't answer, instead she shot back a question. "How about you? It is also for someone, right?" her tone became serious.

The blonde was taken aback by the archer's sudden change of manner. "Umi.." she whispered.

"G-Gomenasai.. I didn't mean to be rude.." she looked away in the process.

'This is awkward..' Eri bit her lower lip, "Are you jealous Umi-chan~?" she snickered.

Teasing is the only way to ease their tension. And Eri thought it was a good idea.

Golden orbs met the sky-colored ones.

Umi looked at her directly straight dead to her eyes with a serious face but her blushes were still lingering over her delicate cheeks.

"Yes, I am.."

Eri's eyes went wide. be continued..


Thank you for reading! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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