That sexy dress

Chapter 7

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'What did she say?' Eri gaped.

She can't believe what she's hearing, she then felt her stomach getting fluttery.

'Wait.. don't assume directly Eri!' she thought, she then readjusted herself to face the bluenette. "What did you say, Umi?" scratching her cheeks, "I think, I heard it wrong.."

"No, you didn't.." the bluenette spoke as she divert her gaze outside the field which is covered partly with white fluffy substance, "I really envy the person you're referring to.." ..yes, I really am in love with her.. the signs were clear as the snow..

The blonde kept her mouth agape, she really can't believe this. Sonoda Umi, the awfully jumpy and who is easily embarrassed in romance and everything that is related to love, is jealous! She really didn't know what to say, it seems like her mind is frozen due to the coldness of the temperature.

"W-Why would you be envy?" she whispered.

Yes, asking a question is much better.

The archer moved closer to her making the blonde tilt her head in a questioning manner.

"I would like my actions to do the answering, if you wouldn't mind?" Umi spoke as she looked into the blonde's blue eyes. 'It's now or never..'

Eri had her gaze on the latter, her mind still kept formulating what words she has to say, 'What's this? Why am I not talking?'

Hearing no answer, the archer moved closer. "Please excuse my rudeness.." Umi moved forward slowly.

Eri then felt a warm and moist lips on hers. Her eyes went wide, she can't believe it. Umi, Sonoda Umi, is KISSING HER! 'Why am I not responding?!'

After a few seconds, the bluenette pulled back and looked away while her bangs are covering her eyes.

"I love you.." Umi whispered, "..and I'm truly sorry.." she then heard a sob, as she glanced at the blonde her eyes went wide and she instantly panicked.

"E-Eri! I.. I-I'm truly sorry!" she didn't know what to do, the girl in front of her kept crying. "Please, stop crying.."

Eri then tackled her with a hug making the bluenette fall backwards bringing her. She kept sobbing on the latter's neck. "C-Can you.. s-say that again?" she choked.

Umi slowly pushed herself forward into a sitting position, "I'm truly sorry." she can't bring herself to hug the defenseless girl.

"N-Not that.." the blonde pulled back.

Umi looked at Eri's face, currently red due to her blushes and still tears kept flowing. Amber met Sapphire. She then took a deep breath.

"I.. I love you Eri.."

That's all she needed. A confirmation whether she's just hearing things or not. She then directly catched the archer's lips and pulled into a deep kiss. The bluenette's eyes went wide, the blonde's actions is different from her facial expression and she didn't understand it. At all.

Seconds later, the blonde pulled back and wiped her tears away, she then smiled. "I love you too Umi.." she kept wiping her flowing tears. Tears of happiness. She then draped her arms around the archer's shoulder and foreheads intact while looking at each other's eyes. She can she the bluenette's eyes went wide but the relaxed.

Umi kissed her tears away, "S-Stop crying Eri.. I-I don't know what to do.." she blushed hard. Harder than earlier.

The blonde just dived in for another kiss, this time, the bluenette kissed back. The coldness in the air didn't affect the feelings they're having right now. It was warm, so warm. Umi then hugged the latter through her waist pulling her closer.

Their lips dance as to snow falling slowly.

As much as they want to continue, they pulled back gasping for air. Eri directly hugged the bluenette. "What does this makes us?" she whispered.

"I'll ask you formally.." Umi pushed her forward to looked at the blonde, she took a deep breath then exhaled. "Ayase Eri, w-will you be the person I can fight for? if possible, to fight for the rest of my life.." she blushed more, she actually wanted to runaway and bury herself to death out embarrassment. Saying all those cheesy and cliche words, drained all her courage to face the latter. But she has to, she needs to!

Tears started to flow over Eri's cheeks, she's just too happy right now. "Y-yes! YES!" she kept wiping her tears away.

"Geez Eri.. I never knew you were such a crybaby.." she pouted while wiping the tears with her thumbs.

The blonde huffed, "Sh-Shut up! Way to ruin the mood!" she pouted and crossed her arms. She then heard the latter giggle. "Why are you laughing?" she puffed her cheeks to cover for her embarrassment.

The bluenette kept giggling making the latter annoyed. "Mou! Umi! Stop that!"

Umi stopped but still with an amused smile on her face, "I'm sorry.. You were just so cute.. I really find it adorable."

"I won't forgive you!" she looked away with a pout.

"This is so not you.." the bluenette giggled again which she then earned a lot of slaps on her arm. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she smiled, "But, I truly love you for that.."

The blonde went to beet red again, that totally caught her off guard. "Mou! Umiiiiii~!"

"Eh? What did I do wrong?"

She puffed her cheeks, "Bully.." she muttered.

The bluenette chuckled again, "I'm sorry.." she then smiled, "I'll stop.. I think we should head home.. it's getting late.."

The blonde smiled and nodded, "Yeah.." she then first stood up then offered a hand to the bluenette in which it was gladly accepted.




As they are walking side by side, Eri can't help but to get annoyed. They're just half meter apart.

"Umi! Why can't we hold hands?" she pouted.

The bluenette flinched, "N-No! That's totally embarrassing!" directly exploding in red without second thoughts.

'She's back to her usual self..' deadpanned, she moved a bit closer to the latter gladly, she didn't moved away. "W-When.. are we gonna tell the others?" she then glance at her.

"Hmm.. maybe after love live.." the bluenette kept her gaze on the road ahead, "Let's lie low for now.. it would be a bad idea if the other idols knew about us dating, they might use it for the Muse as weakness.. and I don't want that.."

"Hmm.. you've got a point.. okay then.." she then linked her right arm to the bluenette's while having a stupid smile on her face.

"E-Eri! W-What are you doing?!" she tried to squirm out but the latter only tightened her grip. She then sighed in defeat, "You're really stubborn.." she looked away with a blush.

Chuckling, "And so are you.." poking the bluenette's puffed cheeks, "Oh, that was fast?" Eri said while looking at the intersection where they will part ways.

"I-I'll walk you home.." the bluenette whispered while lowering half of her face under her scarf.

Although that was weakly audible, she heard it. Her heart skipped a beat. ..she's easy to read, but most of the time, she's unpredictable.. "Harasho.." she smiled.

The pedestrian lights turned green.




Reaching the Ayase residence, both stood in front of the door.

"So.. I'll see you tomorrow.." Eri smiled while pulling herself away.

"Yes, we should start practicing. Maki was probably working on the melody right now.."

"Yea-" "Onee-chan!" Arisa directly hugged her sister making the two startled.

"A-Arisa! I thought you're already home.." she patted her head.

"We just finished our project at school.. ah! Umi-san!" she pulled away from her sister then hugged the bluenette, "Are you going to stay over?" the young blonde asked excitedly.

"Eh?" Umi winced, "N-No! I j-just walked Eri home, s-since were still discussing things.." she panicked, she then looked at Eri who is now stiffling a giggle. 'Help me here please!' she gave a pleading look, much to the older blonde's amusement.

"Arisa, Umi has things to do.. she can't stay.." she patted her younger sister head who then pouted.

"Aaww.." she pulled back, "Please stay over sometimes!" smiling at the bluenette.

"Thank you for the invitation, I'd be glad to.." smiling back.

"Arisa, you go inside first.." she opened the door.

"Hai, onee-chan! See you next time, Umi-san!" she waved goodbye before closing the door.

"Do you still have something to say?" Umi tilted her head making the blonde giggled, she was then hugged by the blonde. "E-Eri? Stop that! A-Arisa is here!" she whispered.

"She's already inside.." she giggled, "..and leaving without a goodbye kiss is unforgivable!" she pulled back and saw the bluenette's face as red as the tomatoe.

"No! T-That's so embarrassing!" she whispered.

Eri then gave off a sad expression, she then looked down. "I-Is that so? I see.." she looked away with her bangs covering her eyes, a hint of disappointment can be heard from her voice.

Umi pouted, she knew Eri was just playing yet she can't help herself but to let her pride low. "That's so unfair.." she blushed, "You're really unfair.."

Eri was about to say, she's just joking but couldn't. Umi gave a quick peck on her lips then looked away in the process.

The blonde just giggled, "So, that's how to tame you huh?" she snickered.

"I'm not an animal!" the bluenette pouted which made her giggled more. "I'm leaving!"

"Gome, Umi!" she giggled while grabbing the latter's hand, "I love you.." she smiled and gave a quick peck on her lips, "Take care on your way home."

The bluenette couldn't help but smile, "Arigatou gozaimasu.." she bowed slightly.

As she was about to turn away when her hand was grabbed again. She then looked at the captor, "What is it Eri?"

"You didn't say it.." she pouted.

"Wh-What?" ..she's really driving me to the edge! she looked away, "I..I love you too.." she whispered.

"Mou! Look at me when you say it!" she demanded.

..Eri's too pushy! This is really embarrassing.. "E-Eri.. this is really embarrassing.." she muttered.

"You have to get use to it.." she said it in a-matter-of-fact tone.

The amber eye girl just sighed in defeat well, she really needs to get use to it. And today is the best way to start. She then looked at the blue eye girl. "I-I love you too Eri.." she then smiled, her blushes kept increasing.

Eri just smiled victoriously, "Take care Umi!"


"Glad the snow stopped nyaa~" Rin spoke as she watched the cloudy sky.

"Haaii~! Come on! Let's practice!" Eri called out everyone while she clapped her hands.

"It's still cold.." Honoka shivered while rubbing her arms, "Are we really gonna practice here?"

"Where else should we practice?" Maki retorted.

" the clubroom?" the brunette grinned.

"No, we can't.." Umi interjected as she stand beside Eri, "The clubroom is too small.."

"Mou.." Honoka just pouted in defeat.

"Come on! Let's practice!" Umi exclaimed.




After a two hour leg breaking practice, they are done at last. They then went back to their clubroom and changed clothes.

Nozomi blocked all the girls except Umi and Eri, she then pulled them into a classroom.

"What's up Nozomi-chan?" Hanayo asked.

"Have you notice Ericchi and Umi-chan's closeness?"

"Hmm.." Honoka looked up, "Not really, they're the same as usual.. aren't they strict when it comes to practice?" she then shot a confused look on the latter.

"I had a feeling.." their busty senpai pursed her lips.

"Feeling.. what?" Nico asked.

"I'm still not sure though.. let me do something about it.." she clapped her hands, "Come on! Let's go back.. don't wanna let them wait, do you?" she then gave a smile to the still baffled girls.




Back at their clubroom, everyone is on the watch for Umi and Eri's unusual behavior. Rin, Nico, and Hanayo pretended to search something on the computer, while Maki and Kotori pretended to be checking something on their phones. Nozomi and Honoka played with the tarot cards.

Umi, on the other hand, was cleaning her bow and arrows while Eri was checking Honoka's speech for the upcoming open house event. They were sitting two chairs apart, and on top of that, both are at the opposite sides.

Nico pushed her mobile chair towards the shrine helper, "They're not doing anything out of the usual.." she whispered to Nozomi.

"Yeah! They're not even talking!" Honoka whispered back.

"Hmm.. Honoka-chan.." she glanced to the brunette beside her, "Can you do this?" she smiled then whispered something on her ears.

"Eehh?!" she jumped off seat earning everyone's attention, "Ah! Gome!" she scratched the back of her head.

"Is something the matter, Honoka?" Eri glanced at her from the papers she's holding, while Umi just looked at her curiously.

"Ah! Nothing!" she waved her hands then immediately sat back down, "Nozomi-chan!" she whispered.

"It's pretty easy, Honoka-chan.." the shrine helper smiled hoping to make the latter agree, "I'll buy you a bread when you do it.."

Nico snorted, "As if that-" "I'll do it!" Honoka beamed making their small senpai flinched.

'That was easy!' the rest of the eavesdroppers thought.

Honoka then stood up and slowly making way to the blonde.

"Ah, Honoka.. I think this is okay.. though I have to- ..Honoka?" Eri stopped along the way when she felt the brunette's hand on her shoulder, she then turn her head to the younger girl. Her eyes went wide when the brunette's eyes were close and slowly inching towards her face. "Hono..ka?" her brow twitched. 'What's this?!' she panicked.

As their faces are four inches apart, an arrow suddenly passed by them making the brunette pulled back quickly in a startle in which she then fall onto her butt. They all looked at the arrow that pierced on the Midnight cats' poster, just right in the middle of the two teens in the picture. They then looked at the owner of the arrow.

Umi looked like nothing happened, she kept cleaning her arrows.

"U-Umi-chan?" Honoka peeked through the table.

"What is it, Honoka?" she looked at her with a smile.

The brunette's body shuddered and so does the rest of the girls.

"Did you.. the arrow.." she whispered.

The brunette is to frightened to muster up a courage to talk to the raging bluenette.

"Oh! My hand slipped." she said with a smile, then she resumed cleaning her arrows.

[Lesson learned: Do not touch Eri or you're dead!]

Honoka just sent the six other muse members the same message even though they are just in the same room.

[Why did you do that anyway?!] Nico replied.

[Nozomi-chan told me!] the brunette replied.

[She's jealous nyaa~ :3] Rin texted.

[We're not even sure with that..] Maki retorted.

The others are so busy texting that they didn't even heard Umi calling for their attention, not until a hand slammed on the table making the unaware girls jumped and directly hid their phone.

"W-What is it, Umi-chan?" Hanayo asked.

"I just said, we should call it a day.." she rubbed her temple, "What's wrong with you guys? Is something the matter?" she looked at the clumped girls in a deadly stare making them flinched.

"NO! N-Nothing at all!" everyone said in unison.

"Are you sure?" she still kept her stare on them.

"Y-Yes!" the seven girls directly collected their bags, "See you on Monday!" they all rushed out the door and shut it.

"Cho..tto.." Umi failed to call them back. She just sighed and sat back. Eri just stared at the door while blinking.




As the girls were outside school, they then immediately talked about the two that were left in the clubroom.

"I think something's going on inbetween them." Nozomi smirked.

"Hmm.. if there is, then shouldn't we be happy for them?" Honoka said.

"Yeah.. but why would they hide it if there is really something going on between them?" Nico gave a deadpanned expression.

"I don't know.. let's find it out for ourselves?" the shrine helper smirked.

"You're pretty ruthless.. you know that?" Maki retorted.

"Hmm.." the emerald girl just smiled before walking ahead.




"Umi?" Eri called out to the girl who's sliding her bow inside the canister.

"What is it, Eri?" the bluenette glanced at her while picking up her arrows.

"Aren't you a bit.. obvious?" she smiled apologetically.

The latter flinched, "Eh? Am I?"

The blonde then pointed the arrow sticking out of the wall, "Does that answer your question?" she then gave a deadpanned look.

"Uhh.. H-Honoka was about to k-k-kiss you!" she crossed her arms and looked away, her face then starts to get red.

Sighed, "I think they already know.." setting the papers down.

"Wh-What?! How come?!"

"Well, their actions speaks for it.. Honoka just did that to prove their theory.."

"Eh? We didn't even interact much! W-We were just like before!" the bluenette slammed her hands on the table.

The blonde sighed again, "Calm down Umi.." she then stood up and moved closer to the bluenette.

"Eri?" she whispered, the latter then hugged her.

"I know they're just curious about us.. just let them be.." she then rubbed the latter's back, the bluenette then relaxed then sighed.

"Gomenasai.. I just panicked.." she lowered her head.

"It's okay.." Eri pulled back to see Umi's face, she then kissed her forehead.

"Eeh?!" Umi pulled away with a red face, "Eri! we're at school!"

The blonde just giggled, "It's just the two of us anyway.." she smiled, "Wanna grab something to eat?"

The bluenette pouted, "Mou.. you're really unfair.."

The blonde just giggled while picking her bag, "Shall we?" facing the latter with a smile.


"Umi! Say ahh.." Eri called while trying to feed the bluenette with a scoop of ice cream.

"Eri! That's so embarrassing! Please stop it!" she blushed much to the latter's amusement, "I can feed on my own.." she then saw the blonde looked down, "You're being unfair again.."

Eri then smiled victoriously, "Ahh~" the bluenette complied and eat the ice cream she fed.

"Mou.." she pouted while her blushes are still intact.

"Will you sleepover tonight?" the blonde grinned, Umi was about to speak but she immediately cut the bluenette off, "It's saturday tomorrow!"

A deadpanned look was then plastered on the bluenette's face, "You really don't want me to say 'no', do you?"

"Nope! I won't let you.." she giggled then the latter sighed.

"If that's what you want." Umi smiled making the blonde clapped her hands excitedly.

"I'm not gonna let you sleep early tonight.."

Umi's eyes went wide after hearing those words exited Eri's mouth, plus a seductive smirk. be continued..


Thank you for reading! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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