That sexy dress

Chapter 8

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"Umi-san!" Arisa exclaimed then hugged the bluenette the moment after she opened the door to their home.

"Good evening, Arisa.." she smiled while patting the young blonde's head.

"You're staying over, right? right?"

Umi can't help but chuckled on the younger girl's excitement, "Yes, I am.."

"Onee-chan! Umi-san is here!" she pulled back and ran towards their living room while Umi closed the door behind her.

"Ah! Umi!" Eri walked towards her special visitor.

The archer bowed slightly, "Th-Thank you for having me.." she then smiled.

"Dinner is ready." the blonde grinned as she grabbed the latter's hand and pulled her towards the kitchen.




After they finished their dinner, Eri excused herself and washed the dishes.

"Let me help you.." the bluenette stood up from her seat.

"No, it's okay Umi.. just wait in the living room 'kay?" she smiled.

"Ah! Onee-chan! Can I borrow Umi-san for a bit?" the younger blonde peeked behind the corner of the living room door.

"Keep her company for a while Umi.." she winked making the bluenette baffled.

"Uh, alright.. what is it Arisa?" she smiled as she walked towards the younger Ayase who met her halfway and grabbed her hand, pulling her directly towards the living room.

Eri just chuckled.




Umi took her seat as Arisa took hers beside the bluenette while facing her sideways.

"Umi-san!" the middle-schooler exclaimed making the archer flinched.

"Wh-What is it?"

"Do you like Onee-chan?" she tilted her head.

"Eh?" she directly blush while her sweat are rolling down her face, "Wh-Why do you ask?" it okay to tell her that I'm her sister's girlfriend?! she gulped.

"Hmm.." putting her index finger under her chin, "I'm just curious.."

"I-Is that so?" she bit the insides of her cheeks, '"Uhh.."

"Arisa~" Eri called out while sticking her head out the kitchen door, "Help me here a bit please.."

'Thank God!' the bluenette sighed.

"Haaii~" she stood up, "Think about it, Umi-san.." she smiled before rushing towards the kitchen.

"I think I really should.." she sighed.

Meanwhile in the kitchen.

"Mind knowing what you two were talking about?" Eri glanced at her sister while wiping the dishes.

"I asked her if she likes you.." she said it bluntly while putting the dishes back to the plate holder.

A plate almost slipped out of Eri's grasp, she looked at her sister with disbelief. "Wh-Why would you ask something like that?" a blush creep slowly a bit over her cheeks.

"So that you can have her.." she smiled at her older sister, "Just in case she likes you back.. but I think Umi-san likes you, I can feel it!" she beamed.

A fork slipped from the older blonde's hand, sweatdropped. ..Arisa, couldn't you be anymore blunt than that? "Arisa.." she picked up the fork, "You shouldn't asked something like that so casually.." ..I can already picture Umi's sweaty face..

"Why not? Is it bad?"

"It's not bad.." she faced her sister then patted her head, "What you asked is something a little bit private.. so, stop asking Umi that question okay? she needs privacy.." she smiled apologetically, 'Gome Arisa.. We're not ready to let you know!'

Pouted, "Hnn.. if you say so onee-chan.."

"Go now to your room.." she patted her sister's head then smiled.


The younger blonde walked towards her room after saying good night to the two of them.




"Sorry for that Umi.." Eri stiffled a giggle as she locked her door the moment they got inside.

The bluenette sighed, "I was really surprised with her question.."

The blonde sat on the edge of her bed while looking at the dejected bluenette with an amused look, "Arisa is pretty sharp for a young girl.. she'll eventually find us out on her own.."

Sighed, "That's highly possible to happen.." she then crouched down and rummaged her bag.

"What are you looking for Umi?"

When the archer found what she's looking for, she then zipped her bag and walked closer to the blonde. "Here.." she looked away with a blush while giving the blonde a box of chocolates.

Eri's eyes went wide and fine red lines over her cheeks are now also visible to see, "U-Umi..." she whispered, she's clearly speechless. She never knew Umi was this sweet. Directly hugging the bluenette, "Thank you!" she squealed, "I really love it!" she pulled back and accepted the chocolates.

"I'm g-glad you like it.."

Eri popped a chocolate inside her mouth and directly hugged the archer through her neck. She then kiss the bluenette making the latter's eyes wide out of surprise.

Umi then felt Eri's tongue slid inside her mouth tasting the chocolates, her face bursted into smoke. 'Eri is so aggressive!'

Their tongues kept dancing together.

Seconds later, the blonde pulled back leaving a trail of saliva over their lips. Both are red to the ears while panting.

"E-Eri.." Umi muttered.

"S-Sorry.." she giggled, "How's the chocolate? Does it taste good?" she smiled seductively while rubbing the archer's shoulder and neck.

"Uhh.." she looked away, 'My body feels hot all of sudden..' gulped.

"Want another?" she smirked.

She flinched, "N-No! Th-That's enough for today!"

Pouted, "Aaww.. why not?" she moved closer then whispered huskily on the bluenette's right ear brushing her lips lightly, "Don't you want to taste more of me?" licking her earlobe making the archer stiffen.

"I-It's too soon!" she blurted, 'Eri.. please stop..' she begged mentally.

"Nothing's too soon enough.." long can you hold it Umi? she smirked.

She kept seducing the bluenette, rubbing her shoulders and nape, whispering huskily. Yes, in short, making Umi insane.

"E-Eri.. N-Not today.." she whispered, 'I know what your up to!'

The blonde shrugged making the sleeves fall off of her shoulders leaving her neck and upper chest exposed. Umi bit her inner cheeks, 'She's really seducing me! God.. honestly, it's working wonderfully..''

Eri brushed her bangs above your head while biting her lower lip.

'Eri... P-Please..' she kept begging mentally. "E-Eri.. I'm sleepy.." she reasoned out hoping her seducing girlfriend would buy it.

The blonde rested her cheeks on the bluenette's right shoulder while facing her neck, breathing on it making Umi's skin crawl. "If not now.. when? I can't wait that long.." she then traced the bluenette's spine up and down, 'She really has a ram rod straight back..' a hitch of breath was heard she then smirked, 'She's really holding herself..'

Umi's face is more than red as ever, 'Hold it.. hold it.. hold it..' she kept chanting mentally just to ease herself and not give in to the latter's seduction. "I-I don't know.. after m-marriage?"

Eri directly pulled back while draping back her arms on the latter's shoulders, "Eehh? You're gonna make me wait that long?" pouted, 'She's really old fashion..' she giggled internally.

Looked away, "W-Well.. I-I don't want to stain y-your purity.. j-just in case I'm not the one you'll be e-ending.." her blushes kept overlapping each other.

Eri's heart skipped a beat, she didn't know what to say. She's really old fashioned but it is so sweet of her, she just smiled while blushing. "I'm falling deeper for you Umi.." she pecked her lips making the bluenette taken aback, "I had a feeling YOU will be the one waiting at the altar.." she giggled making the archer blush madly.

"E-Eri! That's so embarrassing!" she retorted while glancing away.

"Gome Umi.." she giggled, "I was just playing with you.." she giggled more.

"Mou! Eri!" she pouted, every giggle Eri gave makes the her go even redder.

"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.." she tried to stiffle her giggle, "You were just so cute.." she poked her puffed cheeks.

'Two can play at this game..' she smirked internally, "Is that really what you want?" her blushes died down but there's still a bit left, she directly stare at the blonde's wide eyes.


Directly pushing Eri on the bed then crawled on top while looking down on her. Trapping the blonde's head inbetween her arms while her right thigh is inbetween the blonde's legs. She then looked at her, her amber eyes pierced through her blue eyes making her shiver. Umi's eyes looked like the wolf's eyes in the dark that's on the hunt for prey. It's glowing.

"U-Umi?" she gulped, 'Oh no.. she's not gonna do it, right?' sweats started to roll down on her face.

Bringing her head right down the captive girl's right ear, she then whispered huskily while brushing her lips on it. "Let me finish what you started.." she nibbled her earlobe making the girl underneath gripped the sheets and bit her lower lip to stiffle a moan from coming out.

Umi's hand started to trace her left thigh up to her waist making the girl's skin crawl, "Such smooth skin.." she whispered. She kept the huskiness in her voice in which Eri find it hot. So hot.

"U-Umi? I-It's getting l-late.. w-we should go to sleep.." she 's getting hotter, her body is getting hotter.

"Hmm?" she smirked, "I clearly thought you wanted it.." she started to brush her lips on the latter's neck breathing on it, "Don't you want it?"

Eri cursed under her breath as she bit her lower lip while gripping on the sheets harder, "Uhh... I'm.. s-sleepy.." ..God! Please make Umi stop!

Umi is already giggling inside, 'Payback..' she then kept brushing her lips around the blonde's neck making the girl hitched. "What's this?" she pulled back to see Eri's face. She's so red to the ears while panting and eyes half lidded. 'She looks so hot..' Umi blushed.

The bluenette chuckled as she removed herself away from the blonde and sat beside her.

"Geez Umiiiiii~!" Eri tackled her with a hug after she composed herself, the bluenette kept chuckling.

Seconds later her laughter died, "I'm sorry.." she smiled, "You really think I would let you get away without getting you a dose of your own medicine?"

Pouted, "Hmpf!" she looked away.

Umi kissed Eri's cheeks, "I love you.." she smiled after seeing the sulking blonde flinched.

Eri faced her with a blush, she then smiled back. "I love you too.." she pecked the archer's lips. "Let's watch a movie tomorrow?" she grinned while intertwining their fingers together.

"Eh? hmm.." Umi looked up then back to the blue eyes, "If that's what you want.." she smiled making the latter hugged her again in excitement.

"I think we should head to bed already.." Eri smiled.

"Yes, we should." she smiled back.


"I thought Arisa would like to come.." Umi said while walking beside the blonde with her hands inside her pockets.

"She said she'll be at Yukiho's place to watch a movie.." holding hands.. she sulked internally.

They then reached the bus stop, while waiting Eri can't help but to feel annoyed.

"Umiiiii~" she whined.

"Wh-What is it?" the bluenette glanced at the girl beside her who's currently pouting.

"My hands are cold.."

"Put it inside your pocket.." she blushed and looked away, she clearly understand what her girlfriend was talking about but she just can't.

"No!" she exclaimed and directly linked their arms together, "This is much better.." she smiled victoriously.

"Mou.. Eri.. I-It's embarrassing!" lowering her head under her scarf to hide her blush.

"They can't even tell.. this is normal for girls.." she smiled, "Here come the bus!"




[I saw Eri and Umi walking together while arms linked!]

Hanayo, also known as the idol fanatic, just saw the couple across the streets the moment she got out of the convenient store. She sent the other six muse members a message while slowly following the two subjects.

[Where are you now?!] Honoka replied as she scampered inside her room looking for her sweater.

[Where are you now? I'm on my way to the city..] Kotori replied.

[Where did you see them? Wait for me!] Nozomi instantly changed her shrine helper's clothes.

[Really?! Where are you?!] Nico pulled out jacket on her dresser then wears her shoes hurriedly, "I'm going out!" she exclaimed as she run out the door.

[Where are you? I'm in the city right now.] Maki replied.

[Where are you nyaa~? I'm coming!] Rin run out of her house the moment she got her jacket.




Eri and Umi sat to their respective seats inside the movie theater, since it's a bit dark, Umi allowed Eri to intertwine their fingers. Little did they know that a group of girls who are wearing weird eyeglasses, a scarf covering half of their faces and a hat. The two groups are just two rows apart.

"Fufufu.. what do we have here.." Nico snickered while looking at the duo.

"Are they really officially dating?" Maki asked while she leaned back and crossed her arms, "I mean, linking arms are normal right?"

Nozomi zoomed in the video camera inbetween the two subjects, "Is holdings hands normal for girls too?" she smirked, "I know I'm much closer to Ericchi but I never hold her hands like that.."

"Oh my God! This is a big ne-ooff! Hanayo was cut off when Rin slapped her hands over her mouth.

"Kayo-chin! You're too loud!" she whispered.

"Umi-chan you sly.." Honoka snorted, she snorted a bit louder making the duo at them.

"What was that?" Eri asked as she looked at the row behind her.

"Hmm? No one's there.. oh, it's starting.."

Both then glanced back at the front and watched the film starting.

On the other hand, the eavesdroppers are currently cramped on the floor trying to hide.

"We should wait outside.." Kotori sweatdropped.

"Yeah, rather than hiding here.." Maki seconded.

"Let's go.." Nozomi agreed.

They all crawled their way out of the theater.




After a good one hour and a half, the movie finally ended. Much to the eavesdroppers relief.

"That was a nice movie!" Eri exclaimed as they walked out on the streets.

"I-It was embarrassing.." Umi lowered her head as she got redder.

"It's a romantic film after all.." she giggled, "What do you want to eat Umi?" she glanced at the still flustered latter.

"You decide, I-I'm fine with anything.."


Both decide not to hold each other for now, knowing Umi, she might die out of embarrassment.




Deadpanned, "Look! They're not holding each other anymore!" Maki said flatly.

"Y-Yeah, guess so.." Hanayo said meekly.

"Ericchi is just avoiding any embarrassing moves knowing Umi is the girl with her.." Nozomi kept her eyes on the duo ahead.

"But Kayo-chin saw them!" Rin retorted.

"Ah, I think when I saw them earlier, there weren't passers by at that time.." she smiled in apologetically.

"But they did hold hands inside the theater.." Nico remarked.

"Don't you think you are judging too quickly?" Maki shot back, "I think Eri is just comforting Umi since they're watching a romantic film.. I clearly remember she's trembling behind us back at Honoka's.."

"Hmm.. you've got a point there.." Honoka place her index finger under her chin, "So we need to follow more!" she then ran ahead.

"Troublesome.." the red haired girl mumbled.




"Eri.. I just had a feeling were being followed.." the bluenette whispered while glaring cautiously around them.

"Eh?" Eri looked around, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I think it is Honoka and the others.." her tone became serious as she kept walking.

"Eehh? How did you know?!" .seriously? How? she blinked furiously.

"Being in kyudo and archery, we were taught meditation to increase our sense of awareness around us.. even if when your eyes are close, you can tell.."

'That's why she new I was staring at her back at the archery hall..' blinking, "So, what are you planning?"

"Let them be.."

Eri then felt a creepy aura which gave her goosebumps, 'What was that?'




"Abort mission!" Nozomi stopped the other girls from walking further.

"Eehh? Why Nozomi-chan?" Honoka whined.

"Umi-chan knew that we are following them.." she smiled apologetically.

"Eehh?!" the girls chorused.

"How come?" Nico retorted, "That's impossible!"

"Ah well.. I just felt a dark aura.." sweatdropped, "Well, being at the shrine increases my spiritual senses.. and I just felt Umi's presence saying 'stay away'.."

"That's so creepy Nozomi.." Nico shot back.

"We have no choice.." Kotori looked at them worriedly.

Pouted, "Aaww man.. such killjoys nyaa~" Rin sulked.

"What are we gonna do now?" Maki asked while twirling the edge of her red hair.

"Let''s have ramen nyaa~!" the orange haired girl exclaimed.

"That's a good idea!" the shrine helper smiled, "Lead the way Rin-chan.."




Umi sighed making the girl beside her worry, "Are you okay Umi?"

"I'm fine.. I'm just glad they stopped following.."

"Ooh.. that's a relief.." Eri smiled, "By the way, I just felt a strange aura earlier.. that was so creepy.."

The archer's eyes went wide, 'Crap! Eri felt that? Gosh.. I'm so sorry!" gulping, "Really? Where do you think it came from?" sweatdropped.

"Hmm.." Eri placed her index finger under her chin, "I don't know actually.. it was pretty strong too.."

Umi smiled awkwardly, "How come you can feel those things?"

"We are doing yoga before and after ballet practice.. so it's kind of like meditation.." she grinned.

"I-Is that so.." ..thank God she's not that accurate.. she sighed.

"Oh yeah.. next week we'll have our final round.."

"Yes, and at the same day of the open house event too.." she sighed again puffing out white smoke.

"I know you can do it!" Eri winked and held a thumbs up.

Umi still felt pressure even if the one she loves were encouraging her, she then felt a hand on her shoulder, "Stop thinking too much.. we'll be fine.." the blonde smiled sweetly.

"I hope so.." she smiled weakly.


As the girls were busy preparing for their live performance, the snow outside finally let up.

"Glad you made it in time.." Eri said while standing behind her girlfriend, "I honestly thought you wouldn't, it made me worry.."

The bluenette then faced her then smiled, "I thought so too, but our classmates helped us and all.. thanks to them.."

"Umi-chan! Eri-chan! We're rolling in five minutes, come on!" Honoka waved at them.

"Haaii~!" both said in unison.

"We can do it!" Eri smiled.

"We'll do our best.." Umi smiled back. be continued..


Thank you for reading! :)

God bless!

-Raine1o1™ out-

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